What We Do

New Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility convenes, inspires, and supports businesses and their community stakeholders to improve our workplaces, our communities and the environment.

NHBSR is a network of over 200 businesses, nonprofits, and educational institutions that believe that when we engage the power of business and our people, we can build a sustainable and prosperous state for all. The NHBSR network is based on inclusivity and shared value – with the knowledge that elevating innovative best practices helps to build better communities and supports a stronger business environment.

Our Vision

New Hampshire will thrive when we engage the power of business and our people to build a sustainable and prosperous state for all.

Our Purpose

Bring together diverse professionals engaged in sustainability.

Meet participants wherever they are on their sustainability journey.

Foster dialogue and help build meaningful connections to move the sustainability needle.

Inspire positive change in our communities, workplaces and environment.

Provide resources, knowledge and services to support corporate social responsibility and sustainability.

Our Priorities

Movement Building

Broaden and deepen participation from the business community in the adoption of sustainability and corporate responsibility practices.


Deliver programs that encourage and enable learning, expand thinking, and inspire innovation and collaborative action.

Community Impact

Catalyze the power of business to positively impact our communities because stable, strong, and healthy communities breed successful businesses.


Amplify and share how leading businesses are living their values, cultivating human potential, and producing healthy bottom-line values.


Encourage and enable corporate voices to address issues of shared concern in our state and communities leveraging partnerships with individuals and organizations whose work aligns with our mission and values.