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Bright Opportunities in the Electrical Field

Jul 30, 2020

ReVision Energy is an employee-owned, mission-driven company that, over the past 15 years, has been building a better world through solar energy. Incorporated into the ESOP’s mission is a steadfast commitment to creating a more just society. The certified B Corp serves the greater New England area with offices in Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

Last fall, ReVision Energy took to the stage at NH Businesses for Social Responsibility’s Sustainability Slam to tell the audience about their new training and education program. The ReVision Energy Technical Center (RETC) provides certification and apprenticeships to those pursuing careers to become licensed electricians. Currently in its third year, the program was founded, in part, to address the shortage of skilled workers in the electrical field.

“In our work we saw a great need for Electricians,” says Astrid Blanco, ReVision’s Talent and Culture Development Specialist, “but more than that, we saw how demographically those trained professionals skewed older and closer to retirement. So, not only do we have this high demand for those in the trade right now, but that demand will only become greater as the workforce ages. In the solar field we’re vying for the same small population to hire from as advanced manufacturing and construction and it’s only going to get harder for find people. When we think about the business community and its viability down the line, we really need these skilled workers. We need them to keep businesses here and jobs here. Then, on the workforce end, we’re helping people build the careers they want and secure good, stable jobs.”

One key component of the RETC, explains Program Director, Nathan Poland, “is the flexibility it offers participants. This flexibility makes the program possible for anyone, whether they’re juggling kids or other commitments at home.” Most apprenticeship and licensure programs organize class time after a full day’s work in the field, leaving students exhausted and in a less than ideal mentality to learn. Because RETC has a remote component, students are able to complete some classwork within a timeframe that suites their busy schedules. This flexibility has also meant that RETC has been able to continue during the pandemic. Providing an in-house program has certainly allowed ReVision Energy to shift gears and adapt to changes much quicker and easier.

Another important aspect of the program is how it offers cross specialty training that prepares participants to begin their career wherever their interests may lie. “Of course,” says Astrid, “we would love them to continue with ReVision in the renewable energy field, but we’re thrilled for them if they want to join the Navy Yard or Lonza Biologics or any other businesses in New Hampshire. We want them to continue to advance their skills and pursue the careers that they want with this springboard that we’ve provided. We’re just excited to play a part in building a more skilled New Hampshire workforce.”

RETC is expanding into other New England states in which ReVision Energy operates and is sure to make a positive impact in the lives of its students and their communities. Revision Energy shows that businesses really can play an integral part in building our workforce of tomorrow and investing in the long term prosperity of our communities. As an ESOP and a B Corp, ReVision Energy is especially attuned to the interconnectedness of the health of our businesses and that of our people. Most recently, their Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) initiative is exploring how to level the playing field to provide more affordable energy options for lower income communities. JEDI centers on the inclusion of women and BIPOC as well as the legislative actions that would help enable greater opportunity for community solar projects.

To learn more about ReVision Energy and the RETC, you can contact Astrid at or Nathan at You can also connect with them at our Sustainability Slam, which will be held virtually this year on November 12th from 4-6 PM. Visit for more information and to submit your own Just One Thing story.