NEMO Equipment

NEMO Equipment

NEMO is an independent, design-focused company located in a restored textile mill in Dover, New Hampshire. Founded on a commitment to never bring anything to market that isn't meaningfully better than what's out there, we have been designing award-winning gear for outdoor adventures for 15 years.

We believe that adventure makes us better beings--more mindful, connected and conscious. It's the antidote to a life that can become too mundane and predictable. So everything we do is about propelling people to get out beyond the usual, experience new things, and challenge themselves in big and small ways. We do this in these ways:

First, we produce the smartest gear out there, questioning convention and bringing thoughtful design to every single detail, so your gear gets you even further than you thought you could go.

Second, we live adventurously ourselves, running our business fearlessly and building adventure into daily life through company and individual exploits.

Third, we care deeply about protecting the planet on which we adventure, and we have taken leadership on conservation and environmental sustainability since the beginning of our company, using our business as a force for environmental progress.