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Homefree Treats


Southern NH


We prepare all Homefree products with great care in our own dedicated baking facility. From kitchen design, to staffing, to ingredients, Homefree treats are made with allergy safety in mind. No peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, wheat, dairy, soy, fish, shellfish, or sesame are permitted in our facility for any reason at any time. Our kitchen is dedicated gluten-free as well, and we proudly use purity protocol gluten free oat flour. Our delivery area is separate from the kitchen, allowing us to wipe down all ingredient deliveries. And our well-trained staff members wear Homefree clothing and shoes to avoid carrying in allergen traces. Not only do we keep allergens and gluten out of our own facility, but also, we are careful about where our ingredients come from, including requiring allergen and gluten documentation from every ingredient supplier. And we go further by allergen testing our ingredients at least annually for peanut, almond, soy, and milk proteins. Additionally, we randomly test our cookies for these allergens and for gluten. We hope you will be as comfortable eating from our kitchen as you are from your own.




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