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Girls At Work, Inc.


Central NH


Girls At Work, Inc. is not just an opportunity for young girls to learn how to build woodworking projects. It’s a chance for them to build themselves – to realize their potential, talent, and ability to succeed. The girls start off in the shop with little to no experience or knowledge about building. Over time, they learn how to create projects such as pegboards, tables, and benches. Along the way, they also build confidence in themselves and each other. At the end of each program, the girls come together to create a collaborative project, typically a picnic table. They learn how to trust one other and work together to reach a common goal.


Nonprofit Professional Services


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Our afterschool and summer camp programs allow young builders to be a part of a welcoming and uplifting community here at Girls At Work. We emphasize the importance of safety both inside and outside of our workshops. Girls At Work was created on the basis of being a safe space for all girls to feel empowered to grow and build. Girls At Work aims to teach girls that any obstacle can be overcome. The builders discover that the power doesn’t come from the power tools in their hands, but from their determination in their hearts and minds. Additionally, the girls who are involved in our program learn problem solving and critical thinking capabilities due to the hands-on nature of our activities and projects. Our instructors use the Socratic method to ask questions that lead the builders to realize that they know the answers, or that they will discover them if they put their mind to it. Our organization also offers team builds for businesses and groups. We have found that building brings people together, and we love to share our mission with outside organizations to experience.