The Cornerstone Award

The Cornerstone Award is presented to a member of the NHBSR network – an individual, business or organization – that exemplifies the concepts of corporate social responsibility within their organization and promotes the concepts of corporate social responsibility to the greater business community within the State of New Hampshire.

The Cornerstone Award is named for the cornerstone of a building, a significant first building block of a large and important building, which is usually laid with appropriate ceremonies. NHBSR chose the name for the award with the belief that corporate social responsibility should be a foundation of every business, a basic building block, or cornerstone, of our economy and our society.

Established in 2013, the Cornerstone Award Hall of Fame recognizes prior winners who re-apply and finish as a top-three finalist. Inductees are honored in the Hall of Fame for three years, at which point they may apply to renew their Hall of Fame status.

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2024 Award Winner:
Michelle, Beth and Marianne

This year’s Cornerstone Award recipient is Beth Tener. The award recognizes a company or individual that exemplifies the principles of corporate social responsibility, and promotes the concepts of CSR to the greater New Hampshire business community. Tener exemplifies this commitment through her work, and NHBSR believes her efforts serve as a strong foundation for a more sustainable and prosperous New Hampshire.

Previous Award Recipients

2023 – Revision Energy

2022 – Hanover Co-op Food Stores and Auto Service Centers

2021 – Dartmouth Health

2020 – Stonyfield

2019 – Amy LaBelle, LaBelle Winery

2018 – Dr. Fiona Wilson, University of New Hampshire

2017 – Cirtronics

2016 – Post-Landfill Action Network

2015 – Warrenstreet Architects

2014 – Jeff Baker, President, Image 4

2013 – W.S. Badger Company

2012 – Sequoya Technologies Group

2011 – Antioch University of New England

2010 – C&S Wholesale Grocers

2009 – Hypertherm

2008 – Monadnock Paper Mills

2007 – Clean Air Cool Planet

Cornerstone Award Hall of Fame

2020 – Hypertherm

2017 – W.S. Badger

2016 – Hypertherm, Inc.

2013 – Hypertherm, Inc. and Monadnock Paper Mills

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The Partnership for Innovation Award

The Partnership for Innovation Award recognizes a collaboration that created synergy and progress on a sustainability initiative where it might not otherwise have been possible. The partnership demonstrates a creative approach and measurable results that inspire other business leaders in New Hampshire to take action.

2024 Award Winner:
partnership for innovation award

The Partnership for Innovation Award goes to the Monadnock Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Coalition. This award is presented to a company or individual that has demonstrated sustained leadership in addressing challenges and embracing opportunities that continue to elevate leadership in corporate responsibility and sustainability. NHBSR recognizes the work of the Savings Bank of Walpole and the Keene YMCA for their partnership to create and sustain the MDEIB. They continue to strive to reach higher and encourage others to engage with them.

Previous Award Recipients

2024 – Upper Valley Affordable Workforce Housing Fund. 

2022 – Energy Week Partners:

The Nature Conservancy NHClean Energy NHCeresNH Community Development Finance AuthorityNH Small Business Development and SkiNH.

2021 – Hanover Co-op Food Stores and Willing Hands

2020 – Casella Waste Systems and Goodwill of Northern New England

2019 – Girls at Work and Timberland

2018 – Hannaford Supermarkets and Manomet

2017 – CCA for Social Good and Early Learning N.H.

2016 – Hypertherm and Casella Waste 

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Cornerstone Innovator Award

This award acknowledges a business or individual that implements creative approaches to advancing socially responsible and sustainable practices. Stonyfield Organics is recognized for their sustained leadership in addressing challenges and embracing opportunities that continue to elevate leadership in corporate responsibility and sustainability.

2024 Award Winner: Stonyfield Organics
award recipient Stonyfield Organics

Sustainability Awards

The NH Sustainability Awards roll out the green carpet to amplify the efforts of leaders within the NHBSR business community. The Sustainability Awards are informed by the Measure What Matters 101 Survey. Companies are recognized for leading collaborative efforts to support strong communities, building workplaces that respect and value employees and their families, making decisions that reflect the care about the impact our businesses have on the world around us, and positively impacting the systems we operate within.

Sustainability Slam

NHBSR’s Sustainability Slam is ​a dynamic evening of storytelling, where some of the state’s leading businesses bring their sustainability stories to life through fast-paced presentations that focus on content, brevity (think 90 seconds) and most importantly, fun. One attendee shared, “The Sustainability Slam will be THE business event of the fall to attend.”