NHBSR and our members believe business can be a force for good. Today, as we face many challenges to the foundations of socially responsible business at both the state and federal level, we feel it is important to deepen our impact by expanding our education and raising our collective voices to let our elected officials know why business leaders are passionate about issues of social responsibility such as addressing climate change, supporting our employees and communities, and creating innovative workplaces.


We feel it is important to be bolder in our advocacy for sustainability and to provide the support you need to be confident in raising your voices for issues about which you feel passionate.

Sustainable Economic Development Vision

New Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility believes that our economy will thrive when our communities, our residents and our environment thrive. The power of our economy grows when we engage our people and cultivate their innovative spirit. NHBSR supports policies and partnerships that work to create vibrancy and opportunity for every resident to reach their potential supported by the following building blocks.

  1. A healthy environment supported by protection of natural resources and a transition to a clean energy economy
  2. Climate action solutions that bring equitable economic and public health benefits and improve the resiliency of our communities
  3. Housing that is affordable and addresses the diverse needs of our communities and the economic, social and age-related needs of our population
  4. Transportation options that are low-carbon and allow all workers access to high quality jobs
  5. Accessible, high quality health care and wellness programs
  6. Quality education and career transition programs that support a diversified and inclusive workforce that can address the dynamic needs of the marketplace
  7. Jobs that recognize the value of our people by paying a living wage and enabling them to be productive knowing their families are cared for and that they can be with them when they are needed
  8. Policies and practices that treat everyone equally and support cultural, racial and gender diversity and inclusion

We believe that building this foundation will make New Hampshire more competitive and prosperous, while creating a healthier and more vibrant economy and environment for all. As an organization of businesses who contribute to and benefit from the economic conditions in the state, we look forward to working in partnership with all who share this vision, where people, planet and profit are all valued.

Advocacy Focus Areas

Workplaces Values DEI

NHBSR stands in opposition to language of House Bill 544, An Act Relative to the propagation of divisive concepts, which is now amended to the budget in HB 2.

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NH Clean Energy Principles

There has never been a greater need for state-level leadership to advance clean energy and energy efficiency. As other states double down on their commitments to promote clean energy, it is essential that New Hampshire embraces this transformative economic opportunity.

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NH Sensible Housing Principles

Our people are the backbone and foundation of our organizations and communities and we must address the affordable housing crisis in NH to ensure the long-term vitality of our state.

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Advocacy Resources

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NOW! Corporate Sustainability Programs & the Federal Budget

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