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"Pathways to Prosperity" is a groundbreaking program tailored to address New Hampshire's shortage of skilled workers and its aging demographics, which poses a significant hurdle to both economic advancement and business accomplishments. This initiative seeks to revolutionize the paradigm by emphasizing the advantageous interplay between corporate entities and vital societal challenges impacting the workforce and its surrounding communities. The program hopes to present innovative solutions and resources to ensure a harmonious ecosystem is cultivated where commerce and community not only coexist but flourish collectively, ushering in a new era of mutual prosperity.

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October 2023 

The Good Job Strategy

October 11, 2023. 12:00-1:00 PM

Join the Good Jobs Institute for an introductory session on how to improve business performance and employee experience simultaneously by combining investment in people with operational choices that raise the productivity, contribution and motivation of frontline employees. 

We will explore four operational choices that help companies improve frontline team performance to better win with their customers. You will come away from this session with an understanding of the financial and competitive costs of operating with high employee turnover and learn about the types of changes that other leaders have made to build a good jobs system. 

The first 60-minutes of the 90-minute session will be led by GJI Director Amanda Silver and will include a conversation with leaders from Moe’s Original BBQ, who will talk about how they applied the principles of the Good Jobs Strategy to improve restaurant performance and reduce employee turnover in South Portland and Bangor, Maine.

The final 30-minutes of the session will be an interactive opportunity for business leaders to share their challenges and apply the principles to their own business.  

Attend one hour or join the full 1.5 hr workshop. 


  • Amanda Silver, Director, Good Job Institute
  • Dewey Hasbrouck, owner, of Moe's BBQ in Portland and Bangor Maine
  • Jessica Nickerson-Cowe, Director of Operations, Moe's BBQ


November 2023

A Collaborative Model for Affordable Housing

November 15, 2023. 12:00-1:00 PM

A partnership that successfully created a fund capitalized with investments from eight major Upper Valley employers. Dubbed the Upper Valley Loan Fund (the Loan Fund), this fund will loan money to developers and other entities to build affordable apartments targeted to renters with moderate incomes.

Learn how this process was started, how challenges were overcome, and the results they hope to achieve. Ask key players your questions directly. 


  • Clay Adams, President and CEO at Mascoma Bank
  • Deb Flannery, VP of Lending at Evernorth
  • Allan Reetz, Director Public & Government Affairs at Hanover Co-op Food Stores


December 2023

Tapping into the Hidden Workforce

December 6, 2023. 12:00-1:00 PM

There’s a massive pool of untapped talent that small businesses can benefit from using second chance hiring. Here’s how to do it. 


Chris Placy, Executive Vice President, Substance Free Workplaces


  • Sandi Coyle, Senior Account Manager, Working Fields
  • Karen Morton-Clark, Recovery Advocate, Recovery Friendly Workplaces
  • Jacob Howard, NH Senior Operations Manager, Outdoor Pride Snow Removal and Landscape Operations
  • Panelists TBD from Drug Court 
January 2024

Caregiver Friendly Workplaces

January 24, 2024. 12:00-1:00 PM

In collaboration with UNH Center on Aging and Community Living. This webinar will focus on providing tools and resources for establishing Caregiver Friendly Workplaces as well as outline the need and return on investment for businesses. It is estimated that one of every six employees provide some level of care for a family member or friend. With this a daily reality for so many, it is no surprise that about 80% of these caregivers admit that caregiving impacts workplace productivity. This webinar will focus on providing tools and resources for establishing caregiver friendly workplaces as a means of strengthening productivity and retention of employees and establishing supportive work environments. Presentations typically include audience engagement through sharing personal stories/experiences and examples/practices at organizations in which audience members are associated. Access to online toolkits will be shared.


February 2024

Career Pathways 

Learn about different partnerships between educational institutions and businesses to create innovative and new career pathways. 


  • Michael Turmelle, Director of Education and Career Intitiatives, NH Charitable Foundation
  • Anne Banks, Apprenticeship Programs Manager, Community College Systems of NH
  • JoAnna Luiso, Director of Career and Professional Development Center at SNHU 
March 2024

Fostering Workplace Culture in a Remote or Hybrid Environment 

Learn the top trends of maintaining organizational culture in a remote environment. How are you staying connected? An Interactive session covering the 5 areas of deepening connection. This workshop will feature breakout sessions to learn from other industries and organizations. 


  • Heather Ramsey, MA, PCC


September 2023 

Taking Care of Business by Caring for Employees


The webinar features solutions to address basic employee inequities, such as financial instability, nutrition insecurity, and limited or unreliable access to transportation, healthcare, childcare, and housing. Employee well-being has a profound impact on work performance and job satisfaction. When individuals are distracted at work because of instability in their personal lives, businesses suffer. How can employers provide support for employees and bolster organizational goals? This webinar features solutions to address basic employee inequities, such as financial instability, nutrition insecurity, and limited or unreliable access to transportation, healthcare, childcare, and housing.

NOTE: The first hour is a presentation with Q&A and the last 30 minutes was breakout room discussions and solution workshop


  • Lindsay Simpson, Director of Employee Well-being, The Richards Group
  • Mari Walsh, Director of Employee Well-being, The Richards Group
  • Business Case Speaker: Emily Hall Warren, Director of Administration at the W.S. Badger Company