Birds of a Feather


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NHBSR introduced “Birds of a Feather” discussions at our Spring Conference. These purposeful networking sessions were meant to promote community growth through discussion and connecting around topics our network is passionate about. The overwhelmingly positive feedback received from participants of "Birds of a Feather" speaks volumes about the impact and value of this unique platform. It's heartening to witness that the discussions facilitated within this space have not only met but exceeded expectations. The desire to continue these discussions underscores the sense of community and shared purpose that "Birds of a Feather" has successfully nurtured. Participants' eagerness to prolong their engagement is a testament to the depth of insight, camaraderie, and growth that they have experienced. We are committed to sustaining this momentum, nurturing ongoing conversations, and providing a space where innovation, learning, and collective problem-solving can flourish as we move forward.

Key Objectives:

This unique discussion space serves as a platform for diverse individuals and entities, including businesses, employees, nonprofit organizations, community members, and municipal and government employees, to come together and engage in constructive dialogue. At "Birds of a Feather," participants are encouraged to share their perspectives, insights, and expertise, creating a vibrant exchange of ideas that transcends traditional boundaries. Through open and guided discussions, this space cultivates an environment where innovation flourishes and solutions emerge. Whether it's tackling complex challenges, exploring new opportunities, or simply connecting over shared interests, "Birds of a Feather" provides a supportive backdrop for individuals and organizations to collectively shape the future.

By embracing the power of collaboration and harnessing the wealth of knowledge and experience within its diverse participants, "Birds of a Feather" acts as a catalyst for growth, learning, and community building. As participants engage in thoughtful conversations, connections are forged, innovative solutions take shape, and a sense of unity and purpose is cultivated among a broad spectrum of stakeholders.

Program Description:

NHBSR will host virtual bi-monthly virtual discussion forums on topics that align with our current programming and campaigns. Attendees of webinars and challenges will be invited to join the discussions based on their interests. Experts on the topic may share short stories, case studies, or updates at the beginning of the meeting to set the stage. Participants are guided by broad discussion questions and encouraged to delve deeper within smaller groups.

This program will be free and open to all.

medium_screen_shot_2020-04-21_at_4.44.59_pm_1.png Join us Friday, October 20th from 12:00 - 1:00 PM

       Topic of Discussion: Human-Centered Workplaces

People-first businesses succeed. Without people, you have no business. Advanced technology can help, but it's not the key to success. The people using the tools and making a daily impact are the heart of any good business.

What's good for people is good for business. With a human-centered design mentality, your first step is to think about the people you're designing for. Then consider the business and technical aspects. By focusing on the human aspects from the start, you make success possible for your employees.






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