Refilling the Well

Refilling the Well: A Program for Workplace Wellbeing

In Partnership with Full Spectrum Wellness

Refilling the Well:  A Program for Workplace Wellbeing

New! Spring Session! 

Theme: Tension, worry and overwhelm are not permanent states but for leaders and employees, it can feel like they're here to stay. When these emotions are chronic, they can lead to more serious mental health issues depleting our energy, motivation and peace of mind.  Addressing mental well-being for all begins with ongoing education and practice. 

Available Live and Recorded, Tuesdays, March 28th - May 16th, 8-8:30 am, online webinars

This spring, Refilling the Well: A program for workplace mental well-being will be flipping the script on stress and anxiety.  Over 8 weeks, beginning March 28th, we’ll explore the power of the mind-body connection and its key role in mental health, from how we think to how we feel. We’ll dive into how to shift negative thoughts, stress less and release inner drama, building our abilities to transform our moods and outlook.

Over the course of the program, you and your employees will:

  • Learn mindfulness practices for reducing stress and negativity
  • Connect to the self-healing pathways of the body and mind
  • Cultivate new mental habits for motivation and clarity
  • Expand emotional resiliency
  • Enhance work/life integration














Employers can purchase an organization-wide subscription!

Individual subscriptions are now available! 

Businesses and Organizations need to register to allow their employees access to the programming. For pricing and registration, visit the program page through Full Spectrum Wellness. Once registered you will receive a link to share with all employees interested in benefiting from this program. These sessions are done in webinar mode of Zoom to maintain comfort and privacy for participants.



The Spring 2023 package includes:
 Admittance to each live session
 Access to all session recordings, including all those from the Fall, 2022 and Winter, 2023
 On-demand bonus content
 Metrics of your employees’ utilization