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Clean Energy Principles

February 13, 2017 Letter to Members:

For sixteen years, NHBSR efforts have focused on sharing best practices and cutting-edge ideas to create workplaces where innovation can grow, equality is cherished and open communication is valued.  You have shared your stories of how socially responsible and sustainable initiatives have impacted your workplace, your communities and your bottom line.  It has been incredible to see how you have inspired each other and increased your own commitment to doing more. NHBSR remains committed to delivering high-quality programming and communications.  That will never change.

Today as we face many challenges to the foundations of socially responsible business at both the state and federal level, we feel that it is important to deepen our impact by expanding our education and raising our collective voices to let our elected officials know why business leaders are passionate about issues of social responsibility such as addressing climate change, supporting our employees and communities, and creating innovative workplaces.   We feel it is important to be bolder in our advocacy for sustainability and to provide the support that you need to be confident in raising your voice for issues that you are passionate about. 

Based on your feedback in last fall’s member survey, our focus as we begin this journey will be on legislation that impacts climate change - renewable energy, energy efficiency and our state and region’s energy future. Our elected officials greatly value hearing from the business community – your voices matter to New Hampshire and our continued progress. 

To that end, as an organization, NHBSR hopes to inspire discussion and access to resources and trusted member organizations that can provide information on current legislation to make it easy to get engaged in issues that matter to you.  If you would like to be included on the new advocacy update list, click here.

We are also creating an Advocacy Committee within NHBSR to help to guide the direction of the organization on issues that impact sustainable business.  If you are interested in participating on this committee, please contact Michelle at 391-8471 or

As always, we are interested in your thoughts and feedback.  Please feel free to share ideas, opinions and the things you care about. 

With our sincerest hopes for a more just, sustainable and prosperous future,

Michelle, Leila and the NHBSR Board of Directors