Conscious Business Leadership Program

NHBSR Conscious Business Leadership Program 

The business climate in America is changing. We all want to engage in meaningful work and to be a part of a culture that brings out the best in the human spirit. Likewise, our customers are looking for brands that connect their industry practices to create a better world.

As innovative businesses, we understand that we must lead in a way that values our stakeholders as a collective community.  Our role must be more expansive, integrating not only workplace cultures focusing on the development of employees, but also the relationship with and support of our communities.


In collaboration with Sojourn Partners, the NHBSR Conscious Business Leadership Program (CBL) provides participants with the opportunity to learn and develop the skills needed to become conscious business leaders able to address these changing priorities, both here in New Hampshire and throughout the global marketplace. Program participants develop strong relationships with their peers for continued support of each other's long term leadership goals.



Developing Growth Mindsets Cultivating Curiosity Building Resilience & Agility

Knowing how to shift perspective is the foundation to leading consciously. It all begins with understanding the mindsets of conscious leadership that expand awareness around engaging your people and living your mission.

Conscious leaders use curiosity to open up possibilities and spur innovation. This applies to all aspects of work from interpersonal communication to enhancing productivity. Learn how to formulate powerful questions and apply them to explore new posibilties and solutions.

Conscious leaders understand that obstacles lining their path can ultimately help them reach what they’ve set out to accomplish. Understand how to see obstacles as allies and work with them proactively. 

Exploring What is Enough Creating the All-Around Win-Win Making it Sustainable

Unconscious leaders make decisions based on a sense of scarcity and fear. Learn how to shift into a fuller awareness of where you have enough time, energy, support and resources. 

Enriching the well-being of your people, your stakeholders, the community and the environment while growing profits can be interdependent. By looking through the lens of systems thinking, you can learn how to best create conditions to “nourish and flourish” in all areas. 

With higher awareness and application of new knowledge, skills and abilities, conscious leaders can shift the culture of their organization. Their strategic thinking and planning with clear intention leads the way to greater sustainability. 





"The Conscious Leadership Program was a great opportunity to step back from the daily grind and refocus holistically on management style, staff needs and overall operations. As a result, I left feeling energized as well as more self-aware and connected.” -Paula L.


“Not only do I feel like I will bring more inspiration back to my team, I know how to more authentically connect with them. The Conscious Leadership Program gave me a sense of empowerment and clarity that lets me know when I am being reactive and what to do about it. I would recommend this retreat for any leader or business owner who wants to enhance their ability to be mindful, helping them to think more strategically.” -Nicole M.


Your Investment: $3,000 for NHBSR Member; $3,500 for Not-Yet NHBSR Member




Sojourn Partners is a conscious company on its own development path and collaborates with community stakeholders to achieve their vision. Their multi-disciplinary team has been delivering leadership development for over 20 years to empower leaders in their own evolution by providing enhanced tools, fresh paradigms and skill-building opportunities to cultivate more aware, focused and thriving organizations. 

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