Social Branding Expert Simon Mainwaring to Keynote NHBSR Conference

Simon will reveal how the smartest brands are positioning themselves to lead the future in terms of business, sustainability and social impact. He will share what strategies brands are using to inspire internal and external stakeholders to rally behind their sustainability initiatives in ways that build their business and social impact. He will provide concrete action steps you must take to leverage the latest market drivers to scale your business and sustainability impact.

Mainwaring will continue to share his expertise in social branding with the audience with a “Hotseat” session. Attendees will have the opportunity to present specific challenges and questions for Simon to address.  Additionally, all attending will receive a copy of Mainwaring’s book, We First: How brands and consumers use social media to build a better world (Palgrave Macmillan), a New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Amazon bestseller.  

NHBSR’s Conference, A Story Worth Sharing, The Chapters of Your Sustainability Journey brings together over 200 business professionals and organizational leaders from throughout New England to learn from local and national leaders in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and to network and share ideas and opportunities for moving sustainability forward in New Hampshire.  

The conference format will build on Mainwaring’s keynote with sustainable business breakout sessions on collaboration, measuring impact, leadership and brand positioning.  Other conference highlights include “Huddle Up” facilitated discussions to help attendees move from idea to action and fast-paced “Short Stories” of innovative approaches to sustainability challenges, vetted for creativity prior to the event.  For more information on the speakers, panelists, content and registration, visit

About We First: We First, a leading brand consultancy that provides purpose-driven strategy, content, and training that empowers companies to lead business, shape culture, and better our world. We First consulting shows companies how to define, frame and share the story of their good work in ways that build their brand reputation, customer community, and social impact. We First training includes keynote speeches, corporate workshops, and an annual Brand Leadership Summit that shows how companies combine purposeful storytelling and social technologies to inspire their employees and customers to build their business and positive impact with them.

About NHBSR: New Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility is an inclusive network of businesses interested in fostering more sustainable and socially responsible business in the state allowing all residents to prosper.  NHBSR invites all businesses interested in the same to participate.  Find out more at

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Monday, March 28, 2016
The Future of Sustainability Storytelling Concord, New Hampshire, March 15, 2016 – Simon Mainwaring, CEO and Founder of We First Branding, will provide the keynote address, "The Future of Sustainability Storytelling" at New Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility’s Spring Conference on May 10th at the Grappone Conference Center in Concord. Mainwaring’s keynote will focus on how the marketplace is being reshaped daily by shifts in culture, technology and demographics. Growing expectations from consumers are placing greater sustainability demands on marketers who are already struggling to keep pace with changes in technology, channels and stakeholder engagement. Meanwhile there is a greater need than ever for organizations to serve as positive change agents to address the compounding environmental crises that our world faces.