VIRTUAL • June 1 - June 5, 2020 • Everyday at 1pm EST






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New Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility 19th Annual Spring Conference

-a week of dynamic and interactive virtual events-

NHBSR is excited to bring together a vibrant community of sustainability focused companies and professionals to provide support and share opportunities when inspiration is needed most. While engaging in person with this dynamic and vibrant group is a hallmark of our Annual Conferences, this year we are looking forward to exploring new and creative ways to connect and build community through a virtual platform. 

Our theme, Thrivability, is critical in today's environment. The conference program covers topics that address emerging challenges and opportunities, and offers attendees a sense of reassurance that we will get to the other side of this stronger together.

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Our spring conference is designed to appeal to businesses engaged in a wide spectrum of sustainable/socially responsible practices, allowing attendees from large and small companies alike the chance to learn and share best practices together.

Recent conferences have highlighted networking as a means for connecting and sparking collaboration. Though we are going digital this year, that thread is as important as ever. There will be many opportunities throughout the week for attendees to connect and engage with each other. Conference speakers have also structured their presentations to include breakout sessions designed to facilitate attendee interaction and participation.


We hope that you will join us for this week of inspiration, ideas, connection and collaboration.




*We have waived our registration fee and welcome anyone who’d like to participate. Understanding times are difficult right now, your donation to our organization is appreciated but not required. Even the simple act of doing a kind deed to lift up someone in your community is a contribution that will make a difference.



Keynote & Closing Workshop



Michelle Holliday

The Age of Thrivability

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NH Talks


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Sarah Bonk

Business for America

Rich Cantz

Goodwill NNE

Alli Gold Roberts


Bill Rogers

Coruway Film Institute

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Leading Through COVID-19 C-Suite Panel


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Clay Adams

Mascoma Bank

Ryan Barton

Mainstay Technologies

David Greer

Wire Belt

Jenny Levy


Jim Schachter


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Conference Sessions


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Erin Allgood

ELA Consulting

Shannon Bresaw

NH Governor's Recovery Friendly Workplace Initiative

Sally Kraft

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health

Emily Daniels

Here This Now 

Sarah Glatt

Paper Crane Associates

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Lori Hanau

Global Round Table Leadership

Chris Masiello

The Masiello Group

Jillian Montmarquet


Allan Reetz

Hanover Co-op Food Stores

Emily Rogers

Hanover Co-op Food Stores

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Keynote & Closing Workshop


  An Age of Thrivability     Where Do We Go From Here?  

In this moment of global pause, upheaval and uncertainty, many are asking not only “How are we going to make it through,” but “How can we use this time to prepare the ground for something better to emerge?” Michelle proposes that we need an expanded story to see what is possible beyond our current habits of thought and action. She will outline the shift we’re living through, offering insights into how we can shape our organizations as practice grounds for an economic system that is more resilient, caring and aligned with the needs and limits of the biosphere. In all, this interactive session will challenge assumptions, offer inspiration and provide clarity in tumultuous times.


During her keynote on the conference’s opening day, Michelle Holliday will share a framework of things to listen for throughout the rest of the conference - signposts and signals that a thrivable world is already here, if only we know where to look and what to cultivate. Then, on our closing day, she will offer this highly interactive session for making sense of everything you’ve heard and figuring out what to do with it. In all, she will offer guidance for stewarding your organization and serving your community with wisdom, compassion and effective action. 



NH Talks


This group of innovators and trailblazers will share insights and engaging personal experiences that inform their own sustainability

leadership and journey in a succinct and targeted 5 minute talk. Attendees choose  to join one of the NH Talks speakers

in a breakout session immediately following the talks.

Crossing Borders:
Stories of
Community Vitality
Retaining & Recruiting
Employees with
Complicated Lives
The Business Voice in
Climate & Energy
Civic Responsibility
in a Pandemic
  Coruway Film Institute is helping to build a stronger community through sharing the rich stories of those who have crossed borders to get here.     Goodwill NNE provides insight into their innovative and flexible business model, Job Connection, which meets the complex needs of today’s employees.     Ceres highlights the unique role of businesses in promoting climate policy in New Hampshire. State leadership in response to COVID-19 provides some key insights into the need and possibility for how we can collectively move climate action forward.     Learn how your business can help ensure representative democracy doesn’t become a casualty of COVID-19 by boosting employee voter engagement, helping to get out the vote, supporting election reforms, and more.  

Leading Through COVID-19 C-Suite Panel


During these unprecedented times, strong leadership not only helps businesses weather the storm, but also sets the course for

greater resiliency and vitality. These leaders, at the forefront of various industries, share their approaches.


Conference Sessions


Conference Breakout Sessions are designed to engage participants across the spectrums of Sustainable and Socially Responsible

Business Operations. This year's sessions are keenly attuned to the struggles and challenges that our communities

and businesses are confronting during our current public health crisis and offer

critical support, resources and ideas for moving forward.

Articulating Your Personal

Theory of Change

Population Health in the

Era of COVID-19 

NH's Recovery Friendly

Workplace Initiative


In this workshop, you’ll develop your personal theory of change and translate it into everyday actions that help you allocate your time in ways that give you the most fulfillment and impact.  


Examine the impact of COVID19 through the lens of population health science and explore how businesses can help communities recover in the months ahead.  


In this session, you will learn about the Recovery Friendly Workplace Initiative: its early successes in challenging stigma, how it promotes health and wellness in the workplace, its ever-changing legal landscape and how it has adapted to meet the growing needs of businesses and their employees due to the impact of COVID-19.  

Supporting Employee Engagement with a Trauma-Informed Perspective

Leading Through Community Stewardship

Shared Leadership: Unleashing Our Individual and Collective Potential


Explore the impact of collective trauma — the pandemic —  on employee engagement  from a Polyvagal-informed perspective with trauma specialist, Emily Read Daniels of HERE this NOW.  


Learn how to grow your community impact and become a better leader by using outreach insights from the Hanover Co-op Food Stores.  


Shared leadership has accentuated The Masiello Group’s leadership skills and processes during these times of crisis and intense change with the COVID-19 environment. This session dives into some best practices and reflections directly from the experience, including how significant disruption can lead to greater agility and creativity.  


**Special Bonus Session for Early Bird Registrants: Confessions of an EQ Insider: Why Agility Matters Most Now**

In this highly interactive session, you will learn how to incorporate new, emotionally intelligent responses to daily stressors and situations to meet the demands of your workplace. Following the session, any attendee can complete the Everything DiSC® Agile EQTM assessment, at no charge, which generates a personalized 26-page profile report and a complimentary individual phone review to solidify your action plan.

Read more here

Keynote Book and Post-Conference Discussion Group


Participation is free for NHBSR conference attendees and members with the purchase of one copy of The Age of Thrivability.
The book is available from NHBSR for $19.95. The series will include four 90-minute Zoom
calls featuring some framing comments from Michelle followed by small-group
discussions and facilitated dialogue.


Live Free and Thrive Book Club


For years, we've witnessed the growing trend toward self-organization and flattened hierarchy - a sign of increased personal autonomy. At the same time, we’ve seen more and more businesses embracing their social responsibility, signaling an increasing recognition of the fundamental union of all life. Taking time now to make sense of the major dynamics at play will help us come out of the current crisis ready to thrive.


Read more about the book club here

**You can purchase the book during registration, or directly now, by clicking the "Buy Now" buttonto the left.






•   1:00-2:30 pmKeynote An Age of Thrivability

Michelle Holliday

•   2:30-2:45 pmVirtual Networking Social

          Social Sponsors: New Hampshire Electric Co-op & Northeast Delta Dental

•   2:45-3:45 pmNH Talks

Sarah BonkBusiness For America
Rich CantzGoodwill of Northern New England
Alli Gold RobertsCeres
Bill Rogers, Coruway Film Institute


• **BONUS SESSION** 11:00 am-12:00 pmConfessions of an EQ Insider: Why Agility Matters Most Now

Jeni Callihan, PeopleSense Consulting
Robin Eichert, PeopleSense Consulting

•  1:00-2:00 pmSupporting Employee Engagement with a Trauma-Informed Perspective During COVID-19

Emily DanielsHere This Now

•   2:00-2:15 pmVirtual Networking Social

          Social Sponsors: New Hampshire Electric Co-op & Northeast Delta Dental

•   2:15-3:15 pm: NH's Recovery Friendly Workplace Initiative

Shannon BresawNH Governor's Recovery Friendly Workplace Initiative
Jillian MontmarquetMobilityWorks


•   1:00-1:45 pmPopulation Health in the Era of COVID-19

Sally KraftDartmouth-Hitchcock Health

•   1:45-2:00 Mindfulness Session

•   2:00-3:00 pmLeading Through Covid-19 C-Suite Panel

Clay Adams, Mascoma Bank 
Ryan BartonMainstay Technologies

Dave Greer, Wire Belt 
Jenny LevyHypertherm

Jim SchachterNHPR


•   3:00-4:00 pmNetworking Reception & Awards Celebration

          Networking Reception Sponsors: LaBelle Winery & Sojourn Partners
          Awards Sponsors: Normandeau Associates & Ceres


•   1:00-2:00 pmUnleashing Our Individual And Collective Potential Through Shared Leadership

Lori HanauGlobal Round Table Leadership
Chris MasielloThe Masiello Group

•   2:00-2:15Virtual Networking Social

          Social Sponsors: New Hampshire Electric Co-op & Northeast Delta Dental

•   2:15-3:15 pmLeading Through Community Stewardship

Allan ReetzHanover Co-op Food Stores
Emily RogersHanover Co-op Food Stores


•   1:00-2:00 pmArticulating Your Personal Theory Of Change

Erin AllgoodELA Consulting 
Sarah GlattPaper Crane Associates

•   2:00-2:05 pm: Break

•   2:05-3:05 pmKeynote Closing Workshop Where Do We Go From Here?

Michelle Holliday


*Open chatrooms will also be available to conference participants at the end of each day for additional opportunities to connect!!











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NH Talks


CSR Media


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Social Media


Networking Reception


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Networking Social




Carbon Offset


Speaker Appreciation


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