Refilling the Well

Refilling the Well: A Program for Workplace Wellbeing

In Partnership with Full Spectrum Wellness

Refilling the Well:  A Program for Workplace Wellbeing

Fall 2023 Session! 

In our second year of offering we’ll explore topics that range from helping your kids find calm to cultivating gratitude, while continuing to integrate mindful moments and the healing power of reconnecting mind, body, and spirit. This year, we’ll also include interviews with experts and access to additional live meditation and mindfulness classes.

Every 30-minute live offering is a combination of stress management practices, information about mood management and brain fitness as well as inspirations for the week ahead. In addition to online live sessions, once registered, participants will have access to all prior on-demand sessions for the Fall, 2023 program.

Fall 2023 Topics include:

  • Coping with Climate Crisis Anxiety. (Note: This is a growing specialty for psychotherapists)
  • Helping Your Kids Find Calm (2 sessions)
  • Gratitude Changes Everything (2 sessions)
  • Creating Peaceful Environments
  • Shifting out of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)
  • Exploring the Connection Between Physical and Mental Health

Register your organization by Oct 2nd to receive your employee welcome letter template, along with individual registration and program links.

Available Live and Recorded, Tuesdays, Oct 10th - Nov 28th, 2023

8-8:30 am, online webinars














Employers can purchase an organization-wide subscription!

Individual subscriptions are available! 

Businesses and Organizations need to register to allow their employees access to the programming. Pricing and registration are now available on the program page through Full Spectrum Wellness. Once registered you will receive a link to share with all employees interested in benefiting from this program. These sessions are done in webinar mode of Zoom to maintain comfort and privacy for participants.



The Refilling the Well package includes:

  • Employee Welcome Letter template
  • Live and on-demand viewing for Fall 2023
  • 2 Free opportunities for participation in 1 hour evening meditation class (Dates TBD)
  • Employee registration metrics (upon request)