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Kennebunk Savings DE&I Video Series

Workplace: 2022 (PDF)

36 Creative

Community: 2015 36 Creative's Trail Work (PDF)


Community: 2020 The Thank You Movement (PDF)


Community: 2017 Pan Mass Challenge (PDF)


Environment: 2018 Greener Coffee Making (PDF)

36Creative Volunteers

Community: 2017 (PDF)

7th Settlement Brewery

Workplace: 2017 Hospitality Included (PDF)

@Website Publicity

Workplace: 2016 Freedom through technology (PDF)

A Carbon Neutral Path for Kennebunk Savings

Environment: 2023 (PDF)

Addressing Community Issues with Entrepreneurship

Community: 2023 (PDF)

Albany International

Community: 2016 Educating about careers in manufacturing (PDF)


Environment: 2017 Electric transportation (PDF)

Ambassadors and Allies

Workplace: 2023 (PDF)

Antea Group

Workplace: 2017 Wellness (PDF)

Antioch University NE

Community: 2017 (PDF)

Antioch University NE

Community: 2016 Providing Clothing for Warmth (PDF)

Atlantic Media Productions

Workplace: 2021 Working in a Covid World (PDF)

Autism Thrives: Inclusive Success

Workplace: 2023 (PDF)

Balancing Wellness in a Growing Industry

Workplace: 2023 (PDF)

Beechleaf Design

Environment: 2020 Building in Disposal Costs (PDF)

Bellwether Community Credit Union

Community: 2018 Preventing Elder Financial Abuse (PDF)

Berry Dunn

Community: 2015 Berry Dunn's Office Building (PDF)


Workplace: 2019 8 Weeks of Paid Family Leave (PDF)

Best Practice Nurturing Nook Supporting Caregivers

Workplace: 2023 (PDF)

Betty White Reincarnated Into a Moped

Nonprofit: 2022 (PDF)

Big Impact for Food Banks

Community: 2022 (PDF)

Bona Fide Green Goods

Environment: 2021 One less bottle (PDF)

Building a Network of Affirming Businesses

Community: 2023 (PDF)

Building Community around Sustainable Style

Nonprofit: 2022 (PDF)

C Far: Beyond the Box

Workplace: 2019 Podcasts for Improving Workplace Stress (PDF)

C Far: Beyond the Box

Workplace: 2019 Stress Management for Better Sleep (PDF)

C&S Wholesale Grocers

Community: 2015 C&S's Hunger Awareness Campaign (PDF) (YouTube)

Calef's Country Store

Community: 2017 Employee Continuity (PDF)

Calliope CLR - Closed Loop Recycling

Environment: 2022 (PDF)

Calypso Communciations

Community: 2017 (PDF)

Calypso Communciations

Workplace: 2016 A fresh start (PDF)


Nonprofit: 2021 A Passion for Advocacy (PDF)

CCNNE's Recycling Challenge

Environment: 2014 (YouTube)

Center for Wildlife

Environment: 2019 An Ecosystems Approach to Environmental Education (PDF)


Community: 2020 Clothing Donation Drive (PDF)


Workplace: 2017 New Hire Program (PDF)


Environment: 2021 K-Cup Recycling - It is happening! (PDF)


Workplace: 2021 Branded Silverware (PDF)

Citizens' Climate Lobby

Environment: 2019 Volunteer Mobilization for Climate Advocacy (PDF)


Workplace: 2016 Conservation stations (PDF)

Citronics Community Store

Community: 2017 (PDF)

Climate Impact of Reducing Food Waste

Nonprofit: 2023 (PDF)

Coastal Research Sea Grant NH

Environment: 2016 Environmental awareness (PDF)

Coca Cola of Northern New England

Community: 2018 Developing a Community Partnership Database (PDF)

Coca Cola of Northern New England

Environment: 2018 Recycling Syrup Drums (PDF)

Coca-Cola Company Northern New England

Environment: 2017 Production and shipping efficiencies (PDF)

Coca-Cola Company Northern New England

Community: 2016 Experiential Education Program (PDF)

Coca-Cola Company Northern New England

Environment: 2016 Landfill free (PDF)

Coca-Cola Northern New England

Environment: 2015 Coca-Cola Northern New England's Pre-form Savings (PDF)

Coca-Cola Northern New England

Environment: 2015 Coca-Cola Northern New England's Reusable Plastic Pallets (PDF)

Coca-Cola Northern New England

Environment: 2015 Coca-Cola Northern New England Recylces Plastic Shipping Film (PDF)

Coca-Cola Northern New England

Community: 2014 Coca-Cola Northern New England's Recycling Engagement (PDF)

Colby-Sawyer College

Community: 2016 Experiential Based Learning Program (PDF)

Community Alliance for Teen Safety

Community: 2016 Safety through education and awareness (PDF)

Community Build Helps Our Neighbors and Our Planet

Nonprofit: 2022 (PDF)

CommuteSMART Seacoast

Environment: 2017 Commuter B2B Challenge (PDF)

Cornerstone Financial Planning

Workplace: 2020 Paid Birthday Off (PDF)

D.N. Lukens, Inc.

Workplace: 2016 Flex Friday (PDF)


Community: 2019 Farmacy Garden (PDF)


Environment: 2018 Northern New England Recycling Summit (PDF)

Daystar Builders

Environment: 2016 Building Efficiency (PDF)

Digital Prospectors

Community: 2017 Passion to Action (PDF)

Digital Prospectors

Community: 2018 Sales Competition for Community Giving (PDF)

Educating For Good

Community: 2021 Portrait of a Granite State Graduate (PDF)

ELA Consulting

Workplace: 2019 Dover Area Solidarity Hub (PDF)

Employee Auto Service Loan Program

Workplace: 2023 (PDF)

Employee Recruitment and Retention

Workplace: 2022 (PDF)

Energy Audits Unlimited

Environment: 2015 Energy Audits Unlimited's Renewable Energy Credit (PDF)


Workplace: 2022 (PDF)

Facilities Energy Optimization

Environment: 2023 (PDF)

Filtrine Manufacturing

Environment: 2015 Filtrine's Carbon Footprint Project (PDF)

Filtrine Manufacturing Company

Community: 2016 Training a new generation of welders (PDF)

Filtrine Manufacturing Company

Environment: 2016 Understanding environmental impact (PDF)

First GC in NE to Commit to Carbon Neutrality

Environment: 2023 (PDF)

Forest Society

Environment: 2019 Land Stewardship Education (PDF)

Froling Energy

Environment: 2019 Wood Chip Fuel Alternative (PDF)

Froling Energy

Environment: 2016 Dry chip alternative (PDF)

Genuine Local

Community: 2019 Ag-Based Maker Space (PDF)

Girls At Work, Inc.

Community: 2018 After School Program for Inner-City Girls (PDF)

Global Round Table Leadership

Workplace: 2016 Living what we teach (PDF)

Global Seafood Alliance

Nonprofit: 2021 Assuring Responsibly Produced Farmed Seafood (PDF)

Gone Baking

Community: 2016 Taking baking to the community (PDF)

Goodwill Industries of Northern NE

Environment: 2017 No trash project (PDF)

Goodwill Industries of Northern NE

Environment: 2016 Repurposing electronics (PDF)

Goodwill Northern New England

Community: 2020 Telehealth Solutions to Expanding Services (PDF)

Goodwill of Northern New England

Environment: 2019 Crumpled Cardboard Packing Material (PDF)

Goodwill of Northern New England

Community: 2018 Inclusive Hiring Practices (PDF)

Goodwill of Northern New England

Environment: 2018 Repurposing Cloth Scraps into Wiping Cloths (PDF)

Granite Outdoor Alliance

Nonprofit: 2021 ROCKHOUNDS! Mobilizing The Outdoor Industry in NH (PDF)

Grappone Automotive Group

Environment: 2015 Grappone Automotive Group Eliminates Plasticware (PDF)

Grappone Conference Center

Environment: 2015 Grappone Conference Center's Green Team Initiatives (PDF)

Grappone Conference Center

Environment: 2014 Grappone Conference Center's "Freight Garden" (PDF)

Great Bay Community College

Community: 2016 community partnership prepares students (PDF)

Great Bay Fertilizer

Environment: 2016 A new kind of organic fertilizer (PDF)

Green Alliance

Community: 2015 Green Alliance's Network Building (PDF)

Green Team

Environment: 2022 (PDF)


Environment: 2015 Hannaford's Plastic Bag Recycling (PDF)


Community: 2015 Hannaford's Food Waste Program (PDF)

Hannaford Commits to 100% Renewable Energy by 2024

Environment: 2022 (PDF)

Hannaford Supermarkets

Environment: 2019 Assessing and Reducing Plastic Use (PDF)

Hanover Co-op Food Stores

Community: 2020 Paper-Shredding Events (PDF)

Hanover Co-Op Food Stores

Community: 2017 (PDF)

Hanover Co-Op Food Stores

Environment: 2017 (PDF)

Hanover Co-op Food Stores

Environment: 2018 Reusable Produce Boxes (PDF)

Hanover Consumer Cooperative Society

Community: 2021 Hanover Co-op Car Connects (PDF)

Henry Whipple House

Environment: 2015 Henry Whipple House Water-Saving Project (PDF)

Hero Pups, Inc.

Community: 2018 Providing Service Dogs to Vets (PDF)

High School Community Redesign

Community: 2023 (PDF)


Environment: 2019 Raising Awareness of SDGs (PDF)

Hypertherm Hope Foundation

Workplace: 2021 Internal Product Trade Show for Employees (PDF)

Hypertherm Hope Foundation

Workplace: 2021 Career Exploration with Students (PDF)

Inside the Journey to Building a Nonprofit

Community: 2023 (PDF)

Internal Carbon Pricing

Environment: 2022 (PDF)

Jack's Pizza

Community: 2020 Voter Registration and Engagement (PDF)

Jack's Pizza

Workplace: 2020 Supporting Frontline Workers (PDF)

Jack's Pizza

Workplace: 2020 College Prep for Employess (PDF)

Jewett Construction Company

Community: 2017 Community partnerships (PDF)

JSA Architects

Community: 2019 Office Furniture Donations (PDF)

Kate & Heath Photography

Environment: 2015 Kate & Heath Photography Carbon Footprint Reducation (PDF)

Kennebunk Savings

Community: 2021 A Recovery Friendly Workplace (PDF)

Kennebunk Savings

Workplace: 2021 Great Opportunities (PDF)

Kick the Can

Environment: 2023 (PDF)

Klüber Lubrication

Environment: 2018 Greener Lubricants for Lifeboats (PDF)

Liberty Utilities

Environment: 2019 Residential Battery Storage Program (PDF)

Lonza Biologics

Community: 2018 Harvest Open Golf Tournament (PDF)


Community: 2016 Reimagining community space (PDF)

Mainstay Technologies

Community: 2019 Creating a Giving Team for Community Impact (PDF)

Mainstay Technologies

Environment: 2019 Powered by Renewable Energy (PDF)

Mainstay Technologies

Workplace: 2019 Smart Office Designs for Employee Wellness (PDF)

Maintaining Company Culture in a Changing World

Workplace: 2023 (PDF)

Manchester Community College

Community: 2016 America's Promise- Job Driven Grant (PDF)

Mascoma Bank

Workplace: 2020 CoAlign Group to Support DEI (PDF)

MAYO Designs, Inc.

Environment: 2019 Focusing Messaging on Sustainability (PDF)

MAYO Designs, Inc.

Environment: 2019 Beach Cleanup (PDF)

Mayo Web Design & Marketing

Community: 2021 Creating a Clean Energy Community (PDF)

Meaningful Climate Action: UNH Carbon Clinic

Environment: 2023 (PDF)

Medicus Healthcare Solutions

Community: 2018 Harvey Emergency Aid (PDF)


Workplace: 2017 Employee Fitness (PDF)

Medtronic Advanced Energy

Workplace: 2016 Project 6 (PDF)


Environment: 2020 Setting Soil Health Standards (PDF)


Workplace: 2020 Plastic Free July (PDF)


Environment: 2019 Glyphosate Ban Campaign (PDF)


Workplace: 2019 Little Sprouts Program (PDF)


Workplace: 2019 Birthday Paid Time Off (PDF)


Workplace: 2018 Paying Living Wages (PDF)

Memories make the Best Bowties!

Environment: 2022 (PDF)

Merchants Fleet

Environment: 2021 Electrify Your Life (PDF)

Millipore Sigma

Environment: 2020 Wastewater Pretreatment Facility (PDF)


Community: 2021 Jaffrey Public Library STEAM Program (PDF)

Monadnock Food Co-op

Environment: 2018 Food Waste Reduction Program (PDF)

Monadnock Food Co-op

Community: 2018 Round It Up (PDF)

Monadnock Paper Mills

Environment: 2017 Coffee bean bag's second life (PDF)

Monadnock Paper Mills

Environment: 2015 Monadnock Paper Mills' LED Initiative (PDF)

Monadnock Paper Mills

Environment: 2019 Providing Recyclable Alternatives to Plastic (PDF)

Monadnock Paper Mills, Inc

Environment: 2021 Envision Your World without Styrene (PDF)

Mt. Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce

Environment: 2015 Mt. Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce Green Team (PDF)

Nellie's Free Range

Environment: 2021 Nellie's & the delicious fight against food waste (PDF)

NEMO Equipment

Workplace: 2021 100k Polybag Project (PDF)

NEMO Equipment

Environment: 2018 Drawdown Climate Change Roadmap (PDF)

NEMO Equipment Values Individuals

Workplace: 2017 (PDF)

New England Commercial Solar

Environment: 2021 Net Zero Church (PDF)

Next Step Carbon Footprint Reduction

Environment: 2023 (PDF)

NH Citizens Alliance

Community: 2016 A day of action (PDF)

NH Community Development Finance Authority

Environment: 2014 NHCDFA's efforts to reduce paper waste and simplify their grant process (YouTube)

NH Department of Environmental Sciences

Environment: 2016 Rain garden solutions (PDF)

NH Department of Environmental Services

Community: 2020 Water Testing for Low-Income Pregnant Women (PDF)

NH Electric Cooperative

Community: 2016 Inter-Lakes School District project (PDF)

NH Feeding NH

Nonprofit: 2023 (PDF)

NH HWCA: Spreading the Word on Climate & Health

Environment: 2023 (PDF)

NH Youth-Driven Program Activates Change

Community: 2023 (PDF)

Nixon Peabody

Workplace: 2014 Nixon Peabody Volunteer teams (YouTube)

Nobody likes Spoilers

Environment: 2022 (PDF)

One Piece of Uncut Fruit

Workplace: 2022 (PDF)

Partnership for Pollinators

Environment: 2023 (PDF)

PAUSE, A Mindful Meditation Place

Community: 2017 Social Thinking Program (PDF)

Pax World Management

Environment: 2017 Workplace composting (PDF)

PeopleSense Consulting

Workplace: 2020 Free Services to Clients During COVID (PDF)

PeopleSense Consulting

Workplace: 2015 PeopleSense Builds Teams (PDF)

PeopleSense Consulting

Workplace: 2018 Graceful Giving (PDF)

PeopleSense Consulting LLC

Community: 2017 Graceful Giving (PDF)

Pete and Gery's Organic Eggs

Community: 2018 Eggs are Healthy (PDF)

Pinnacle Leadership Center

Workplace: 2016 Water bottle free (PDF)


Environment: 2020 Designing Carbon Neutral Buildings (PDF)

PROSPERITY Platform-Answer to Poverty & Pollution

Community: 2022 (PDF)

Providing more news in Spanish in NH

Nonprofit: 2022 (PDF)

Recycle Butts! Cigarette Butts that is!

Environment: 2022 (PDF)

Recycle Butts. Cigarette Butts that is!

Environment: 2023 (PDF)

Recycling K-Cups - It's Easy!

Environment: 2022 (PDF)

Renewables Worldwide

Community: 2018 Penny Rebates for Supporting NH Solar Farms (PDF)

ReVision Energy

Community: 2015 ReVision Energy's Rain Garden (PDF)

ReVision Energy

Community: 2019 Training NH's Next Gen Workforce (PDF)

ReVision Energy

Community: 2021 Sunsquatch Earth Fest Jamboree (SEFJ) (PDF)

Revision Energy

Environment: 2021 Camp Sunsquatch (PDF)

ReVision Energy

Community: 2018 Power On Puerto Rico (PDF)

ReVision Energy

Environment: 2016 Carbon emission reduction (PDF)

Richardson Media Group

Environment: 2020 Becoming a B-Corp, Bee-Focused Company (PDF)

Scrapp LLC

Environment: 2021 Scrapp - Recycling made simple (PDF)

Scrapp: Simple and Accessible Recycling For All

Environment: 2022 (PDF)

Sequoya Technologies Group

Environment: 2014 Sequoia Technologies Group's Server Heat Exchange (YouTube)

Service Credit Union

Community: 2019 Donating Computers for Reuse (PDF)

Shawmut Communications Group

Community: 2020 #PrintLove (PDF)

Sheehan and Phinney

Community: 2019 Supporting the Special Olympics (PDF)

Simple Life Recycling

Environment: 2016 Re-use of cutting oil (PDF)

SNHU's Journey to Sustainability

Environment: 2022 (PDF)

Society for the Protection of NH Forests

Environment: 2016 Merrimack River watershed project (PDF)

Sojourn Partners

Community: 2020 Free Resiliency Programing During COVID (PDF)

Squam Lakes Natural Science Center

Community: 2020 Science Pub's (PDF)


Environment: 2017 Sustainable business cards (PDF)


Workplace: 2017 Onsite CSA program (PDF)


Environment: 2019 Box Reuse (PDF)


Environment: 2018 Make Earth Cool Again (PDF)

Stonyfield Farm

Community: 2016 Stonyfield Earth Day Fair (PDF)

Stonyfield Organic

Environment: 2020 Organic StonyFIELDS Initiative #PlayFree (PDF)

Sunrise Labs

Environment: 2020 Promoting Electric Vehicle Investments (PDF)

Sunrise Labs

Environment: 2019 Office Composting (PDF)

Sunrise Labs

Community: 2021 Earth Day Celebration (PDF)

Support Food Pantries with At Cost Order Program

Community: 2023 (PDF)

Sustainable Operations = 9 Generations in Business

Environment: 2023 (PDF)

Sweaty Turtle Entertainment

Community: 2020 PSA Against Discriminatory Language (PDF)

Sweaty Turtle Entertainment

Workplace: 2021 Three of a Kind (PDF)

The Friends Program

Community: 2019 Food Security (PDF)

The Hanover Co-op Food Stores

Community: 2019 Addressing Student Food Insecurity (PDF)

The Hidden Benefits of Company Benefits

Community: 2022 (PDF)

The Nature Conservancy

Nonprofit: 2021 NH's Energy Future is Now (PDF)

The ReFill Station

Environment: 2021 Let's Reduce Our Plastic Footprint (PDF)

The Terra Firma Company

Environment: 2019 GreenSpar for Lower Toxicity in Products (PDF)

The Works Bakery Café

Environment: 2015 The Works Bakery Café- Diverting Waste to Compost (PDF)

ThinkSMART - An Extended Learning Opportunity

Community: 2022 (PDF)

Thornton Tomasetti

Environment: 2016 Advocating for change (PDF)

Throwback Brewery

Environment: 2017 Local Sourcing (PDF)


Workplace: 2017 Sustainability in the cafeteria (PDF)


Workplace: 2016 Community Service (PDF)


Environment: 2016 Dumpster dive (PDF)

Timberland Composting

Workplace: 2017 Timberland Employee Composting (PDF)


Environment: 2022 (PDF)

Tiny Climate Classroom Delivers Hope & Education

Environment: 2022 (PDF)

UNH Center for Social Innovation and Enterprise

Workplace: 2017 Experiential learning opportunities (PDF)

UNH's Center for Social Innovation and Enterprise

Workplace: 2018 Human-Centered Design Workshops (PDF)

UNH's Center for Social Innovation and Enterprise

Workplace: 2018 Social Innovation Internships (PDF)

UNH's Center for Social Innovation and Enterprise

Community: 2018 Social Venture Innovation Challenge (PDF)

Uplifting Social Justice Warriors

Community: 2023 (PDF)

Urban Farming in Boston

Community: 2022 (PDF)

Valley Regional Hospital

Workplace: 2017 Sustainability in a hospital setting (PDF)


Environment: 2020 Recycled Milk Jug Garden Ties (PDF)

Virtual Volunteering is here to stay

Community: 2022 (PDF)

Vital Communities

Environment: 2020 Climate Change Leadership Academy (PDF)

W.S. Badger

Workplace: 2017 The addiction crisis (PDF)

W.S. Badger

Community: 2016 Buying Local (PDF)

W.S. Badger

Workplace: 2016 Benefits of seasonal employment (PDF)

Warrenstreet Architects

Community: 2018 Building on Hope (PDF)

Warrenstreet Architects

Workplace: 2018 Employee Cooperatives (PDF)

Waste Not, Want Not

Environment: 2023 (PDF)

Watching Heat Rise

Environment: 2022 (PDF)


Community: 2020 Homeless Youth SleepOut (PDF)

When the Missing Ingredient is Time

Workplace: 2023 (PDF)

Wire Belt

Community: 2018 UpReach (PDF)

Worthen Industries

Community: 2017 Lake Cleanup (PDF)

Worthen Industries

Workplace: 2015 Worthen Industries' Wellness Program (PDF)

WS Badger

Environment: 2016 Trash audit (PDF)

Your Successful Life

Community: 2020 Supporting Working Mothers (PDF)

“Edgility” is the best antidote!

Workplace: 2022 (PDF)