Membership Levels

Membership Investment Structure

Any company or organization that is committed to improving its social responsibility and sustainability performance is eligible to join NHBSR. Membership can be initiated at any time, and dues are renewed annually.

Suggested membership levels are based upon gross revenues. 

  • Leader-Innovator, $2,750 Annually - Premier membership allows your company to showcase its CSR/Sustainability Leadership 
  • Sustainer, $1,200 Annually - For businesses with over one million dollars in gross revenue
  • Partner, $600 Annually - For businesses with under one million dollars in gross revenue
  • Social Entrepreneur, $300 Annually - For businesses with under $250,000 in gross revenue
  • Large Nonprofit, $500 Annually - For a Nonprofit with 20 or more employees
  • Small Nonprofit and Individuals, $180 Annually - For a Nonprofit with fewer than 20 employees or an Individual
  • Student, $30 Annually - For an Individual currently enrolled and attending a degree or certificate program


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