Jermaine Moore

Jermaine Moore is the founder of The Mars Hill Group, a consulting practice that partners with organizations to support their efforts in building and developing highly engaged, high-performing teams.

Jermaine has spent the last twenty years building and developing highly engaged, high-performing teams. Using a value-driven approach, he helps define culture, while introducing and reinforcing skills and behaviors that drive business results and team performance. Jermaine partners with organizational leaders to prioritize critical objectives and ensure teams are equipped to achieve these goals. The results lead to a rapid and lasting return on investment. 

Jermaine’s areas of expertise include diversity, culture, leadership, and team development and coaching. He is also a sought after speaker, facilitator and trainer, specializing in communication, diversity and inclusion, change management, and workforce planning. Jermaine also serves as the Diversity Director for the Human Resources State Council of NH and on the board of the Diversity Workforce Coalition.