Emily Lane

Emily Lane is a pioneer in the empowerment of Purposeful Leaders through consciousness education. She is particularly passionate about supporting those who are helping with the elevation of humanity and the sustainability of our planet.

Hailing from the corporate world, a near death experience catapulted her into a 20-year quest to explore, distill and apply some of the most leading edge consciousness tools on our planet today.

Her approach is based on an inside-out model of leadership. The centrepoint of this is helping leaders to align with their own Inner Being and activate all of the natural vision, power and clarity encoded into that space. She explores new frontiers of perception and possibility and leverages this to elevate the creation of new, more conscious systems in society.

She has worked on some of the most innovative global projects in the leadership and consciousness space. She has been published by Mindful Leader and is a faculty member of the prestigious Omega Institute in New York. She is Founding Partner of the groundbreaking Conscious Business World Summit, Co-Founder of the Conscious Women’s Leadership Forum and former host of the world’s largest mindfulness-in-business conference, Wisdom 2.0 in San Francisco.

Emily has impacted 10,000+ people around the world and her work has reached leaders and employees from top tier organisations including LinkedIn, IBM, Bank of Ireland, Accenture, the Central Bank, Qualtrics, Google and Facebook, among others

All of her work is imbued with a sense of fun, vitality and infectious positive energy!