Welcoming New Sustainability Innovators!

Innovative students and community members are front and center at University of New Hampshire's Social Venture Innovation Challenge (SVIC), which asks participants to imagine creative new business solutions to our most pressing environmental and social challenges. Since 2013, the SVIC has equipped UNH students and community members alike with a wealth of knowledge, resources and mentorship to make their business ideas a reality.

NHBSR supports these emerging leaders by providing a one year membership allowing them to connect with our programming and you!


Please welcome 2019’s SVIC Winners to the NHBSR network...

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First Place: V’ice Haiti empowers Haitians to make and sell affordable vitaminized products as self-employed micro-franchisees. This model addresses two critical social issues in Haiti: unemployment and vitamin deficiency. V’ice, in its first year, has provided over 80,000 vitamin enriched V’ice shaved ice cones. Furthermore, the social venture has employed 10 manufacturing employees, 3 micro-franchisee managers and 2 micro-franchisees. V’ice is now looking to scale up to 40 hubs throughout Haiti, which is estimated to provide jobs to over 50 Haitian youth and mothers.


“It is crucial that we continue to build, grow and foster a community of people who are all working towards a greater cause! So much of our ability to help and empower others comes from having a strong support group of socially minded businesses and organizations. We are leading the change that we want to see in the world, and the best ideas always come from the synergy of many people's creativity coming together!” – Haley Burns, Social Ventures Investment Administrator, V’ice Haiti at Social Ventures Foundation


First Place: Kikori is an easy-to-use app that helps educators improve their students' social, emotional and academic outcomes. The app offers teachers an experiential activity platform that is aligned with curriculum, training and impact measurement tools. With Kikori as a tool at their fingertips, teachers can transform their classrooms to help ensure student succeed across the board.


“Within every asset of Kikori, we believe that we are stronger together.  As this is the approach we live by, we can only dream of what types of opportunities there are if we are able to connect with a network of New Hampshire socially minded businesses and organizations through NHBSR.”Kendra Bostick and Bryn Lottig, Co-Founders, Kikori


Second Place: Community Toy Chest offers toy rental membership, community play spaces and enriching STEAM activities. This alternative model to traditional toy consumption decreases resource use and landfill waste, while creating kid-friendly spaces for families to connect in and enjoy. Community Toy Chest ultimately encourages the growth of ecologically-minded children who recognize the importance of sharing and caring for the earth.


“We are excited to join NHBSR so we can learn what other New Hampshire businesses are doing in the area of sustainability, as well as share our own knowledge.  We are excited to be part of a motivated and like-minded group with similar sustainability goals.” – Jessica Forrest and Hannah MacBride, Co-Founders, Community Toy Chest


Second Place: Ambrosia Fabrics is developing nontoxic performance fabric made from some of the most sustainable fibers on the planet: hemp and bamboo. These fibers both come from carbon-absorbing plants that do not need chemically-intensive treatments to be suitable for upholstery. Use of these natural materials helps combat poor indoor air quality in homes and uses less resources with significantly lower carbon emmissions than traditional textile production.


“I look forward to joining NHBSR and connecting with like-minded individuals and businesses who are focused on sustainability and improving the environment we live in; I look forward to connecting and helping out in any way I can!"Chris Hollis, Founder, Ambrosia Fabrics


Third Place: Wildcats Willing addresses food security in New Hampshire. This social venture was designed with UNH Dining to repurpose edible and unused food. Currently, food unused from UNH Dining is composted. Wildcats Willing, however, would be able to safely deliver this food to a local non-profit organization that serves the hungry. By implementing Wildcats Unwilling, this local nonprofit could serve an estimated 400 extra meals a day. Moreover, Wildcats Willing would provide a successful food system model for all types of institutions that serve high quantities of food throughout the day.


“NHBSR provides us the opportunity to expand our own interests concerning social change via business models and initiatives. We hope to find connections and potentially collaborate on our existing idea or work with organizations on new projects and ideas. A community of socially minded businesses and organizations will support our goals and ambitions of implementing Wildcats Willing. Connecting with the network at NHBSR will hopefully provide the both of us with professional connections to work with for years to come.”John DeAngelis and Brennan Williams, Co-Founders, Wildcats Willing: A UNH Food Re-Purposing Initiative


Third Place: New Hampshire Toy Library Network increases equity, decreases waste, fosters fun and provides opportunities for recent graduates within the state. The spark for this social venture came from UNH students noticing the steep costs of adapted toys for children and how even conventional toys could be cost prohibitive. Student-run NH Toy Libraries would provide greater access to toys and helpful services to both libraries and families, while giving college students a chance to network in the Granite State by running and managing the Toy Libraries.


It would be amazing to learn from NHBSR members and see so much of the inspiring work people in the Granite State are doing. We are honored to have been given this opportunity.” – Marisa Rafal, Founder, New Hampshire Toy Library Network