FEATURING:  Anne Richardson, Principal + Media Director at Richardson Media Group

(Photo Credits: Raya on Assignment)


Richardson Media Group is a strategic media planning and buying agency with expertise in content development, lead fulfillment, and search engine optimization (SEO). Based in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, the agency works with a wide variety of clients, particularly those in the education, technology, and professional services sectors. 

 Anne Richardson founded Richardson Media Group in 2014 after planning and buying media at full-service advertising agencies from Portland, Maine, to Boston, Massachusetts. Over the past five years, her firm has expanded its list of service offerings and added to its marketing staff to match the growing needs of a diverse client roster. 

Today, Anne is joined at Richardson Media Group by three colleagues. Erica Holthausen oversees business operations along with content development, lead fulfillment, and SEO. Brenda Brooks deftly handles project management and Marco Mottola serves as the agency’s digital media buying specialist.

Together, the team has a proven track record of developing, executing, and optimizing multi-layered paid media campaigns that are shaped by client goals, informed by user engagement, and driven by campaign data and website analytics. Client objectives are met with targeted lead fulfillment, smart content development, and robust SEO. 

And they don’t do it alone.

Richardson Media Group is by nature a collaborative agency. “We’re energized by and benefit from partnering with creative agencies, including graphic designers, branding companies and web developers,” says Anne. “Managing an effective advertising campaign requires strong communication skills and reciprocal sharing of ideas. The very best projects allow us to create long-lasting partnerships with others in our industry.”

Anne sees NHBSR as fitting right into her agency’s values and is excited to connect with other companies committed to raising their consciousness around social responsibility and sustainability. “As a small firm, we are aware of the little things we can do on a daily basis to be more socially responsible,” says Anne. “It’s one of the reasons we choose to operate within a community, like Portsmouth, one that is walkable, near the ocean and offers an easy commute. It’s also why we have sought to house our business in historic buildings that have been adapted for reuse.”

Anne recognizes that there will always be more work to do and hopes to share her personal journey towards sustainability and social responsibility with NHBSR in a future blog post. 

Stay tuned!

Learn more about Richardson Media Group at You can also email Anne at or call (603) 373-8866.