(Photo Credits: Taylor O'Neil)

FEATURING:  Carrie Mayo, Founder and Owner of MAYO Designs

Carrie Mayo started MAYO Designs, a web design and marketing agency, 19 years ago. A self-starter with big ideas and an abundant skill set, she was able to launch her own company and cover everything from client relations and design through to bookkeeping and coding. As Carrie's client base and projects grew, she had to bring on more designers and project managers. As technology advanced, MAYO Designs was perfectly poised in its strong command and understanding of traditional marketing and media strategies as well as its expertise in new and expanding social media and web platforms. Covering such a diverse range of communications and design services, the company flourished. Now MAYO Designs is a team of eight highly motivated and talented creative minds.

With such a high demand for MAYO's services, Carrie realized that her team could choose to serve the clients they were most passionate about. Today, MAYO’s focus is on companies and organizations committed to making our world and communities better. They have also encouraged their existing valued clients to be more sustainable. Carrie recalls, "We really wanted to bring an additional sense of purpose to our work and focus efforts to where our hearts were, to make sure on a daily basis that what we do aligns with our values."

Following this mindset of leading with the heart, Carrie describes how MAYO Designs encourages clients to focus on their own values and what's most important to them. This personal approach to storytelling is key to MAYO's highly successful marketing strategies and is facilitated by the company's approach of working alongside their clients as a team. Carrie says, "This may sound strange, but we want to understand what our clients’ dreams are. They started their business for a reason. Also, joy comes in many forms. We find joy in the work that we do and work to bring our clients to that place of joy, to cherish their dreams and stories."

Carrie is NHBSR's newest PR & Marketing committee member and is excited about connecting with like-minded individuals. She says, "When you find people who think like you, you're talking the same language and you're on the same wavelength. Being able to contribute in this way builds up great energy and possibilities." As a new NHBSR member, she hopes to align her efforts with the inspiring and impactful work of others in the sustainable business community.

Connect with Carrie to learn more about MAYO Designs at or by phone at (603) 817-1575.