Blog: The Path to Cultivating a Conscious Business


By: Deb LeClair, Psy. D at Sojourn Partners

Conscious companies that are making a positive difference in the world understand how to shift the dynamics of fear into trust for all their stakeholders, giving them the financial advantage.  Recent studies indicate that organizations committed to business being a force for good decisively outperform the S&P 500. That makes sense given that a company who understands itself as an interconnected system to enrich lives is one that attracts and keeps talent, promotes customer loyalty and is primed to be in the know on the future needs of the marketplace.

On the world stage, New Hampshire leaders have been recognized for pioneering ways to place people and the planet on par with making profits.  This marks an evolution that going forward has to be supported with time and space.  Time to explore the values and perspectives that are emerging and space to expand into intentional action to bring it all into fruition.

Whenever we facilitate conscious leadership development, the practices of self and system-awareness are cultivated within the group mindfully and with an eye to real life application.  The atmosphere is one of respect for each other as you the participant move into:

  • identifying your beliefs 
  • discovering what holds you back 
  • trying out ways to empower plans stemming from liberated mindsets

These three considerations are what fuels conscious business building toward better attunement with your customers, co-workers and communities.

As facilitators, it is our imperative to work on our own leadership.  In any self-development forum I have taken part in, it works best when you feel safe to explore what is stirring in your heart to shift in your world and to open a line to the wisdom that will get you there.  So often, that wisdom comes from the collective of the group itself, especially one that is coming together with an intention of expanding awareness.

On September 26th, we kick off the 6-month NHBSR Conscious Business Leadership Program. At this writing we have a diversity of organizations participating which we have found to spark more energy and fun as we walk the path of conscious creation.  Check out for more information and to register.