Blog: Best Business Tip I Ever Heard: “Learn Mindfulness.”

By Deb LeClair, Psy. D, Sojourn Partners

debra_leclair_headshot_2017-1.png“What’s this mindfulness stuff?” is not a question I hear often in the business sector anymore. Thanks to decades of research and mainstream media attention, in 2019 most professionals have some sense of what mindfulness is and its value. This is why so many high-profile companies as well as local organizations have already brought the practice into their workplaces. Simple things, such as the mindful practice of beginning a meeting with a moment of observing the breath, works well to attune everyone’s nervous systems to focus on the task at hand.

Learning to pay full attention to what is happening in the present moment can translate into more accurately reading the room, setting the stage for more effective communication in meetings, on projects and for understanding your client’s needs. Other benefits include calming your nervous system so inevitable stressors don’t bowl you over, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and scattered. Instead, you can meet challenges with a clear and grounded perspective. This is because mindfulness helps you to access more parts of the brain, particularly the areas that help you prioritize, think through desirable outcomes and creatively problem solve.

At this year’s Spring Conference, join us for your own taste of mindfulness to start the day off on a fully present, clear and calm note. Our Mindfulness Essentials starts at 7:45 am and runs until 8:15 am. No prior experience needed. All are welcome.

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