FEATURINGRyan Barton, CEO of Mainstay Technologies.

Growing your company from a one-man tech support operation out of your Ford Explorer into a 55-employee, multi-office IT and Information Security firm in just over a decade takes ingenuity and hard work. Doing it well, with a focus on creating good within and without the organization takes great intentionality.

Mainstay Technologies adheres to a kind of intentionality that has allowed the company to not only grow so impressively, but thrive as an organization committed to its team, community, and our world. While the company specializes in providing IT and Information Security services to businesses and nonprofits, its vision and the way it operates speaks to a greater philosophy of creating positive change. This emanates from the very identity of the company itself.

"We always keep to our mission of being a power for good," says Ryan Barton, CEO of Mainstay Technologies, "We're here for the long haul and attempt to be purposeful in everything, from the way we develop team members, keep our growth in check to keep service quality extremely high, or source ever-more and more sustainable solutions."

Mainstay manifests this philosophy of intentionality and good business practices in the strong relationships it builds with and within the organizations it serves. While many tech firms may be able to highlight their great client relationships, Mainstay goes a step further in helping businesses and nonprofits develop a broader view and approach to organization-wide security, ensuring companies develop a strong culture around how employees connect and communicate throughout the organization. This company-level approach requires the kind of intentionality Mainstay Tech has fine-tuned, offering a deeper level of engagement and value for clients than being just an outsourced IT department.

Internally, Mainstay is also very deliberate in how it develops team member relationships. This starts with crafting each role for meaningful work that a team member can take pride in and grow from. Designated among the Best Businesses to Work For by Business NH Magazine, Mainstay is a leader in fostering a thriving workforce. Its initiatives include significant ongoing training, certification bonuses, tuition reimbursement, family leave policies, and a wellness plan that includes standing desks for all.

"Businesses at their core," says Ryan, "are engines that create value. A good business should create value for all of its stakeholders: its clients, team, community, owners, vendors, and environment." At Mainstay, that intentionality is clear in its use of clean energy (the Belmont office is powered by 308 onsite solar panels and the Manchester office via a contract for wind power), paperless office, and dedicated charitable fund, through which Mainstay donates tens of thousands of dollars in local charities and scholarships annually.

Mainstay strives to create value and good in the world. Mainstay Technologies is, as Ryan has put it, "here for the long haul."

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