Monadnock Paper Mills' Kona Product Line Diverts Coffee Bean Bags from the Dumpster

Throughout the year New Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility collects "Just One Thing" stories of sustainability initiatives from across the state, in the areas of community, environment and workplace. These leading efforts are then showcased as part of NHBSR's Sustainability Slam in the fall. Last year Monadnock Paper Mills won NHBSR's 2017 Sustainability Slam for its invaluable contributions to New Hampshire communities.


In 2019 Monadnock Paper Mills in Bennington, NH will celebrate 200 years in the paper making industry. At the forefront of sustainable packaging and paper products, Monadnock values incorporating materials from alternative, sustainable fibers and post-consumer sources. In 2017 the paper mill saw an opportunity to reuse some of the 25 million imported burlap coffee bean bags that would, with no intervention, eventually end up as approximately 55 million pounds of natural fiber in the waste stream. That year Monadnock launched its Kona line of products, using shredded coffee bags to create fibers to add to paper. The Kona line now features paper for boxes, tags, and labels in an array of beautiful natural colors that are sought out by sustainability focused brands. This successful closed loop packaging story proves just how much environmentally conscious businesses can thrive in creative and impactful ways, doing well for themselves and our planet.

You can learn more about the Kona product line and other great sustainability initiatives throughout the state by attending NHBSR's Sustainability Slam in the fall. "It's fun. It's energetic. And it's competitive, with people getting more and more creative and out of the box in their presentations," described Lisa Berghaus, Director of Marketing Communications at Monadnock, when asked about NHBSR's Sustainability Slam. "For me, it was a little self-deprecating! I wore a coffee bean bag during my presentation. But the audience at NHBSR's Sustainability Slam is the best. They're friendly and supportive and as long as you're passionate about the work you're doing to improve New Hampshire, whether it is in feeding people, improving the environment, or making things better for employees, you can do no wrong!"

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