Member Feature: a conversation with Eric Cimon, Jewett Construction Company


We all have an appreciation for a solid roof over our heads, whether at home or at work. Speaking for myself there has  been a time or two when I’ve hadto learn more about my roof than I would have liked – New England weather will do that! Having a sound structure overhead and foundation underfoot is something that most of us probably do not think about every day.   I recently had the opportunity to speak with a company and new NHBSR member who makes high quality building construction the top priority for their customers.

We sat down with Eric Cimon, Director of Marketing for Jewett Construction Company, to learn about the company —where it started and how the industry, and the organization, has changed over time, as well as Jewett’s commitment to giving back to the community.

Jewett Construction Company is a family-owned business started by Ed and Arlene Jewett in Raymond, NH in 1972. 2017 marks their 45th year in business, and this longevity speaks not only to the quality of their work, but their commitment to the communities in which they have served. Jewett started as a small commercial company with just a handful of projects each year.  In 2000, Craig Jewett and his wife Alison, purchased the company from his parents. Craig and Alison had a vision to grow the company geographically beyond southern New Hampshire and today they serve clients throughout New England.  For the past several years, Craig and Alison have focused on accelerating the growth of the company and the experienced talent at Jewett Construction has allowed them to expand the size and scope of their projects significantly.

Jewett’s work focuses entirely on commercial projects—with auto dealerships, manufacturing, retail and recreational buildings being their core areas of focus. For these buildings, structural integrity is essential—and one way that Jewett is able to ensure that integrity is through a partnership with Butler building systems.  Butler incorporates up to 75% of recycled steel in their systems and the pre-engineered steel frames result in considerably less waste.  Also, today’s metal panels are not only much more attractive than ever before, they also offer a much higher insulation value, resulting in more energy efficient structures.

Jewett’s commitment to quality lies not only with their clients, but also with their community. Eric shares that Jewett has always been deeply committed to participating in and giving back to community projects. “We have intentionally sought out non-profit project opportunities and we continue to look for more. Giving back to the community and helping non-profits through a major capital investment is incredibly rewarding and it has been wonderful to see the community rally around these organizations.” Recent or ongoing Jewett non-profit projects included the Exeter YMCA and the Monarch School of New England in Rochester.

jewett_const-35-edithighres.jpgJewett is a small-town company with old fashioned roots. They are grateful to their clients, with more than 80% of their business coming from repeat or referrals. Craig is involved with and the company stands behind every project that they complete.  Eric shares that he and the Jewett team are looking forward to working with NHBSR to learn about what others are doing in terms of sustainability at their businesses. They have taken small steps, but acknowledge that there is more to do. Workplace culture in the construction business can be a challenge to bring about change, but Eric says a more progressive workplace is a goal of theirs and they are working toward it with much success thus far.

We are delighted to have both Eric and Jewett Construction join our membership. We know Eric from his previous work and are grateful that he sees the value of being a member of NHBSR with his new role at Jewett. We are also thrilled to have him bring his ideas and energy to NHBSR’s membership committee. “NHBSR is a wonderful organization of like-minded individuals who are committed to progressing social responsibility in the State of NH.  I have been fortunate enough to attend and participate in several NHBSR events over the past few years.  Each has led to valuable new business opportunities and the knowledge and inspiration to improve our workplace practices in sustainability, community outreach and more.” 

Eric welcomes the opportunity to speak with anyone about his work at Jewett Construction Company or about membership with NHBSR. He can be found at 603.895.2412 x23 or via email

Please help us welcome Eric and the team at Jewett!