MEMBER FEATURE: A conversation with Thomas CarterFreedom Energy Logistics, Auburn

Please help us welcome Freedom Energy Logistics (FEL) of Auburn, who recently joined as a member of NHBSR. We recently sat down with Thomas thomascarter_fel_photo.jpgCarter, Director of Business Development & Public Relations, to learn about their work and what it means to be an energy procurement company.

Like we have choices of ice cream flavors, commercial businesses and residents have choices in where they get their power, although perhaps without the typical rainbow of ice cream flavors. FEL was started in 2004 by Gus Fromuth, shortly after the electricity market was deregulated. They began bringing many of New England’s largest commercial and industrial businesses to become members of the New England Power Pool (NEPOOL).  Over the years they began developing additional cost-cutting strategies for smaller-sized businesses that weren’t suited for NE-POOL membership, but still needed cost-cutting solutions to the rising costs of energy. 

FEL has remained a family-run business since its inception, with Gus and his son, Bart, at the helm. Combined with the experience of their colleagues, the Freedom team brings over 100 years of collective energy industry expertise to their clients. Gus was recently recognized by the NH Business Review and was awarded their 2016 Business Excellence Award in Consumer Services.

FEL is the largest New Hampshire-based energy management firm, working with thousands of clients located primarily in New Hampshire and throughout New England.  The energy market is constantly fluctuating and most businesses don’t have the bandwidth to follow this perpetual evolution. Armed with an unmatched understanding of the state utilities, the FEL team takes pride in educating their clients about energy markets and strategizing how to best manage them for each specific business. 

While they largely focus on consulting for their clients on the most timely purchasing of competitive electricity and natural gas rates, Freedom Energy Logistics is excited about some new initiatives in Net Metering.  Buying local is a priority for many consumers, whether it’s fruits and veggies or power, giving consumers the power of choice and the satisfaction of supporting local businesses. Utilizing HB 1116, FEL pioneered the first-of-its-kind relationship between UNH and three local hydro generators, who produce clean energy which is directly purchased by the University of New Hampshire. UNH can purchase this clean local energy without the costly REC (Renewable Energy Credit) process. Purchasing green, locally produced energy at less than utility supply rates- now that’s a win/win!

With a dozen or so options in power purchasing, the ice-cream menu of procurement has been steadily expanding under this boutique energy management firm. Apparently they’re quite adept at ‘custom flavors’ as well. Keep your eyes peeled for more such projects in the year ahead.

While Freedom Energy Logistics is helping their clients be more efficient with their energy use they have their own sustainability efforts underway in their office. The staff of 20 is dedicated to recycling as much as possible and minimizing their energy use through the use of LED lights. Thomas shares that he attended the Sustainability Slam and was inspired by the stories of small, but meaningful efforts that have impact. Cirtronics’ story of replacing plastic flatware with reusable metal flatware was one such story that he is considering proposing at the office.

In addition to Freedom Energy Logistics joining NHBSR, Thomas speaks to his personal belief in NHBSR’s mission and his desire to support the organization, which of course makes us happy. Thomas has joined the NHBSR membership committee, so for anyone interested in learning about membership, he is one of several you can speak with.

And of course, if you have questions about the energy industry, where you get your power and how Freedom Energy Logistics might help, feel free to contact Thomas Carter by email at or by phone 603.625.2244.