MEMBER FEATURE:  A conversation with Denise Sayer and Erin Holt, CCA For Social Good


We are excited to welcome CCA for Social Good as a new member of NHBSR. We had the pleasure of speaking with Denise Sayer, Vice President and Co-Innovator and Erin Holt, Manager, recently to learn more about their work and that of CCA For Social Good, whose systems provide scalable resources for nonprofits and early childcare organizations.

We are sure that many of you know Howard Brodsky, Chairman and Co-CEO of CCA Global Partners, a long-time NHBSR member and who was recognized as Business Leader of the Year by Business NH Magazine in 2012. Denise has been working with Howard for the past 12 years and was part of the team who helped conceive the idea for CCA for Social Good. It all began with a meeting with the Aspen Institute in 2007. The Aspen Institute was studying business models that could create scale and sustainability for nonprofits when they were introduced to CCA Global Partners. Soon it was clear that CCA’s business model had the potential to support nonprofits and child care in a way that no one else was doing.

After spending about a year researching the nonprofit and child care sectors, CCA Global realized that these sectors were adept at delivering services relative to their missions, but often experienced challenges with some of the administrative and operational needs of running an organization. Changes were needed but it was difficult to imagine doing so within the organization’s limits of time, budget and staffing. Howard believed then- and to this day- that businesses need to give more of themselves to help support nonprofits and childcare organizations, which are integral to the fabric of their communities. Nonprofits are like small businesses—they can’t be experts at their mission along with everything else that it takes to run a business, that’s where what they do makes the most difference.

It was with this in mind that CCA for Social Good was launched. CCA Global took their core competencies --marketing, training, business methods, human resources and other areas—and assembled best practices to create web-based platforms full of useful tools. These tools form a virtual infrastructure that organizations can access and modify to address their specific needs. Beginning with a focus on child care, was launched in 2008 followed by the launch of in 2009 to support nonprofits. One of the many exciting things about these web-based platforms is that because they are online, CCA for Social Good is able to deliver these resources to thousands of child care practitioners and nonprofits across the United States. These platforms are chock full of editable handbooks, documents, forms, checklists, and other resources that are updated seamlessly so people have immediate access to the most current information. CCA for Social Good is helping to streamline administrative tasks and strengthen these critically important organizations in countless tangible and intangible ways by helping to create and provide sustainable solutions that result in long-term change.

CCA for Social Good now has programs in 24 states and Washington DC. The programs for the childcare organizations do have a fee, but the nonprofit platform is available free of charge. This is another way that CCA for Social Good shows its commitment to their community.

We hope that you will have a chance to meet Denise and Erin at an upcoming NHBSR event or in the community. They welcome the chance to talk with you about the work they are doing.

They can be reached at:
Denise Sayer, 603-626-2121,
Erin Holt, 603-626-2109,

You can also learn more on their website: social-good.

Photo (left to right):

Jackie Wolk, Client Support Specialist
Denise Sayer, Vice President
Erin Holt, Business Manager
Monique Wanamaker, Administrative Assistant