Member Feature: A conversation with Paul Carnevale, Jr., Carnevale Design

We sat down with Paul Carnevale Jr.  from Carnevale Design recently to discuss not only the NHBSR website, but also to learn more about the company’s background, how he first connected with NHBSR, and his own interest in nonprofit organizations.


Let’s start by introducing Paul and Paul—Paul Sr. and Paul Jr that is- the father-son team behind Paul Carnevale Computer Help ( and Carnevale Design ( Paul Sr., a computer programmer since 1980, started his computer consultation business in 1996. As the availability of the internet increased for residential and business use in the mid 1990’s, clients started to ask Paul Sr. about building them a website. These were very early days of the web, but Paul Jr., who was in 6th grade at the time, was excited to research and learn more about this incredible new medium for communication. By the time he is was in 8th grade, at only 15 years old, the demand for websites increased significantly and Paul Jr dove in and began to create these first generation websites for local organizations. He shares that it was an awesome feeling to think about creating something the whole world could see.

Paul Sr. created Carnevale Design’s first nonprofit website for a large nonprofit organization in Sunapee, NH.  His work with the organization opened doors to conversations with other nonprofits. Paul Jr. stepped in and began working with these organizations to provide them with an online presence.  It’s clear from talking with Paul Jr. that he has a true passion for nonprofits and their work and gets excited about providing solutions for these organizations that have meaningful causes. Less you think Paul Jr. only focuses on nonprofits- please know he has a variety of organizations and businesses he works with.

When Paul Jr. finished high school the plan had been for him to join his father with the consulting side of business. At that point though, the interest and demand for web related work increased significantly and so Paul Jr dedicated his efforts entirely to web work. Not only did Paul Jr. celebrate his graduation, but a month after graduation he and his high school sweetheart celebrated again by getting married. Today they have three children, ages 13, 11, and 8.

When I asked him what it’s like working with and for his dad since 6th grade Paul Jr. answers that it’s been great. He grew up seeing his father working alongside his grandfather, who ran a garage, and says they set a good example of how working together it is done. His father, Paul Sr., has been working since age 10 with his father—and at one point was known as the fastest tire changer around! It’s clear entrepreneurship runs in the Carnevale family.  As one of nine children, half of which operate their own businesses, making the transition from working with his father to working for himself wasn’t such a stretch for Paul Sr.

Since 2005 content management systems made it possible to create websites and content easier and faster than before, allowing clients to have the ability to manage their own content.  Paul Jr. has seen demand for design for mobile devices be dominant since 2010.  Paul Jr. prefers open source software to provide flexible and affordable solutions for his clients.  Recently, he has used the October content management system to provide clients with web sites and applications they can manage themselves, without the cost of licensing fees.  

Carnevale Design has been a member of NHBSR since 2011, when Michelle came on board at the Executive Director. At the time Carnevale Design also became sponsors of the NHBSR website and helped move the site to a new platform powered by the Drupal content management framework, which allowed for more content management by NHBSR staff. We can say that it’s been terrific working with Paul Jr. during this time and are excited about what new solutions may unfold moving forward as we consider a new look ourselves.

While just a team of two, it is clear to us that Paul Sr. and Paul Jr. are a small but mighty team, offering professionalism with the benefit of a personal relationship and always knowing who you will be working with. Paul is excited to see what new technologies will develop that will work across platforms and particularly mobile solutions. They pride themselves on providing affordable solutions for clients and welcome the chance to speak with anyone who might have the technology needs they can help with.

Please say hello when you see Paul Sr. and Paul Jr. and thank them for their support of NHBSR and our website! We are immensely grateful to have their expertise keeping us visible online. 

Paul Jr. welcomes the chance to talk with anyone who may have questions. He can be reached at, or 603 558-3639.