Atlanta McIlwraith

Atlanta McIlwraith is the global director of community engagement and activation at Timberland. She leads the brand’s efforts to bring its Purpose to life for internal and external stakeholders through authentic and purposeful activations. Atlanta drives Timberland’s global community engagement strategy, leads the NGO partnership strategy, and directs the Global Stewards program to ensure the company’s service and corporate social responsibility (CSR) agendas play out with consistency and impact worldwide. Atlanta also leads the Community Pillar of ‘The Work’ -- Timberland’s ongoing commitment to advance racial and social justice.

Prior joining Timberland, Atlanta's professional roles included political and community organizing, public affairs management for The Body Shop, program management for an international NGO, grant writing, and more.

In her free time, Atlanta enjoys being outside with her family and tending to the trees at the organic cut-your-own Christmas tree farm she and her husband have owned since 2013.