Spring Conference


Celebrating 19 years!

SAVE THE DATE: Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Our spring conferences are designed to appeal to businesses across the spectrum of sustainable/socially responsible business operations, allowing attendees from large and small companies alike to find the perfect opportunity to learn and share best practices.

Recent conferences have highlighted networking as a means for sharing of best practices and the day opens with such an event to allow attendees to make connections immediately.  Keynote speakers are chosen based on their relevance to current sustainability and social responsibility issues businesses face.


NHBSR 2019 Spring Conference Keynote Speaker:​

Carol Sanford 
Senior Fellow of Social Innovation at Babson College; Entrepreneur in Residence at Babson and The Lewis Institute; Founder and Executive Producer of The Regenerative Business Summit, with Babson and is CEO and Designer of Seed-Communities


Conference Background:

NHBSR hosts an annual Spring Conference in May that explores corporate social responsibility (CSR) as it relates to the workplace, community, and environment. The conference features a prominent, respected thought leader in the world of CSR as an opening keynote address, a series of educational workshops and panels, and CSR discussion circles during lunch. Networking is also a key element to the day, allowing a space for elevated discussion between like-minded businesses around key issues surrounding social responsibility.

Past keynotes have been; Leith Sharp, Director of Executive Education for Sustainability Leadership at Harvard University; Andrew Winston, Winston Eco-Strategies; Simon Mainwaring, CEO and Founder, We First Branding; Myron Kandel, one of the founders of CNN and president of the newly created Concord, NH based Initiative for Corporate Responsibility and Investor Protection as well as Jeffrey Swartz, CEO of The Timberland Company and Will Raap of President and Founder of Gardner's Supply.

Educational session topics have included; corporate ethics; sustainability; green design and energy innovation: business response to disasters; employee volunteer programs; and the challenge of affordable housing. These sessions are designed for business people to interact and learn from their peers as they address common social concerns and CSR issues in order to find a more ethically developed and communally sustainable solution to every day business issues. The conference also explores the importance of building a corporate culture that recognizes the role businesses play as stewards for the generations that follow.

"CSR is clearly an important issue in today's business climate as evidenced by the number of leading NH companies involved with the event," said Jill Wurm, former conference chair and director of public relations at Fairpoint. "All of the speakers we've brought to the conference were helpful in outlining how employees can drive CSR and the benefits to having employees involved in CSR."