Spring Conference 2022



NHBSR's Annual Spring Conference

May 17th, 2023

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Where Do We Go From Here?

A 2022 post-conference check-in

In addition to NHBSR’s Corporate Citizenship plenary panel and Bea Boccolandro’s “job purposing” keynote, our spring conference attendees were able to select from a dozen educational, interactive and energizing sessions.

“NHBSR’s spring conference this year was a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with people in the sustainability and purpose space after two long years. I especially enjoyed the session where we broke out into groups to discuss lessons learned from past years and how we think various aspects of work and society are evolving such as: remote work, a focus on mental health, and the importance of diversity. This session demonstrated the thoughtfulness and relevance of NHBSR’s sessions to daily life,” said Ana Milosavljevic with SustainServ.

Common threads throughout the conference were: finding ways to close the divide, encourage and nurture inclusivity, and work together to achieve our goals.

So, now that you’ve had some time to gather your thoughts, review your notes, discuss your take-aways with coworkers, how are you applying what you learned? Have you come up with some new goals? Did you have some a-ha moments? Maybe you hit a roadblock and haven’t figured out a way around it?

Don’t let that stop you from moving forward! NHBSR is here to support you all year! Reach out and let us know. We want to hear what’s working and what’s not. If we can’t help, we can connect you with someone who can. Just remember, we are all in this together, working toward the same goals:

  • Creating a diverse, inclusive and safe workplace
  • Supporting our members from ideas to action
  • Doing less environmental harm
  • Bringing our members together to share how they achieved their goals and what steps to take next

NHBSR Executive Director Michelle Veasey expressed our mission so succinctly in her conference welcome address:

“Until we engage in thoughtful conversation, across walls, town lines, and political divides, we cannot begin to understand the layers that speak to our ability to find commonality. I hope each of us can begin the challenging, but critical, journey to exploring our role within our companies and communities to build bridges, wider networks and deeper understanding. I hope that you will start by connecting with people you don’t know … not for small talk, but to build relationships. This is where we begin Uniting on Purpose.”


Conference Background:

NHBSR hosts an annual Spring Conference in May that explores corporate social responsibility (CSR) as it relates to the workplace, community, and environment. The conference features a prominent, respected thought leader in the world of CSR as an opening keynote address, a series of educational workshops and panels, and CSR discussion circles during lunch. Networking is also a key element to the day, allowing a space for elevated discussion between like-minded businesses around key issues surrounding social responsibility.

"I was blown away by the innovation and inspiration that each speaker embodied. It really bolstered my confidence in New Hampshire's fight for sustainability. Well done! I especially loved that each day started with mindfulness and meditation. What an excellent way to prime everyone for new ideas!"  ~ Jamie Green, Hypertherm