Sponsorship Opportunities

Promote your company and foster sustainability throughout New Hampshire with the following sponsorship opportunities.  Your support is critical to the expansion of our efforts to make New Hampshire the leader in creating shared value!

Note:  Members at the Sustainer and Leader/Innovator levels may apply sponsorship allowances to any of the following opportunities, with the exception of the Spring Conference.  SPONSOR 2020 OPPORTUNITIES AVAILABLE SOON!



2019 Sponsorship Opportunities


Event & Sponsorship Cost Description Frequency
spring-conference.jpg     Spring Conference** Annual - May
Presenting Sponsor $5,000 Featured sponsor - company highlighted/promoted throughout  
Leadership Sponsors $3,000 Showcase Your Organization's CSR Achievements
Partnership Sponsors $2,000 Highlight your sustainability efforts  
Keynote Sponsors $2,000

Introduce either the morning or afternoon Keynote Speaker


Social Media Sponsor 

$2,000  Promote our event and we shine the spotlight on you*
CSR Media Sponsor $1,500

Promote our event and we shine the spotlight on you*

Networking Reception Sponsors $2000 NEW in 2017-- bring an inspiring day to a close with a celebration and chance for more in-depth networking  
Book Sponsor
$1,500 CSR/Sustainability Bookstore Sponsor  
Social Sponsors $1,000 Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon Break & Networking Reception 
Power Talk Discussion Sponsors $750 Dynamic, attendee-driven discussions  
Carbon Offset Sponsor $500 Company name listed on Carbon Offset sign
Cornerstone & Partnership for Innovation Award Sponsor $2000 Participate in Cornerstone Award & Partnership for Innovation presentation & promotion  
Morning Networking Sponsor $500

Start the day by connecting with fellow members!

sustainability-roundtables.jpg     Sustainability Roundtable Series 6-8 Per Year
Series Champion $5,000 Promote sustainability discussions around the state  
Regional Champion $1,500 Promote sustainability discussion in a region of your choice  
Topic Sponsor $1,000 Sponsor a sustainability topic of interest to you  
Roundtable Sponsor $500 Sponsor a selected Roundtable  
nhbsr-webinar-serieis.jpg    Webinar Series Quarterly
Annual Webinar Partner $3,000 Annual Underwriter of all Four Webinars  
Webinar Partner $1,000 Underwrite a Specific Webinar  
member-socials.jpg    Member Social Annual
Presenting Social Sponsor $1,000 Featured Social Sponsor - Company recognized on all promotional material, on NHBSR website, and press releases.  Exhibitor table and recognition at event.  
Social Exhibitor Sponsor 500 Exhibitor table, promotion and intro at selected event  
Refreshment Sponsor 500 Provide refreshments for event attendees*, Exhibitor table included  
go-on-tour-serieis.jpg     "Go On Tour" Series 4 Per Year
Go On Tour Series Sponsorship $1,500 Go On Tour Series Sponsorship  
cornerstone-award.jpg    Cornerstone Award &  
Partnership for Innovation Award
Award Sponsor $2,000 Participate in Cornerstone Award & Partnership for Innovation presentation & promotion @ Conference
nhbsr-org.jpg     Underwriting Opportunities Weekly+
Annual E-Newsletter Sponsor $2,000 Promote your CSR commitment with our monthly newsletter Monthly
E-Newsletter Underwriter $300 Single Edition E-Newsletter Underwriter Monthly
Annual Blog Sponsor $3,000 Foster sustainability discussions throughout the year Bi-weekly
 Blog Sponsor $250 NHBSR Blog Sponsor Bi-weekly
Event E-Blasts Underwriter $200 E-Blasts Underwriter Monthly
just-one-thing.jpg     Just One Thing Series Sponsorship Annually
Just One Thing Event Presenting Sponsor $3,000 Make NH Sustainability Stories Come Alive with your support!  
Just One Thing Slam Award Sponsorship $2,000 Showcase your support of Environmental, Workplace and Community Efforts at the Slam Event  
Just One Thing Media Sponsorships $2,500 Print, Social and Radio Sponsorship*  
Creative Director Sponsor $2,500 Shine the spotlight on your creative capabilities managing the JOT event!  
Networking Sponsor $1,500 Encourage network building among like-minded businesses with your sponsorship!  
Silent Auction Sponsor $1,500 Support the Mission of NHBSR with your Sponsorship!  













* In-kind trade potential
** Member Benefit Sponsorship Allowance Does Not Apply to Spring Conference Sponsorship Elements.