2019 Webinars

Measure What Matter NH Webinar: Keys to a Successful Sustainabilty Program - Maintaining momentum for a successful sustainability program is easy with the right foundation, which is built on four key components: Leadership, Purpose, Goal Setting and Systems. Dennis Sasseville will illuminate the importance and role of each of these four critical components, sharing his personal insights and experiences as the Sustainability and Quality Systems Director of Worthen Industries, Inc.

Measure What Matter NH Webinar: Building Momentum for Sustainable Business - Recording Coming Soon!

Measure What Matters NH Webinar: EPA Portfolio Manager Basics

Measure What Matters NH Webinar: Waste Management, Digging Deeper

Move Your Sustainability Plans Forward with the B Impact Clinic (Measure What Matters)


2018 Webinars

Learn from the MWM NH Impact Assessment Experts November 7, 2018

Learn from the MWM NH Impact Assessment Experts October 24, 2018

Follow-up on Unleashing Flow: The Future of Leadership

2017 Webinars

Developing an Immigrant-Friendly Economy & Diversified Workforce

Supporting Our Communities While Finding Loyal and Productive Employees

2016 Webinars

Energy Efficiency & Your Business

2015 Webinars

Metrics for All!

Building Community and Saving Money: slides

Facilitator Training for Spring Conference Huddle Ups

2014 Recordings

Facilitator Training for Spring Conference Huddle Ups

2013 Recordings

The Internal Sell of Corporate Social Responsibility 

Facilitator Training for Spring 2013 Conference

2012 Webinar Series Recordings

B Corp Certification, What It Is and Why Do It?

Developing Leadership for Sustainability

Leveraging the Community Investment Tax Credit to Benefit Your Business

Voluntary Protection Programs and The Road to Zero Accidents

Sustainable Ownership for Sustainable Businesses

Discover the Five CLEAR Secrets to Achieving Sustainable Growth & Competitive Differentiation

Creating a Best Company to Work For: The Culture Behind the Award  

New Hampshire Energy Programs - Increase Your Energy Efficiency and Your Bottom Line

Sustainability in the Supply Chain, Reducing Your Risks and Pursuing Opportunities

Engaging Your Employees in Social Responsibility in a Small Business Environment

Small Business Sustainability Initiatives and Consumer Expectations

2011 Webinar Series 

Solidifying a Foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility and Beyond

Management Systems and Sustainability at Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

How to Build a Workplace Culture of Leadership and Engagement: slides

Sustainability Strategy for the Long Haul slides

Promoting Sustainability – Inside and Out slides

Nonprofit Board Service: What You Need to Know slides

Why Build Green? You Do the Math! slides

Empowering (and Connecting) Employees to Work Remotely slides

Green Paper, Green Forests slides

2010 Webinar Series (PDF - 317KB)

Measure to Manage: Conducting a Greenhouse Gas Inventory slides

Counting Carbon: The Nuts and Bolts   slides

Achieve Impact Through Employee Engagement slides

Workplace Flexibility: A Winning Business Strategy slides

The Time for Energy Efficiency is Now  slides

Credible Reporting - Holding CSR Reporting to a Higher Standard - A Ben & Jerry's Case Study in Auditing Practices slides

Top Success Factors for Leadership Development in Socially Responsible Businesses slides

2010 Speaker Presentations

Creating a Culture of Values & Ethics (PDF - 47KB)

2009 Speaker Presentations

Strategic Community Relations (PDF - 329KB)

Further Resources (PDF - 22KB)

Praxis Sustaining Sustainability (PPT - 559KB)

EMS: The New Black (PPT - 1.02MB)

Dennis R. Sasseville - Bio (PDF - 10KB)

Corporate Social Responsibility/Sustainability Webinar Series 2010 (PDF - 318KB)

NHBSR's 2019 Spring Conference