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Wondering how to measure your impact?

Through setting goals and measuring progress, NH businesses can take a directed and effective approach to reaching greater sustainability. Tools that allow orgnizations to assess their impact, hone in on areas of improvement, and mark their progress provide the information companies need to expand and amplify their sustainability efforst. NH Businesses for Social Responsibility is providings members of the NHBSR network an opportunity to work with trained consultants to better understand where they stand on sustainability and the specific meaures they may take to improve. Other components of Measure What Matters New Hampshire include B Lab's Impact Assessment reports, workshops designed to help members in the specific areas they are interested in improving upon, and a members' only Sustainable Resource Network.




Measure What Matters New Hampshire offers a clear and practical assessment tool NH businesses can use to benchmark their sustainability initiatives against industry standards, understand their own personal strengths and areas of challenge, and obtain both in-depth numerical and visually compelling reports on progress. Ultimately, Measure What Matters New Hampshire helps guide and support companies along their own personal sustainability journey.


How to get involved:

Find out the who, what, where, when, and why of Measure What Matters New Hampshire here

Take the Quick Impact Assessment (40-50 questions) here

Register for your B Lab account here

Attend Measure What Matters webinars and workshops!  Check out current opportunities!

Take the Business Impact Assessment (your Quick Impact Assessment convert into the BIA!)

Work with a Paul College consultanting team to better understand your results; email us to get involved!!


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About B Labs: 

b-the-change-transparent-logo_0.pngFounded in 2006, B Lab is a nonprofit organization that helps tens of thousands of businesses, insitutions, and investors around the world be inspirational forces for good. B Lab offers B Corps certification to companies that meet a rigorous standard of ESG (environmental, social, and governance) performance. B Lab's B Impact Assessemnt tool asks companies targeted questions specific to their industry and size to assess. B Lab also encourages companies to share their sustainability journey and promotes greater Corporate Social Responsibility in the international business community.

A number of leading members of the NHBSR network are already certified B Corp companeis, including Green Energy Options, MegaFood, Pete & Gerry's Organics, ReVision Energy, Stonyfield, and W.S. Badger. These companies have not only taken inspirational efforts to promote sustainability in their businesses, but also offer a wealth of guidance and support that strenghtens the NHBSR network as a whole and are an incredible resource to those wishing to advance their sustainability goals.


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