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AT NCS GLOBAL, YOUR TRUST is our primary concern—and we know we can earn it. For over 20 years, individuals and companies large and small have trusted us to evaluate and test their obsolete, end-of-life, or previously leased computer equipment, and efficiently remarket, dismantle, properly dispose of, or recycle the resulting e-waste. We work one-on-one with our customers to show them the value of their unwanted equipment, and our company holds top-tier industry and environmental certifications that will guarantee a safe, secure, and environmentally responsible end-of-life process.

drives_0.jpgNo matter what industry you are in, traceability and accountability are important to every business. At NCS Global, we provide a full chain of custody, from start to finish, with fully traceable reporting. We provide the highest level of data security, and we’ve made our process available to be audited by any customer at any time. Our data destruction competencies span from traditional hard disk drives, to Solid State Drives, USB, and flash devices, all while utilizing data sanitization that is Department of Defense, HIPAA, and NIST compliant. When it comes to degaussing and shredding our customers’ data, we can bring our hard drive and media shredder straight to your door—another measure of our dedication to service.

Our state-of-the-art headquarters is LEED Silver certified, and we’ve designed it with both the environment and our hardworking employees in mind. From the building design and construction materials, to its landscape design and our Green Power and Green Housekeeping policies, we are committed to minimizing our impact on the environment and maximizing the environmental and health benefits for the NCS Global community.

Our commitment to sustainability runs deep. We belong to the EPA’s Waste-Wise Program, NH DES Green Leaderncsg-bubble-trim_0.jpg Program, the State of NH Aspiring Leader Program, The Green Grid, and New Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility. We pride ourselves on our commitment to obtain the highest levels of certification, including: e-Stewards®, RIOSTM, R2, ISO 9001 and 14001, & OHSAS 18001.

Building a productive and authentic relationship with our customers is an integral part of our business. When you call our office, you will talk to an NCS employee that is highly knowledgeable about our services and process. Our customers seek us out for our reputation and stay with us for the experience.

Although we do business around the globe, assisting clients in locations as diverse as Hong Kong, Australia, South America, and across the US, our headquarters are located in beautiful Rochester, NH, in the area many of us call home.

Join NHBSR at an Open House Go On Tour at NCS Global followed by an optional dinner at 7th Settlement, hosted by NCS Global on October 28th!  Please RSVP here.