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36 Creative

Community: 2015 36 Creative's Trail Work (PDF)

@Website Publicity

Workplace: 2016 Freedom through technology (PDF)

Albany International

Community: 2016 Educating about careers in manufacturing (PDF)

Antioch University NE

Community: 2016 Providing Clothing for Warmth (PDF)

Berry Dunn

Community: 2015 Berry Dunn's Office Building (PDF)

C&S Wholesale Grocers

Community: 2015 C&S's Hunger Awareness Campaign (PDF) (YouTube)

Calypso Communciations

Workplace: 2016 A fresh start (PDF)

CCNNE's Recycling Challenge

Environment: 2014 (YouTube)


Workplace: 2016 Conservation stations (PDF)

Coastal Research Sea Grant NH

Environment: 2016 Environmental awareness (PDF)

Coca-Cola Company Northern New England

Community: 2016 Experiential Education Program (PDF)

Coca-Cola Company Northern New England

Environment: 2016 Landfill free (PDF)

Coca-Cola Northern New England

Environment: 2015 Coca-Cola Northern New England's Pre-form Savings (PDF)

Coca-Cola Northern New England

Environment: 2015 Coca-Cola Northern New England's Reusable Plastic Pallets (PDF)

Coca-Cola Northern New England

Environment: 2015 Coca-Cola Northern New England Recylces Plastic Shipping Film (PDF)

Coca-Cola Northern New England

Community: 2014 Coca-Cola Northern New England's Recycling Engagement (PDF)

Colby-Sawyer College

Community: 2016 Experiential Based Learning Program (PDF)

Community Alliance for Teen Safety

Community: 2016 Safety through education and awareness (PDF)

D.N. Lukens, Inc.

Workplace: 2016 Flex Friday (PDF)

Daystar Builders

Environment: 2016 Building Efficiency (PDF)

Energy Audits Unlimited

Environment: 2015 Energy Audits Unlimited's Renewable Energy Credit (PDF)

Filtrine Manufacturing

Environment: 2015 Filtrine's Carbon Footprint Project (PDF)

Filtrine Manufacturing Company

Community: 2016 Training a new generation of welders (PDF)

Filtrine Manufacturing Company

Environment: 2016 Understanding environmental impact (PDF)

Froling Energy

Environment: 2016 Dry chip alternative (PDF)

Global Round Table Leadership

Workplace: 2016 Living what we teach (PDF)

Gone Baking

Community: 2016 Taking baking to the community (PDF)

Goodwill Industries of Northern NE

Environment: 2016 Repurposing electronics (PDF)

Grappone Automotive Group

Environment: 2015 Grappone Automotive Group Eliminates Plasticware (PDF)

Grappone Conference Center

Environment: 2015 Grappone Conference Center's Green Team Initiatives (PDF)

Grappone Conference Center

Environment: 2014 Grappone Conference Center's "Freight Garden" (PDF)

Great Bay Community College

Community: 2016 community partnership prepares students (PDF)

Great Bay Fertilizer

Environment: 2016 A new kind of organic fertilizer (PDF)

Green Alliance

Community: 2015 Green Alliance's Network Building (PDF)


Environment: 2015 Hannaford's Plastic Bag Recycling (PDF)


Community: 2015 Hannaford's Food Waste Program (PDF)

Henry Whipple House

Environment: 2015 Henry Whipple House Water-Saving Project (PDF)

Kate & Heath Photography

Environment: 2015 Kate & Heath Photography Carbon Footprint Reducation (PDF)


Community: 2016 Reimagining community space (PDF)

Manchester Community College

Community: 2016 America's Promise- Job Driven Grant (PDF)

Medtronic Advanced Energy

Workplace: 2016 Project 6 (PDF)

Monadnock Paper Mills

Environment: 2015 Monadnock Paper Mills' LED Initiative (PDF)

Mt. Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce

Environment: 2015 Mt. Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce Green Team (PDF)

NH Citizens Alliance

Community: 2016 A day of action (PDF)

NH Community Development Finance Authority

Environment: 2014 NHCDFA's efforts to reduce paper waste and simplify their grant process (YouTube)

NH Department of Environmental Sciences

Environment: 2016 Rain garden solutions (PDF)

NH Electric Cooperative

Community: 2016 Inter-Lakes School District project (PDF)

Nixon Peabody

Workplace: 2014 Nixon Peabody Volunteer teams (YouTube)

PeopleSense Consulting

Workplace: 2015 PeopleSense Builds Teams (PDF)

Pinnacle Leadership Center

Workplace: 2016 Water bottle free (PDF)

ReVision Energy

Community: 2015 ReVision Energy's Rain Garden (PDF)

ReVision Energy

Environment: 2016 Carbon emission reduction (PDF)

Sequoya Technologies Group

Environment: 2014 Sequoia Technologies Group's Server Heat Exchange (YouTube)

Simple Life Recycling

Environment: 2016 Re-use of cutting oil (PDF)

Society for the Protection of NH Forests

Environment: 2016 Merrimack River watershed project (PDF)

Stonyfield Farm

Community: 2016 Stonyfield Earth Day Fair (PDF)

The Works Bakery Café

Environment: 2015 The Works Bakery Café- Diverting Waste to Compost (PDF)

Thornton Tomasetti

Environment: 2016 Advocating for change (PDF)


Workplace: 2016 Community Service (PDF)


Environment: 2016 Dumpster dive (PDF)

W.S. Badger

Community: 2016 Buying Local (PDF)

W.S. Badger

Workplace: 2016 Benefits of seasonal employment (PDF)

Worthen Industries

Workplace: 2015 Worthen Industries' Wellness Program (PDF)

WS Badger

Environment: 2016 Trash audit (PDF)