MEMBER FEATURE: A conversation with Ashley Larochelle, Vision Activation Manager, FoodState, Inc.
We all are familiar with this quote --- “Music makes the world go ‘round”-- but what about food? I believe that food definitely makes the world go ‘round too. We recently spoke with Ashley Larochelle, Vision Activation Manager, at FoodState to learn more about their business. Doesn’t she have one of the neatest titles you’ve heard?  Envision what visions she gets to make a reality? Before we get sidetracked we’ll start with a little background on FoodState, one of our newest NHBSR members. Those of you who attended the Spring Conference had the chance to hear from Robert Craven, CEO of FoodState.

FoodState is a NH company that has been family owned since its founding in 1973 in Derry and is comprised of two brands Megafood® and INNATE Response Formulas®. Both lines were started by BioSan in 1983 and 2003 respectively, with the name being changes from BioSan to FoodState in April 2012 at the same time Robert Craven came on as the new CEO following Founder Carl Jackson’s retirement.

They are the manufacturer of whole food supplements- which as we learned- makes things easier on the stomach given that the supplements are delivered in food. As their mission states: “FoodState® is in the business of improving lives by staying true to the intention of food.” Their ultimate goal is to improve lives through nutrition and the delivery of the nutrition.


Their belief in community is as strong as their belief in good nutrition. Community and culture go hand in hand. Ashley shares that they are incredibly proud of the culture they’ve created at the company. During the 2012 transition employees defined what they wanted this to look like and since then they have gone after building it. This means supporting the whole person – inside and outside of the office. Every employee receives 24 hours of volunteertime a year to support organizations that are important to them. FoodState is involved with one major event--the annual Granite State Day of Caring. Employees are offered Leadership training (called Flight School), which involves 3 semesters of programming around how to become a FoodState leader. Outside thought leaders are brought in to share their experiences and expertise.

foodstate_2.jpgSustainability is built into the company’s DNA and there is a committee dedicated to overseeing their efforts and looking forward to the next step. FoodState is keen to reduce waste and there are a number of ways they are already having an impact. They package their nutrients in glass, not plastic and divert over a million gallons of wastewater each year.

Zing Mojo is the phrase that they use to define their culture. It means “state of controlled craziness.” We can all appreciate that. It’s clear from our conversation with Ashley that the FoodState team is dedicated to community in the broadest sense—from those who use their products, to the people they serve through their volunteer work and perhaps most importantly their employees. A little Zing Mojo and an injection of fun and it sounds like you have a pretty terrific place to be!

Please help us welcome Ashley and the FoodState team!

Ashley welcomes the chance to speak with anyone who is interested in learning more. She can be reached via email at or by phone (603) 216-0910. 








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