April (Snow) Showers Bring NHBSR’s Annual Spring Conference: 4 Reasons I’m Looking forward to May

by Devan Meserve, Calypso Communications

A cold, windy start to April has many of us daydreaming of May’s flowers and warmer temperatures. With this milder and more pleasant weather comes a fantastic event hosted by New Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility. NHBSR’s Annual Spring Conference is set for May 10, 2016, and will bring together business professionals and organizational leaders from across the state, along with local and national leaders in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).


The pool of conference attendees is diverse—an attribute that makes this event uniquely attractive. But, it also means that reasons for attending will differ among individuals. As a twenty-something Seacoast native working in marketing at a communications agency, I’ve got my own reasons for registering to attend A Story Worth Sharing: The 

Chapters of Your Sustainability Journey—four to be exact:     

~Simon Mainwaring as the keynote speaker. I just have to come right out and say it: this guy is coming to New Hampshire and you don’t want to miss it! Mainwaring is an impressive keynote speaker and NHBSR is lucky to have him. I think he’ll bring an invigorating energy to not just his keynote but also the entire conference day. And I don’t just say this because he gets my generation. He runs a successful company that helps businesses like TOMS grow while driving social impact. He’s written a New York Times bestseller. And he’s actively blogging, tweeting, and speaking all over the place. He’s squeezed NHBSR’s Spring Conference into his busy schedule, and I’m eager to hear what he has to share with us. 

~NHBSR’s statewide professional network. I spend most of my days in Portsmouth, but I jump at the opportunity to explore more of our state. NHBSR’s network extends consistently across the Granite State and offers valuable connections for learning about the many different CSR-minded organizations and businesses that choose to call NH home. These professionals lead active lives in their respective cities and towns, but NHBSR’s annual conference presents an exclusive opportunity to bring everyone together in one place for a fulfilling, collaborative, and inspiring day.

~Customized content to meet you where you are. Following Mainwaring’s keynote that will explore how brands are positioning themselves to lead in business, sustainability, and social impact, conference attendees will be invited to break out into sessions that are customized to align with where your specific business or organization is on its sustainability journey. This customization will allow participants to better engage with conference content and leave prepared to take meaningful action toward setting and advancing CSR goals.

~A refreshed and refocused attitude to bring back to the office. There’s something about returning to the office after a conference that’s pretty darn awesome. A conference offers a new environment—away from desks and computers—where we’re forced to engage differently with content and people. Our brains like absorbing ideas in new settings. (Duh! It’s why we all loved field trips as a kid.) The conference experience encourages us to embrace keynotes, conversations, presentations, and activities with a clear mind, and what we learn during participation we bring back to our jobs, along with a refreshed and refocused mindset.

You can register for the conference and learn more here. And, if you’re planning to attend in May, stop by the Calypso Communications table to chat. Or tweet me at @devanrosey with #NHBSRSprConf!

NHBSR's 2019 Spring Conference