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The core of Robin Eichert's work at PeopleSense Consulting is helping create healthy organizations and strong team members. NHBSR has seen firsthand, the value of her approach in building our small team!  With a new year comes an exciting new resource from Robin.  She brings the extensive experience she has gathered through her management consulting work to the broader community through her new program, the Learning Resource Center.

Robin is a big fan of NHBSR, having been an active member since 2009. In addition to attending many events, she serves on the membership committee and has provided hiring support to NHBSR in recent hiring efforts. She says she is inspired and encouraged by fellow members who understand the importance of people to the sustainability of their organizations. Robin loves her role as a preliminary judge in the "Best Companies to Work For" competition. Volunteering is important to Robin and she was featured in the January 2016 issue of the Monadnock Small Business Journal. The article is entitled, "Volunteering: It's Good for the Community and Good for Business."

It is clear from speaking with Robin and reading about her work that she draws many lessons from her relationship with her dog Grace who offers insights and parallels to our own human relationships. It is a good reminder that our furry friends are great teachers as well. As she shares—work environments can be stressful, but they don’t have to be if we have the right tools for having healthy conversations, which in turn help us build strong employee and management relationships.

The Learning Resource Center is an online library of informational videos offering answers to the types of employee-related questions she is asked about regularly. The inspiration came from a group of existing clients, whose time is limited and who need answers quickly, particularly around the topics related to hiring a new employee. Limited time doesn’t always allow for a one on one consultation. Robin realized that creating a resource library that covered a range of topics around the hiring process, managing, and communicating would allow her clients to have access to information whenever they needed it. The videos are short and focus on a particular topic so you are able to get right to the heart of the workplace situation you may be facing. The Learning Resource Center is available to members 24/7 and has two membership levels available depending on what your organization’s needs may be.  With more than 25 videos currently available Robin will be adding two new videos each month. She certainly invites ideas for topics that others would be interested in learning about.

Take a few minutes to visit one of Robin’s great videos from the Learning Resource Center. This one is called Clear Communication Becomes Dog's Play

The Learning Resource Center is the result of a year’s work and we can say it’s worth the wait—there is a wealth of information available. This library is a wonderful resource for small business owners and managers of any organization who are searching for professional development opportunities.

You can learn more about Robin and sign up for her free popular blog, called Graceful Leadership, at her website.

We hope that you’ll check out her new resource and hopefully have a chance to speak with Robin at an upcoming event as well!
Robin is offering a special trial for NHBSR membersVisit PeopleSense Consulting and use the coupon code 'NHBSRfriends' and try out the membership for just $10 for the first 30 days! You can cancel at any time or renew at the regular rates. 

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