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UPS Named To Dow Jones Sustainability World Index For Fourth Consecutive Year

Thu, 09/08/2016 - 1:19pm

September 8, 2016, UPS (NYSE: UPS) was named to the Dow Jones SustainabilityTM World Index (DJSI World) for the fourth consecutive year and the Dow Jones SustainabilityTM North America Index for the 12th straight year. These indices are among the most highly-regarded metrics that evaluate global companies on their sustainability performance and positions UPS in the top 10 percent of sustainability performers among the 2,500 largest companies tracked in the S&PTMGlobal Broad Market Index.

“We’re proud to see the ongoing recognition of our sustainability work by the DJSI World and North America Indices,” said Tamara Barker, UPS chief sustainability officer and vice president of environmental affairs. “Our commitment to sustainability is unwavering and we have made great progress toward numerous goals that improve the environment and make us a stronger company.”

UPS recently announced that it reached its goal to drive 1 billion miles in its alternative fuel and advanced technology fleet by the end of 2017 more than a year early. With more than 7,200 vehicles in its alternative fuel and advanced technology fleet, UPS currently drives more than 1 million miles globally each business day. By the end of 2016, UPS will have invested more than $750 million in its alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles and fueling stations globally since 2009.

Companies are selected for inclusion on DJSI based on an in-depth analysis of various economic, environmental and social factors with an emphasis on long-term shareholder value. Created in 1999, the DJSI was the first global index to provide complex benchmarks for measuring corporate sustainability. The use of primary research, rules-based methodology and focus on best-in-class companies by DJSI make these indices valuable tools for examining leading sustainability-driven companies around the globe. More than 3,400 companies were invited to participate in this year’s Corporate Sustainability Assessment.

UPS has been honored with several other sustainability distinctions over the past year, including:

  • Recognized as one of the “World’s Most Ethical Companies” by Ethisphere Institute for the tenth consecutive year.
  • Received the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) distinction for the second consecutive year.
  • Chosen by CR Magazine as one of “100 Best Corporate Citizens” for the seventh consecutive year.
  • Named to the Civic 50 for the third time.

For more information on UPS’s sustainability initiatives, please visit www.ups.com/sustainability

About UPS
UPS (NYSE: UPS) is a global leader in logistics, offering a broad range of solutions including the transportation of packages and freight; the facilitation of international trade, and the deployment of advanced technology to more efficiently manage the world of business. UPS is committed to operating more sustainably – for customers, the environment and the communities we serve around the world. Learn more about our efforts at ups.com/sustainability. Headquartered in Atlanta, UPS serves more than 220 countries and territories worldwide. The company can be found on the Web at ups.com® and its corporate blog can be found at Longitudes.ups.com. To get UPS news direct, visit pressroom.ups.com/RSS.

HealRWorld, Sustainable Brands, Geometry Global & PVBLIC Foundation Unite to Rally Global Businesses and Consumers in Support of the Sustainable Development Goals Adopted at the United Nations Last September

Thu, 09/08/2016 - 10:17am

 SustainRWorld Day, which launches September 8th at the United Nations, is an initiative intended to rally the private sector to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by inspiring a movement to make every day SustainRWorld Day and celebrate our measurable progress each year.

One year after global governments aligned on the Sustainable Development Goals  (SDGs) to drive worldwide social and environmental impact, some impact has been made, but much more remains to be accomplished. HealRWorld, together with its partners Sustainable Brands®, Geometry Global and PVBLIC Foundation, have come together with a shared belief that to truly drive results we must harness the power of businesses as influencers in addition to governments.

This partnership is the genesis of a long-term strategy intended to “make every day SustainRWorld Day” including a campaign and longer-term platform releases intended to shift the current “take, make and waste” consumption paradigms.

The vision launches with a campaign entitled “The 17”, where individual business leaders, influencers, academics and celebrities become the public faces of each of the SDGs proclaiming “I am” and their respective goal.

The campaign not only personalizes the global goals, but puts a stake in the ground for businesses to rally for change. These major influencers will hopefully spur others to do the same, as well as inspire consumers to speak with their most important vote--their dollars.  The list of influencers who’ve pledged their commitment to the campaign includes notable names such as:

  • Ted Danson (actor and activist for the Oceans)

  • Jostein Solheim (CEO of Ben & Jerry’s Homemade Inc.)

  • Eileen Fisher (President/Founder, Eileen Fisher)

  • Naveen Jain (Founder of Moon Express, BlueDot, Intelius & Infospace)

  • Jigar Shah (clean energy entrepreneur and author)

  • Sonita Alizadeh (Afghan teen rapper)

“We intend to motivate every business leader, employee, student and consumer to pledge their support to one of the SDGs by visiting www.sustainrworldday.global and taking the pledge. Once pledged, they can tout their commitment via social media via #iam and #oneforall and inspire others to get involved,” says Michele Bongiovanni, CEO and Founder of HealRWorld.

“The campaign will roll out with additional media and social support through PVBLIC Foundation and the ‘One for All’ initiative as each new “17” is announced over the coming year,” says Heidi Schoeneck, the creative lead behind the campaign.  The team intends to hold an anniversary event annually globally on this date to measure and celebrate the progress made.

Numerous studies point to the fact that companies that adopt sustainable practices not only positively impact society and the environment, but also outperform their peers on several measures.  In fact, a recent study by HealRWorld and the Dun & Bradstreet Corporation found, 63% of global sustainable businesses in HealRWorld’s database had a “low risk” for business discontinuance/failure validating the use of the sustainability factor in predictive models or as a risk segmentation tool.

“Given our research proves that “doing good can mean doing well” for even small and mid-sized businesses, we believe creating a movement to align businesses around the SDGs in both the public and private sectors can greatly contribute to their significant progress over the next 30 years. This was the genesis for SustainRWorld Day and our reaching out to Sustainable Brands, Geometry Global and PVBLIC Foundation to partner given they share this vision,” said Michele Bongiovanni, CEO of HealRWorld.

“Brands are uniquely positioned to align business and society on the path to a flourishing future in both focusing on corporate energy and influencing culture,” states Geoff Trotter, Chief Development Officer at Sustainable Brands. “Their commitment to action is what will take the concept of sustainability out of the field of discourse and into practice inside companies.  SustainRWorld Day will be our annual celebration of measured success against the UN SDGs and along our path toward a sustainable future.” 

Watch the live video stream of the event at Huffington Post.

Find out more by visiting SustainRWorldDay.global .

MEDIA CONTACT:  Michele Bongiovanni, HealRWorld LLC


(908) 450-7315 

About HealRWorld:

HealRWorld™ is a global big data and product platform that aggregates sustainability information (People, Planet, and Profit) and credit data throughout the global business ecosystem with a unique emphasis on small and mid-sized enterprises.  Founded in 2012, our mission is to help Heal Our World by catalyzing the growth of sustainable business and consumption globally through knowledge and insights, and help direct spending and investment to the small businesses “doing well by doing good.”

About Geometry Global:

Geometry Global is an award-winning shopper marketing and brand activation agency that changes people's behavior and drives conversion in 56 markets around the world. Geometry Global is a WPP company (NASDAQ: WPPGY) www.geometry.com

About Sustainable Brands: 

Sustainable Brands® is the premier global community of brand innovators who are shaping the future of commerce worldwide. Since 2006, our mission has been to inspire, engage and equip today’s business and brand leaders to prosper for the near and long term by leading the way to a better future. Digitally published news articles and issues-focused conversation topics, internationally known conferences and regional events, a robust e-learning library and peer-to-peer membership groups all facilitate community learning and engagement throughout the year. Sustainable Brands is a division of Sustainable Life Media, headquartered in San Francisco, CA.

About PVBLIC Foundation: 

PVBLIC Foundation is an innovative non-profit media organization that harnesses the power of media to drive social change. An aggregator of media across all platforms, PVBLIC works strategically to pair media space with key non-profits at the local, national and global levels. We utilize existing and emerging technologies to increase issue awareness around important causes and help non-profits amplify their message. At PVBLIC, we believe that media is the new currency.

PVBLIC has amplified the media reach, across every category, of nearly 100 non-profits working at the local, national and global levels.

On Eve of Enforcement Trial, Canada’s Civil Society Calls for Chevron’s Assets to Be Frozen So Ecuador Judgment Can Be Paid

Wed, 09/07/2016 - 12:40pm

Some of Canada’s largest environmental, labor and civil society organizations have now joined the growing international community demanding that Chevron clean up its toxic waste in the Ecuadorian Amazon and cease selling its assets in Canada while a debt collection action proceeds to force the company to comply with its US $10 billion liability to the people of Ecuador.

In a public letter released today, more than one dozen Canadian organizations -- including Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, Idle No More Canada, MiningWatch, Sierra Club and Sierra Club British Columbia, United Steelworkers, and Unifor -- condemned Chevron not only for its actions in Ecuador, but its efforts to silence critics and abuse the civil justice system to evade paying the Ecuador judgment.

The letter was published less than a week before a trial is scheduled to begin in Toronto to seize Chevron’s assets in Canada to force the company to comply with its liability to remediate what many call the “Amazon Chernobyl” in Ecuador. Chevron confessed to deliberately dumping billions of gallons of toxic oil drilling waters over the course of decades in Ecuador’s Amazon, resulting in massive environmental devastation and a health crisis affecting thousands of people. Every court that has considered the evidence in Ecuador – including the country’s Supreme Court -- ruled against Chevron, yet the company still refuses to pay and has dragged out multiple legal battles in different countries over the course of decades to avoid paying for a cleanup. As a result, the communities in Ecuador affected by the pollution have been forced to pursue Chevron to Canada to collect on the company’s debt.

The letter also calls on Canadian authorities to prevent Chevron from selling any of its Canadian assets before a decision can be reached in the trial, stating that it “would set a terrible precedent for other corporations intending to evade responsibility for environmental and human rights crimes.” It has been reported recently that Chevron is already trying to sell several billions of dollars worth of its estimated US $15 billion in Canadian assets. Chevron, after insisting the trial take place in Ecuador and promising to abide by any judgment there, stripped its assets from the country as the evidence mounted against it. The trial in Ecuador lasted from 2001 to 2013, largely because of the company’s deliberate strategy of delay.

“The global community knows Chevron is guilty of deliberate and massive contamination in Ecuador,” said Paul Paz y Miño, Associate Director of Amazon Watch. “Wherever Chevron runs to try to escape justice, the company will find itself already exposed as a global polluter and corporate criminal.”

“The Canadian environmental and human rights community has joined forces with the affected communities in Ecuador because we recognize this to be one of the most important corporate accountability cases in history,” said Melina Laboucan-Massimo Climate & Energy Campaigner with Greenpeace Canada. “Chevron must not be allowed to evade its legal and moral responsibilities simply because it has the might to fight on indefinitely in the courts,” she continued.

“Canadians want justice for Ecuador’s indigenous people. Prime Minister Trudeau should help them get it,” added Beatrice Olivastri, CEO, Friends of the Earth Canada. "Canadians are working to make our country a place where the victims of transnational corporations can find justice -- not to deny justice to people who have already suffered so much harm," said Jamie Kneen, Communications and Outreach Coordinator of MiningWatch Canada.

“For too long oil companies have operated with impunity, leaving a legacy of environmental destruction and human rights abuses,” said Sierra Club BC campaigns director Caitlyn Vernon. “Whether in Canada or around the world, oil companies such as Chevron, Enbridge and Kinder Morgan must be held accountable for oil spills, climate change impacts and their treatment of local and indigenous populations.”

“The people of Canada are not fooled by Chevron’s tactic of smearing the very people it poisoned in an attempt to escape justice for crimes it admitted to in Ecuador,” said Kevin Koenig, Amazon Watch’s Ecuador Program Director. “The Supreme Court of Canada sided with the Ecuadorians unanimously and we expect Chevron will lose once again.

“Unlike Chevron’s retaliatory SLAPP suit in the United States (also condemned by many human rights and environmental NGOs), the company will have to respond in Canada based on the merits of the case and its actual conduct in Ecuador,” Koenig added. “Chevron stands no chance of winning on those grounds. It’s time for the company’s management team to stop delaying the inevitable, because every day it drags this case on more Ecuadorians get sick and die from toxic contamination and the more the company’s own reputation suffers.”

"We are grateful that the people of Canada, just like their Supreme Court, have chosen to side with those of us affected by Chevron’s deplorable actions when it polluted our communities and water supply. The indigenous peoples of Ecuador deserve full access to justice and a healthy environment so that we and our Amazonian neighbors can live with dignity,” said Humberto Piaguaje, President of the Union of Affected Communities in Ecuador who will be in attendance.

Walmart Foundation Aims to Increase Economic Mobility in Growing Retail Industry Through an Investment That Strengthens Career Services Programs Nationwide

Wed, 09/07/2016 - 12:40pm

As a next step in an effort to increase economic mobility of workers in retail and adjacent sectors in the U.S., the Walmart Foundation today announced 10 Workforce Development Boards (WDBs) across the country will receive funding from The Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership (The Partnership). The Partnership selected 10 WDBs to collectively form and implement new models of career services specific to retail—models that will serve as best practices for the approximately 550 WDBs in the U.S. that already provide services, such as career coaching, soft skills training, specialized skills training and referrals to other resources.

The funding is part of a $10.9 million grant the Walmart Foundation made to The Partnership in March 2016. The two-year grant program is the largest investment to date as part of Walmart and the Walmart Foundation’s Opportunity initiative, which aims to increase the economic mobility of workers in retail and adjacent sectors by working with nonprofits, educational institutions and government agencies to make it easier for frontline workers to move faster into middle skills roles.

According to the National Retail Federation, the retail industry supports one in four American jobs—a total of 42 million.

“The advancement of our nation’s workforce is imperative and investments made by the Walmart Foundation and The Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership in our national network of WDBs will create a significant ripple effect that will help boards across the country make informed, smart decisions about how to invest in workforce strategies that align with the needs of their local retailers,” said Ron Painter, president of the National Association of Workforce Boards. “The models this network creates will advance the nation’s workforce by supporting incumbent workers, fulfilling employer needs and empowering thousands of working Americans to climb the economic ladder.”

paper authored by the Harvard Business School, Accenture and Burning Glass refutes the retail sector's reputation as a dead-end industry, explaining how entry-level jobs can lead to supervisory roles or parallel pathways within adjacent sectors with high occupational demand and high wages. 

“As one of the largest provider of jobs for the American workforce, the retail industry presents many opportunities for workers to grow and thrive,” said Kathleen McLaughlin, president of the Walmart Foundation and chief sustainability officer for Walmart. "Through our work with The Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership, we are helping ensure that retail workers have the skills, training and education needed to build long-lasting careers."

“The need to provide career pathways for workers to advance in the retail sector is a national challenge,” said Karin M. Norington-Reaves, CEO of The Partnership. “The Partnership is excited to work with Workforce Development Boards from across the country to demonstrate the great strides we are making to implement new models and strategies focused on growing the retail workforce.” 

The 10 WDBs receiving funding from The Partnership will provide a variety of services to job seekers, including:

  • Job readiness training customized to the retail sector, including helping jobseekers acquire the "soft skills" that are critical for workplace success such as teamwork, leadership, communication and conflict resolution.
  • Specialized skills training.
  • Job placement assistance, resume writing assistance and interviewing skills workshops.
  • Post placement services to promote job retention.  

Among the services the WDBs will offer employers are:

  • Serving as a point of contact for retail employers in the area for recruiting and training opportunities, including career tracks such as sales, customer service, logistics, operations, merchandising/buying and management.
  • Incumbent worker training.
  • Customized recruiting and candidate pre-screening and assistance in writing job descriptions for new positions.
  • Employee retention assistance and improving the supply of qualified job candidates. 

The 10 WDBs selected by The Partnership to receive grants in the first year of the two-year grant program include:

Workforce Development Board

Grant Amount

Estimated Number of People Who Will Benefit 

Anne Arundel Workforce Development Corporation, Millersville, Md.


 200 participants

Central Minnesota Jobs and Training Services, Inc., Monticello, Minn.


 200 participants

Los Angeles Economic and Workforce Development Department, Los Angeles, Calif.


325 participants

Denver Workforce Development Board,

Denver, Colo.


325 participants

Metro North Regional Employment Board, Cambridge, Mass.


200 participants

Center of Workforce Innovations (Northwest Indiana Workforce Board),

Valparaiso, Ind.


200 participants

Philadelphia Works, Philadelphia, Pa.


325 participants

San Diego Workforce Partnership, San Diego, Calif.


325 participants

The WorkPlace, Bridgeport, Conn. (Southwestern Connecticut Regional Workforce Development Board)


200 participants

Workforce Snohomish, Everett, Wash.


200 participants

In addition to providing greater opportunities for retail workers in these communities, this work will have large-scale impact for potentially thousands of workers as key learnings and new models for training and development are shared and may be implemented by WDBs across the U.S.

In February 2015, Walmart and the Walmart Foundation committed $100 million over five years to strengthen the skills of the broader U.S. workforce, by funding programs to create career paths in retail and related industries and training thousands of workers outside of Walmart. Walmart and the Walmart Foundation are working with outside experts to develop a system of industry-recognized curricula and credentials for workers so they can gain new skills, training and education to grow their careers. To date, Walmart and the Walmart Foundation have given grants totaling $39 million as part of this Opportunity initiative.

For more information about the Walmart Foundation’s grant to The Partnership, visit http://workforceboard.org/about-us/funders-and-partners/grants/wal-mart-foundation-grant/. To learn more about Walmart’s Opportunity initiative, visit http://corporate.walmart.com/opportunity.

About Philanthropy at Walmart
By using our strengths to help others, Walmart and the Walmart Foundation create opportunities for people to live better every day. We have stores in 28 countries, employing more than 2.3 million associates and doing business with thousands of suppliers who, in turn, employ millions of people. We are helping people live better by accelerating upward job mobility and economic development for the retail workforce; addressing hunger and making healthier, more sustainably-grown food a reality; and building strong communities where we operate and inspire our associates to give back. Whether it is helping to lead the fight against hunger in the United States with $2 billion in cash and in-kind donations or supporting Women’s Economic Empowerment through a series of grants totaling $10 million to the Women in Factories training program in Bangladesh, China, India and Central America, Walmart and the Walmart Foundation are not only working to tackle key social issues, we are also collaborating with others to inspire solutions for long-lasting systemic change. To learn more about Walmart’s giving, visit foundation.walmart.com.  

National Mentoring Summit to Expand Programming for Corporations

Wed, 09/07/2016 - 12:40pm

Registration recently opened for the 2017 National Mentoring Summit offering expanded programming for philanthropic partners including corporations, foundations and individual donors. The Summit, convened by MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership, is the only national forum bringing together practitioners, researchers, public and private sector leadership, foundations and national youth-serving organizations
to explore and advance mentoring’s impact on young people. 

The Summit is expected to draw over 1,000 participants, and the Philanthropic Partnerships Track will offer a more intimate opportunity for corporations, foundations and individual donors to connect with their peers who are investing and engaging in youth mentoring, participate in meaningful discussions with mentoring practitioners and researchers, and work collaboratively to generate solutions to help close the mentoring gap. The track will feature workshops presented by philanthropic partners currently engaged in mentoring on topics such as mentoring young men of color, collective impact, diverse corporate youth mentoring program models, mentoring program evaluation, and employee engagement.

Trina Scott, Assistant Director of Corporate Responsibility at EY, reflected on the 2016 Summit:  “For the past four years, I’ve gained significant insights at the Summit. I’ve learned how others are addressing the challenges of our youth who do not have positive adult relationships, and together we’ve networked with thought leaders and shared best practices. One of my most inspiring experiences was participating in Capitol Hill Day last year. Summit participants sat down with elected officials to discuss the positive impact mentoring makes in young people’s lives and the roles of both government and the private sector to affect change.”

The 2016 National Mentoring Summit will take place February 1-3, 2016. All participants are welcome to participate in MENTOR’s Capitol Hill Day on February 1, where hundreds of mentoring advocates will meet with their Senators and Representatives to improve or establish relationships, educate legislators about their local work and community challenges, and encourage support of key bills and federal programs related to mentoring.

Registration for the Philanthropic Partnerships Track is now open at an early bird rate of $395 until October 3, after which it will increase to $425. This year’s Summit sponsors include Bank of America, EY, LinkedIn, and 3M. A summary of programming can be found here.

For more information or to explore sponsorship opportunities, please contact Kristin Howard at khoward@mentoring.org.

MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership is the unifying champion for quality youth mentoring in the United States. MENTOR’s mission is to close the “mentoring gap” and ensure our nation’s young people have the support they need through quality mentoring relationships to succeed at home, school, and ultimately, work. To achieve this, MENTOR collaborates with its network of affiliate Mentoring Partnerships and works to drive the investment of time and money into high impact mentoring programs and advance quality mentoring through the development and delivery of standards, cutting-edge research and state-of-the-art tools. Connect with MENTOR on LinkedInTwitterFacebook and Instagram.

Responsible Business Summit Asia 2016

Wed, 09/07/2016 - 12:40pm

Through a series of interactive round tables and intimate workshops the Responsible Business Summit Asia will provide ideas and answers to help you overcome the latest challenges. Join 120+ leading sustainability, supply chain and procurement practitioners to understand why value chain sustainability is vital for commercial growth.

  • Materiality analysis: understand your value chain by identifying areas of risk and opportunity

  • Move beyond mere auditing and work with suppliers to build trust and develop capacity building programs that pay off

  • Engage procurement colleagues to ensure social and environmental values are part of their decision making process

  • Relate Creating Shared Value to your business and find out where and how your company can make the biggest impact

  • Enhance brand reputation through strong sustainability and CSR values and communicating the progress

  • Facilitate industry change through effective lobbying: how to work with partners, competitors and civil society

Find out more here: http://events.ethicalcorp.com/rbs-asia/index.php?utm_source=3bl&utm_medium=pr&utm_campaign=3blpr
Download your brochure for the event here: http://1.ethicalcorp.com/LP=8997

National Grid Pursues Smart Energy Solutions Extension

Tue, 09/06/2016 - 9:38pm

Encouraged by customer satisfaction, positive results, and the opportunity to learn more about how smart grid investments may improve electric service and reliability across the Commonwealth, National Grid is seeking to extend the Smart Energy Solutions (SES) pilot program in Worcester for an additional two years.

Eager to build upon the program’s successes and help the state evaluate the benefits of grid modernization, the company filed a request yesterday with the Department of Public Utilities to continue the most comprehensive smart grid pilot in the Northeast. The program’s 15,000 customers have access to pricing plans designed to help them save on their monthly electric bills and prepare for days when energy usage is highest. Additionally, infrastructure investments including advanced communications and automation enhancements have enabled faster outage identification and faster system restoration, while also being able to test integration of renewable resources and electric vehicle charging stations in the city. Several monitors are installed at solar and wind distributed generation locations within the SES program area to help the company study the impact of distributed generation on the electric system.

“We are excited about the opportunity for program participants to continue benefiting from new pricing plans and in-home technologies that let them take control of their energy use and costs,” said Carlos Nouel, vice president of New Energy Solutions at National Grid. “Our investments in smart grid infrastructure, and what we’re learning from this program, will ultimately help us improve service for all of our customers as we strive to offer them a 21st century experience.”

Launched in January 2015 with the DPU’s approval as a two-year pilot under the 2008 Green Communities Act, SES has sustained a high retention and satisfaction rate, and resulted in peak and average load reduction and measurable customer bill savings. Findings from a mid-program evaluation revealed that in 2015 the SES program achieved a 98 percent retention rate, a 72 percent customer satisfaction rate and total customer savings of $1.25 million on their electric bills. Additionally, the average customer reduced their usage by nearly 4 percent during peak periods of electricity demand.

Now in its second year, the pilot has helped inform the company’s grid modernization filing in Massachusetts. National Grid submitted a plan last summer in response to the DPU’s request for proposals to modernize the grid and enhance customers’ utility experiences. That proposal is pending review by the DPU. The company’s filing requests permission to continue Smart Energy Solutions as it exists today, with features including advanced metering infrastructure, time varying rates, Conservation Days, Peak Event hours, customer in-home technology, and continued community access to the Sustainability Hub at 912 Main St., which opened to the public in the fall of 2013.

“Not only does SES help us with ways to better serve our customers through technology, tools and enhanced infrastructure, it has given us an opportunity to innovate and work directly with the Worcester community,” said Nouel. “We are looking forward to continuing to grow our relationship with the city, the schools and universities, and the greater community as we work to engage our customers. This is not just National Grid’s program; it is the community’s.”

Operated with full-time support from Clark University and WPI students, the Sustainability Hub has served as a place for residents to learn about participation in SES and energy efficiency programs, join together for community gatherings, charge their electric vehicles, attend educational programs, and more.

If approved, Smart Energy Solutions will be extended from its current end date of Dec. 31, 2016 to the end of 2018.

About National Grid

National Grid (LSE: NG; NYSE: NGG) is an electricity and natural gas delivery company that connects nearly 7 million customers to vital energy sources through its networks in New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. It is the largest distributor of natural gas in the Northeast. National Grid also operates the systems that deliver gas and electricity across Great Britain.

Through its U.S. Connect21 strategy, National Grid is transforming its electricity and natural gas networks to support the 21st century digital economy with smarter, cleaner, and more resilient energy solutions. Connect21 is vital to our communities' long-term economic and environmental health and aligns with regulatory initiatives in New York (REV: Reforming the Energy Vision) and Massachusetts (Grid Modernization.)

For more information please visit our website: www.nationalgridus.com, or our Connecting website. You can also follow us on Twitter, watch us on You Tube, Friend us on Facebook and find our photos on Instagram.


CONTACT: Media Relations – 781-907-3980

Proven Business Case for CSR & Sustainability Education in Graduate Certificate, St. Michael’s College in University of Toronto

Tue, 09/06/2016 - 12:32pm

The Return on Investment for Sustainability and CSR education is “priceless” according to Alumni of the University of St. Michael’s College Graduate Certificate in CSR & Sustainability.

In a 2016 Sustainability & CSR Education Impact Survey, graduates said the program opened the door to job promotions, new business contracts and resolving business challenges. “This program coached and mentored me through the creation of a company specific sustainability and CSR strategy,” said Mary Ann Sayers, Director Corporate Sustainability & Community Relations, Ricoh Canada Inc, Class of 2013. “It allowed our company to build internal capacity rather than bring in external resources providing an immediate Return on Investment.”

2016 Sustainability & CSR Education Impact Survey
Graduates were asked four questions in the survey:

1) Did graduating from the CSR Certificate program open new career opportunities for you?

2) Was your capstone project of value to your company?

3) After graduation, did you use the program's knowledge and skills to tackle a business challenge/opportunity for your company?

4) Did the Certificate in CSR help you to build a professional network of colleagues and subject matter experts?

Respondents gave the program “two thumbs up” saying:

“I was hired by the United Nations to teach CSR to ten Caribbean postal administrations.”

“Increased my knowledge on the Global Reporting Initiative. Ended up with a contract with Global Reporting Initiative to assess their training programs.”

“Helped with completing customer RFP process and inclusion into the DJSI globally.”

“Our new sustainability initiatives were directly relatable to the successful acquisition of two new top tier clients.”

“Changed the composition of our van and aircraft fleet.”

“I now have a broader network of CSR professionals outside the industry that I work in, which has enabled me to seek advice/input on challenges or opportunities I may be facing. This network has been invaluable to me.”

“Having the opportunity to meet and collaborate with CSR experts in different industries has enabled me to see CSR with a different lens which has allowed me to think more creatively about CSR as a whole.”

Also, participants reported that since their graduation they have advanced to some of the following positions: Executive VP & Chief Sustainability Officer, VP Stakeholder Relations, National Director Corporate Sustainability & Energy Management, Director Corporate Development, and Managing Director.

About the Graduate Certificate in CSR/Sustainability
The Certificate in CSR/Sustainability is taking applications now for 2016/2017. Module 1 will be held in Toronto, Canada, October 19-21, 2016. Module 2 and 3 will be held May, 2017 and November, 2017 respectively. To apply, go to the Certificate in Corporate Social Responsibility/Sustainability Website. See the program schedule, past graduates and news about the program.

Participants can work full time while earning this professional post graduate university credential for CSR and Sustainability through a blending learning approach. Participants:

  • tackle and resolve a CSR/Sustainability challenge in their company in a major Action Project under the mentorship of faculty and co-learners;

  • learn Next Generation Practices from global thought leaders on the forefront of Sustainability and CSR;

  • use practical tools to assess, measure and integrate CSR and Sustainability into their organization;

  • experience the practical real world application of CSR and change management through ExperienceChange™ Simulations; and 

  • join a prestigious community of St. Michael's Alumni in continuing education, sharing and networking. 

Next Generation Practices in the program include Transformational Company research, the Embedding Project and Change Management Simulations applied to CSR/Sustainability implementation. Another recent addition is the creation of learning and practice modules for the International Society of Sustainability Professionals ISSP-SA and ISSP-CSP Certification exams. The University of St. Michael’s College was one of the first post-secondary institutions to support the ISSP’s Certification process.

Applications for the program are currently being accepted through September 30th. To apply, please go to the Certificate in Corporate Social Responsibility/Sustainability Website. Application Deadline is September 30, 2016.

About the University of St. Michael’s College 
The Graduate Certificate in CSR & Sustainability is guided by an Advisory Committee made up of CSR/Sustainability Leaders from a broad range of industries from insurance to mining, including: Co-operators, Farm Credit Canada, Atlantic Lottery, Ricoh Canada, Scotia Bank (ret.), Canadian Business for Social Responsibility,Centerra Gold, Enbridge, Conference Board of Canada, Rotman School of Management (University of Toronto). 

The University of St. Michael’s College (USMC), federated with the University of Toronto, is a Catholic institution of higher learning founded by the Congregation of St. Basil, whose motto, “Teach me goodness, discipline and knowledge,” sets the tone for campus life. Committed to the pursuit of knowledge, meaning and truth, USMC is a dynamic centre where the Catholic intellectual tradition thrives in a context of academic freedom and rigorous debate. As such, it seeks to provide an environment that fosters the intellectual, moral and spiritual development of its members. Rooted in a tradition of commitment to personal and social justice, the Certificate Program in Corporate Social Responsibility has been offered at the University for over 15 years.

The Aetna Foundation Awards More Than $2 Million in Grants Across USA to Cultivate Healthy Living

Tue, 09/06/2016 - 9:32am

The Aetna Foundation today announced that it has awarded community grants to 23 nonprofit organizations as part of its Cultivating Healthy Communities initiative. This program is designed to promote healthy eating and active living, strengthen health equity and advance innovations that make it possible for people to have more healthy days. The projects will benefit communities by improving health indicators such as access to healthy foods, increased physical activity, reduced incidences of bullying, more spaces for walking and biking safely and more. 

“At the Aetna Foundation, we know that where you live has a profound impact on how you live,” said Garth Graham, MD, MPH, president of the Aetna Foundation. “These grantees have a track record of positively impacting what happens in schools, child care centers, parks, corner stores and kitchen tables by giving youth and adults the skills and information to make good choices. What’s most exciting is that these grants put the power to stay healthy in the hands of community residents—creating sustainable change that can improve health outcomes nationwide.” 

This funding addresses the need to improve opportunities for all Americans—regardless of income, education or ethnic background—to take an active role in living healthier lives. In 2014, 14 percent of American households faced food insecurity, and more than 23 million Americans lived in food deserts — rural or urban neighborhoods more than one mile away from the nearest grocery store. A total of $937,000 supports projects that expand healthy food choices for families. 

In addition, children who are perceived as different, or socially isolated, are more likely to be bullied. This puts youth in underserved communities at greater risk of depression, decreased academic achievement and health complaints. Grantees across 12 states will work with youth and adults on these and other critical topics that impact their community. Awards for anti-bullying projects total $400,000.

Since 2014, the Aetna Foundation’s Cultivating Healthy Communities grant program has awarded more than $11.4 million in grants and sponsorships. Cultivating Healthy Communities is a key part of the Foundation’s overall multi-million dollar commitment to building a healthier world, community by community.  

In 2016, more than $2 million in grants have been awarded to the following programs:


Project Description

State Served

Community Matters

Initiative to reduce bullying and cyberbullying at seven middle and high schools by equipping students to intervene and speak up


Cycles of Change

School bike clubs in low-income areas that teach safe, urban riding and promote biking as a viable way to exercise


National Conference for Community and Justice

Education of high school students so they can be lifelong social justice allies and challenge all forms of bias-based bullying


Florida International University—Banyan Research Institute on Dissemination, Grants, & Evaluation

Expansion of yoga classes to low income, racial/ethnic minority high school students


St. Vincent’s Healthcare Foundation

Mobile health outreach pediatric nutrition and wellness initiative


2nd Mile Ministries

Summer camps and year-round after school programs to children in Jacksonville


Foundation for Orange County Public Schools

Free counseling and mental health education to students, teachers, and families


Common Threads

In-classroom nutrition education for students at 12 K-8 schools


University of Chicago

Community-based education and training for youth ages 8-18 building knowledge about cyberbullying


The Ecology Center

Establishment of a nexus for city-wide recycling action at 24 elementary and middle schools


Lower Sioux Indian Community

Community gardens, culturally tailored cooking classes, physical activities for youth and families, and mindfulness practice for tribal community


Capital District Community Gardens

System for providing low-income residents with access to affordable fresh produce, while connecting local farms with urban consumers

New York

Live Healthy Appalachia

Cooking classes that teach rural residents how to choose and prepare more whole foods


United Way of Central Ohio

Expansion of a corner store network to help owners stock, market and sell healthy foods



The Ohio State University Foundation

Career training and nutrition education for students interested in food sustainability careers


United Neighborhood Centers of Northeastern Pennsylvania 

Nutrition classes and cooking demonstrations for recent immigrants


Ambassadors for Christ Youth Ministries

Wellness programming for homeless and displaced youth after school and during the summer


Recipe for Success Foundation

Farmer training and business incubation support to U.S. veterans and teens



University of Texas Rio Grande Valley Foundation

Expansion of the “Creating Healthy Eating Choice for Kids” program to 14 elementary schools


Marathon Kids

Transformation of parks, corner stores, and farm stands to be accessible, family-friendly, and responsive to community needs


University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio

Education of Hispanic youth to take action regarding poor air quality in their communities through after school programs


The Planning Council

Expansion of access to fresh produce by connecting child care providers, farmers and families and setting up new food delivery and pick-up hubs


Core-El Centro

Resident-led effort to improve physical spaces and increase recycling activities in Milwaukee’s Latino neighborhoods



About the Aetna Foundation
The Aetna Foundation is the independent charitable and philanthropic arm of Aetna (NYSE: AET). Since 1980, Aetna and the Aetna Foundation have contributed more than $465 million in grants and sponsorships. As a national health foundation, we promote wellness, health, and access to high-quality health care for everyone. This work is enhanced by the time and commitment of Aetna employees, who have volunteered 3.8 million hours since 2003. For more information, visit www.aetnafoundation.org.

Disneyland Resort Helps Local Community Shine During Diamond Anniversary

Mon, 09/05/2016 - 12:27pm

The Disneyland Resort has been proud to call the city of Anaheim home for more than 60 years. To celebrate our 60th Diamond Anniversary, and thank residents in Anaheim and across Southern California, Disneyland Resort created several new programs designed to positively impact children and families today and for many years to come. As part of this celebration, Disneyland Resort contributed more than $4.4 million to local nonprofits in Anaheim and throughout the region, which is in addition to our annual giving of $19 million in 2015.

Million Dollar Dazzle
After traveling to 12 cities, the Million Dollar Dazzle Crew awarded 17 local nonprofits with $60,000 each for a total of more than $1 million. Nonprofits included: Girl Scouts of Orange CountyCommunity Action Partnership of Orange CountyLiteracy Project FoundationProject Hope AllianceHabitat for Humanity of Orange CountyFamily Support NetworkProvidence Speech and Hearing CenterACT AnaheimKristie’s FoundationSegerstrom Center for the ArtsPacific Marine Mammal CenterChildren’s FundOrangewood FoundationAquarium of the Pacific,Taller San Jose Hope BuildersRAD Camp and Project Access.

Just a few results from these donations include one Habitat for Humanity home built for a veteran, four Disney Musicals in Schools funded, 20 sea lions rehabilitated and released, 26 laptops for disadvantages students, 100 families supported with events for critically ill children, 108 scholarships for foster youth toward a college education, and participation of 486 at-risk children in literacy programs.

Disneyland® Resort Dreamers & Doers
Sixty Orange County high school students were honored as “Shining Stars” as part of the inaugural Dreamers & Doers program in recognition of their contributions to their communities. Whether it’s tutoring children at a local school, participating in a neighborhood trash cleanup, fundraising for a cure, or starting a school club, Disneyland Resort Dreamers & Doers recognizes Orange County high school students who dream of making the world around them a better place. Each student honored received $1,000 for their high school and six of the top “Luminaries” received $3,000 to donate to a nonprofit in their name. Applications for the 2016/2017 school year open September 12.

To honor the 100,000th Disney wish granted globally, Disney Parks and Make-A-Wish launched the #ShareYourEars campaign, inviting fans to share images of themselves wearing Mickey Mouse ears. Disneyland Resort celebrated the success of the global campaign and announced that Disney Parks would double its original donation from $1 million to $2 million in recognition of the overwhelming support from fans around the globe.

Happiest Class on Earth: Anaheim 6th Graders Making a Difference
Disneyland Resort launched the “Happiest Class on Earth” program. For the next 10 years, every sixth-grade student in Anaheim elementary schools – nearly 6,000 students each year – will have the opportunity to receive a Disneyland Resort ticket and visit the Resort with their class after completing a service project to benefit their home, school or community. Each school will be given a suggested list of actions that students can take individually or as a class, but schools are welcome to determine their own good works to address their needs. Disneyland Resort also will provide schools with post-field trip activities to use in the classroom to make the visit educational.

Celebrate Summer in Anaheim
The “Celebrates Summer Squad” took to the streets of Anaheim to celebrate with residents. All summer long, Anaheim residents enjoyed eight free Disney movie nights in local parks, surprise appearances with giveaways at community events and Disney Ambassadors reading to children at Anaheim libraries.

The summer culminates with five Endless Summer celebrations in parks throughout Anaheim. Featuring live Disney entertainment, games, face painting, family activities and much more, there is still time to experience the fun at Pearson Park (Sept. 10), Stoddard Park (Sept. 17), Twila Reid Park (Sept. 24) and John Marshall Park (Oct. 1).  

As part of the celebration through Oct. 1, residents also have the opportunity to vote for Anaheim’s next KaBOOM! playground, adding to the seven KaBOOM! playgrounds built by Disney in Anaheim.

In addition, two new skate parks, a pickle ball court and the refurbishment of a field for softball and soccer also were made possible in Anaheim with a $500,000 donation from Disneyland Resort.

Nonprofit mentorships and scholarship
The Disneyland Resort donated $60,000 to nonprofits serving diverse students. The donations will be used to fund scholarships and provide one-on-one mentorship opportunities with community leaders to encourage students’ future growth. Nonprofit beneficiaries included: Ocapica (Orange County Asian and Pacific Islander Community Alliance)Hispanic 100 FoundationAmerican Indian Chamber of Commerce of CaliforniaCASA of Orange County - Court Appointed Special AdvocatesSanta Ana CollegeAnaheim Union High School District and 100 Black Men of Orange County.

About the Disneyland Resort
Located on approximately 500 acres in Anaheim, Calif., the Disneyland Resort features two spectacular theme parks – Disneyland (the original Disney theme park) and Disney California Adventure park – plus the Downtown Disney District comprised of unique dining, entertainment and shopping experiences. The Resort’s three hotels are the 948-room Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa, the 973-room Disneyland Hotel and the 481-room Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel. With 29,000 cast members, the Disneyland Resort is Orange County’s largest employer and generates $5.7 billion for the Southern California economy. The Resort has welcomed more than 750 million guests since opening on July 17, 1955. 

Media Contact: Melissa Britt Disneyland Resort Media Relations Melissa.b.britt@disney.com (714) 781-6326

Proceeds From Sale of HGTV's ‘Brother vs. Brother’ Renovated Homes Benefit Rebuilding Together

Mon, 09/05/2016 - 9:26am

This September, Rebuilding Together Southern Nevada – an affiliate of Rebuilding Together, a leading national nonprofit in safe and healthy housing and community revitalization – will provide critical repairs, to the Boys & Girls Club of Southern Nevada Downtown Clubhouse, located at 2801 E. Stewart Ave. Volunteers from HGTV and Cox Communications, will participate in the effort, culminating with an unveiling event with HGTV’s JD Scott on September 15, made possible by a $106,750 donation from HGTV’s fourth season of Brother vs. Brother.

Brother vs. Brother follows Jonathan and Drew Scott as they compete to buy, renovate and sell a Las Vegas home — each with $500,000 to spend. Refereed by their older brother JD, Jonathan and Drew battle to win weekly challenges by impressing an illustrious panel of HGTV and DIY Network expert guest judges. In the end, the brother with the highest net profit after his home’s sale emerges victorious in the competition – and this season, Jonathan ultimately bested his twin brother Drew.

The donation will be used for critical repairs to the Boys & Girls Club of Southern Nevada Downtown Clubhouse, to ensure that young people can continue to benefit from its services, enabling them to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens. Repairs to be completed prior to the ribbon-cutting will include flooring, roofing, landscaping, painting and other major rehabilitations. In addition, Cox Communications' donation of a technology center, valued at approximately $25,000, will include state-of-the-art equipment, educational software platforms and tools for staying safe online. Since 2002, Cox Communications has contributed more than $250 million in cash and in-kind donations to Boys & Girls Clubs of America, including several Cox Technology Centers at Boys & Girls Clubs in Southern Nevada.

“This is a true community revitalization effort, and we appreciate the support, dedication and hard work by our partner HGTV, our affiliate Rebuilding Together Southern Nevada and our amazing volunteers, in addition to the generous financial contribution by our friends, Jonathan, Drew and JD Scott,” said Caroline Blakely, President and CEO of Rebuilding Together. “Through this collaborative effort, we are able to create deep impact in Las Vegas, transforming lives and revitalizing the community.”

Cynthia Baca, executive director of Rebuilding Together of Southern Nevada, added, “For the second year in a row, the Scott Brothers have donated the net revenue from the sale of the homes featured in their show to our organization. Thanks to the continued generosity and support of HGTV and the Scott Brothers, we are able to further our efforts to support the Las Vegas community, and we couldn’t be more grateful.”

Since 2007, Rebuilding Together and HGTV have partnered to transform communities across the country, providing home repairs for both low income homeowners and community centers, and have engaged more than 3,200 volunteers, impacting the lives of thousands of people across the country.

About Rebuilding Together:
Rebuilding Together is a leading national nonprofit in safe and healthy housing with more than 40 years of experience. Together, with our corporate and community partners, we transform the lives of low-income homeowners by improving the safety and health of their homes and revitalizing our communities. Rebuilding Together’s local affiliates and nearly 100,000 volunteers complete about 10,000 rebuild projects nationwide each year. Learn more and get involved at rebuildingtogether.org.

About HGTV:
America’s leading home and lifestyle brand, HGTV features a top-rated cable network that is distributed to more than 96 million U.S. households and HGTV.com, the premier source for home-related inspiration, instruction and entertainment, attracts more than six million people each month. The brand also includes the HGTV HOME™ consumer products line which showcases exclusive collections of paint, flooring, furniture, plants, fabrics and other home-oriented products. For more information on HGTV HOME branded products and to find a retailer, go to www.hgtvhome.com. In partnership with Hearst Magazines, the HGTV Magazine, a home and lifestyle publication, is currently available on newsstands. Viewers can become fans of HGTV and interact with other home improvement enthusiasts through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Headquartered in Knoxville, Tenn., HGTV is owned by Scripps Networks Interactive, Inc. (SNI).

About Cox Communications:
Cox Communications is a broadband communications and entertainment company, providing advanced digital video, Internet, telephone and home security and automation services over its own nationwide IP network. The third-largest U.S. cable company, Cox serves approximately six million residences and businesses. Cox Business is a facilities-based provider of voice, video and data solutions for commercial customers, and Cox Media is a full-service provider of national and local cable spot and new media advertising. Cox is known for its pioneering efforts in cable telephone and commercial services, industry-leading customer care and its outstanding workplaces. For eight years, Cox has been recognized as the top operator for women by Women in Cable Telecommunications; Cox has ranked among Diversity Inc's Top 50 Companies for Diversity nine times, including the last eight years. More information about Cox Communications, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cox Enterprises, is available atwww.cox.com and www.coxmedia.com.

Prager Joins Advisory Panel at Institute for Responsible Nutrition

Fri, 09/02/2016 - 6:11pm

The Institute for Responsible Nutrition (IRN), a nonprofit dedicated to ending food-related disease and promoting good health, has named Michael Prager to its team of distinguished advisers.

“Michael is an effective voice for the experience of illness related to poor nutrition, but more importantly, an eloquent voice of experience for restoring one’s health through healthy, whole, real food,” said Wolfram Alderson, IRN’s founding Executive Director.

Prager is an author, certified wellness coach, and a professional speaker based near Boston. His first book, “Fat Boy Thin Man,” works toward similar goals, exploiting his experiences as someone who was obese for 30 years, but who now maintains a 155-pound loss for a quarter century.

“Wholism — seeing my deficits as broader than just what was on my plate, and investing in lessons from nature, such as that we’re unquestionably connected to others — was a key to transformation for me,” Prager said. “It would be amusing, if it weren’t sad, that so very many of us act as if what we eat, and what we do, has no effect on our health or our happiness.”

Prager’s second book, “Sustainable You,” expands the theme to more than “just” food choices and habits, exploring the many ways individuals can act to sustain themselves. 

The IRN was founded with the leadership of Dr. Robert Lustig, a neuroendocrinologist at UCSF in San Francisco, and a renowned advocate for metabolic health. The mission of the IRN is to shape the way food is produced, marketed and distributed so that we can end food-related illness and promote good health. 

JUST Capital Announces Release of Company Data for Review in Advance of Corporate Ranking

Fri, 09/02/2016 - 12:08pm

 JUST Capital, a nonprofit that measures the performance of large U.S. corporations on the issues Americans care most about, today announced that it is releasing to companies details of the data that will be used for its inaugural rankings. Representatives from ranked companies can access their own company data, as well as JUST Capital’s scoring methodology and metrics, via a secure corporate portal. 

“JUST Capital is building what we believe will be the definitive source of information, rankings and tools on how companies measure up on the priorities of all stakeholders,” said Martin Whittaker, Chief Executive Officer of JUST Capital. “Being transparent and unbiased are hallmarks of our platform, and the keys to building trust. We are committed to opening up dialogue with all companies being ranked and working constructively with them and all stakeholders to ensure that our data and metrics reflect their performance as accurately as possible.” 

A current list of ranked companies can be found at https://justcapital.com/ranked-companies. Representatives from ranked companies can contact corpengage@justcapital.com for a personal login to the corporate portal. Comments regarding company data and submissions of additional data will be accepted via the secure platform during an open feedback period from September 1 to October 1. Following the feedback period, JUST Capital will review comments and submission prior to the release of its inaugural company rankings for 32 industry sectors in late November. 

Companies will be ranked across a wide ranging set of issues, including fair pay, quality of benefits, workplace treatment, product attributes, customer satisfaction, leadership and ethics, supply chain standards and environmental performance. JUST Capital uses a combination of publicly available company data; third-party vendor data; government data; crowd-sourced data; and other specialty information. The full list of data sources is published in the organization’s methodology, which is available via the Corporate Portal and at https://justcapital.com/methodology.

About JUST Capital
The JUST Capital Foundation (https://justcapital.com) is an independent nonprofit 501(c)(3) that uses the power of the markets to drive positive change on the issues Americans care most about. Chaired and co-founded by Paul Tudor Jones II, JUST Capital ranks how large publicly-traded corporations measure up against the American people’s definition of JUST business behavior, and empowers all stakeholders with the data and tools they need to build a more just marketplace.  The organization is based in New York City.

Early Bird registration ends 9/16: Companies vs. Climate Change to Bring Together Veteran Sustainability Leaders to Discuss and Debate their Business’ Top Challenge

Fri, 09/02/2016 - 9:07am

With hurricane season in full swing, President Obama announcing the largest marine reserve off of Hawaii and numerous companies now working on decoding their impact on the environment, Companies vs. Climate Change [#CvCC16] is gearing up fast and furious.

Scheduled on the first anniversary of the historic COP21, CvCC will provoke, prod and congregate solutions on addressing what might be one of the most complex and multidimensional challenges facing business. For example, how is climate change already decoupling supply chains based on rising sea levels, intense heat and extreme weather? How are companies leveraging the age-old efficiencies of scenario planning to better understand environmental impact? And what will our cities look like in the future in order to be sustainable?

With speakers from numerous organizations including TD Bank, EnerNOC, Ingersoll Rand, GE, Avery Dennison, JetBlue, Biogen, Citi, GZA, SAP, Hershey and NYU Stern coming together for a host of conversations and presentations, the event promises to provide deep insights, unique solutions and persistently ask: how can we do this better, at scale or together?   

Chaired by the veteran sustainability journalist duo Aman Singh, Senior Managing Editor for Content Strategy with RF|Binder and TriplePundit Founder Nick Aster, the conference will feature fireside chats, candid dialogues, an unrelenting focus on engagement and multiple ways to interact with an agenda being planned – working document here – that aims to unravel the many threads of climate change including spatial and temporal data analytics, the challenges and opportunities of setting science based goals, urbanism 3.0, how financial institutions are decoding the puzzle of finding avenues and strategies to help fund the trillions anticipated in need to address climate change globally as well as the science and art of driving sustainability through global operations.

Set in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, which experts estimate to be one of the first American cities to showcase the impact of unaddressed climate change, Companies vs. Climate Change is the forum for you to ask questions, seek out partnerships and co-create an event that has the depth and the intensity of facilitating the kind of dialogues that lead to change. 

Early Bird registration ends on Sept 16! Register today to save $200. To register, sponsor or learn more, visit CvCC or email Jason Youner at jason@solveclimatechange.com.


About CvCC
Companies Vs. Climate Change (CvCC) is an apolitical media and events company whose mission is to serve as a global forum for companies of all sizes to share best practices for solving climate change with wholly justifiable business value.  CvCC strives to serve as a conduit that will bring companies together to create business driven solutions to the climate crisis.

Keep America Beautiful’s National Planting Day Kicks Off Sept. 10

Thu, 09/01/2016 - 6:06pm

Keep America Beautiful, the nation’s leading nonprofit which envisions a country where every community is a clean, green and beautiful place to live, is mobilizing Americans to bolster their local ecosystems by planting native species of trees, shrubs and plants for its fifth annual National Planting Day. National Planting Day, which will be observed on Saturday, Sept. 10, 2016 and throughout the month of September, is a fall initiative of Keep America Beautiful’s Great American Cleanup, the nation’s largest community improvement program.

This year, Keep America Beautiful is encouraging its 620-plus community-based affiliates, partner organizations and other National Planting Day participants to "Keep America Bee-utiful" by focusing their efforts on planting pollinators. Keep America Beautiful is an original member of the National Pollinator Garden Network, an unprecedented collaboration of national, regional, conservation and gardening groups to support the President’s Executive Strategy to “Promote the Health of Honey Bees and Other Pollinators” and a proud participant in the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge, a campaign to register a million public and private gardens and landscapes to support pollinators

National Planting Day focuses on four areas of need:

  • Increasing the number of native trees in public spaces;

  • Bringing natural beauty and sustainable urban infrastructure to "built environments";

  • Creating community-supported sustainable vegetable and fruit gardens; and

  • Greening and restoring vacant lots with low-maintenance indigenous plants and trees in underserved urban and rural neighborhoods.

“Whether you are a gardening enthusiast or a municipal leader who is part of a citywide beautification program, you can make a difference simply by committing to use native species for your fall planting efforts,” said Keep America Beautiful President and CEO Jennifer Jehn. “Each and every pollinator is crucial to keeping our food chain sustainable and experience shows that clean, green and beautiful places are more likely to remain that way — improving the environment, reducing litter, spurring economic growth, and enhancing the social health of a community.”
Special planting activities will take place in dozens of communities this fall. Find a local Keep America Beautiful affiliate for details or register your own event online. Make sure to also register your pollinator garden so that it will "BEE Counted" as part of the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge, and check out the helpful Pollinator Partnership Ecoregional Planting Guides to help you select the best pollinator plants for your specific area of the country.

In support of National Planting Day, Dickinson's Witch Hazel Skincare, national skincare partner of Keep America Beautiful, is helping to bring awareness to the valuable ecosystem services provided by bees, butterflies and other pollinators. In the winter, when all of the flowers have withered away, bees and other pollinators rely on the power of Witch Hazel plants to gather and store pollen. That pollen is then used in the spring to feed the first batch of baby bees and other pollinators before spring flowers bloom. Dickinson’s Witch Hazel Skincare is providing Witch Hazel garden planting kits to 100 Keep America Beautiful affiliates throughout the country in regions in which Witch Hazel is native.

About Keep America Beautiful
At Keep America Beautiful, we want to ensure that beauty is our lasting signature. A leading national nonprofit, Keep America Beautiful inspires and educates people to take action every day to improve and beautify their community environment. We envision a country where every community is a clean, green, and beautiful place to live. Established in 1953, Keep America Beautiful provides the expertise, programs and resources to help people End Littering, Improve Recycling, and Beautify America’s Communities. The organization is driven by the work and passion of more than 620 community-based Keep America Beautiful affiliates, millions of volunteers, and the support of corporate partners, municipalities, elected officials, and individuals. To donate or take action, visit kab.org. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram, like us on Facebook, or view us on YouTube.

Contact Mike Rosen +1 (203) 659-3008 mrosen@kab.org Keep America Beautiful http://www.kab.org https://www.kab.org/our-programs/great-american-cleanup/national-planting-day http://www.facebook.com/keepamericabeautiful http://www.twitter.com/kabtweet http://www.instagram.com/keepamericabeautiful
Larry Kaufman +1 (203) 659-3014 lkaufman@kab.org Keep America Beautiful

Thai Students Take Top Honor at 20th Jubilee Celebration of Prestigious International Student Competition in Stockholm

Thu, 09/01/2016 - 3:06pm

Xylem Inc. (NYSE: XYL), a leading global water technology company dedicated to solving the world’s most challenging water issues, congratulates Sureeporn Triphetprapa, Thidarat Phianchat and Kanjana Komkla of Thailand, the winners of the 2016 Stockholm Junior Water Prize (SJWP), the most prestigious international student competition for water-related research. The award was presented during the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the SJWP ceremony at the annual World Water Week celebration in Stockholm for their project, Natural Innovative Water Retention Mimicry Bromeliad (Aechmea aculeatospala).

H. R. H Prince Carl Philip of Sweden presented the winners with the top prize of $15,000 and a prize sculpture, and their school will receive a U.S. $5,000 grant. Xylem has been a sponsor of the SJWP global competition since its inception 20 years ago.   Today, the competition draws entries from students in nearly 30 countries around the world.

“Water has always been critical to society’s ability to grow and prosper.  As the global founding sponsor of the Stockholm Junior Water Prize, we are committed to encouraging the creativity and passion of the next generation of water industry leaders as they strive to solve the complex water issues that we face,” said Patrick Decker, President and Chief Executive Officer of Xylem. “Drawing on the talent that this competition brings forward, we are working to further support current, past and future participants as they continue their education and water-related studies.”

A Diploma of Excellence was awarded to Gabriel David Alejandro Trujillo, Eunice Yaneli Masegosa Gaona, and Carlos Castellanos Dominguez for their work on water reclamation as an integral system as wetlands and tertiary treatment for a sustainable vision.  The winners will receive an award of U.S. $3,000.

The international SJWP is presented each year to students between the ages of 15 and 20 for outstanding water-related projects that focus on topics of environmental, scientific, social or technological importance. Winners from 29 countries competed for the international honor, which was awarded by an international jury of water professionals and scientists.

The prize is administered by the Stockholm International Water Institute. 

About Xylem

Xylem (XYL) is a leading global water technology provider, enabling customers to transport, treat, test and efficiently use water in public utility, residential and commercial building services, industrial and agricultural settings. The company does business in more than 150 countries through a number of market-leading product brands, and its people bring broad applications expertise with a strong focus on finding local solutions to the world’s most challenging water and wastewater problems. Xylem is headquartered in Rye Brook, New York, with 2015 revenue of $3.7 billion and more than 12,500 employees worldwide. Xylem was named to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for the last four years for advancing sustainable business practices and solutions worldwide, and the Company has satisfied the requirements to be a constituent of the FTSE4Good Index Series each year since 2013.

The name Xylem is derived from classical Greek and is the tissue that transports water in plants, highlighting the engineering efficiency of our water-centric business by linking it with the best water transportation of all -- that which occurs in nature. For more information, please visit us at www.xylem.com.

Responsible Business Summit USA 2016

Thu, 09/01/2016 - 3:06pm

The Responsible Business Summit USA is America's premier CSR and sustainability conference. Through workshops, roundtable debates and case study sessions delving into the key issues (link to agenda page) you will learn from, and network with, senior leaders from the leading sustainable brands

  • STRATEGIZE and achieve your sustainable business goals through successful internal engagement and external collaboration

  • TAKE OWNERSHIP of your extended supply chain through effective auditing, vertical integration and certification schemes

  • EMPOWER the workforce and reduce labor costs through development schemes, volunteerism programs, and a transparent culture

  • REPORT the numbers that count and drive positive change, re-enforcing the company vision and purpose

  • DRIVE your sustainability mission forwards by integrating the SDG’s and see real benefits for the business

Find out more here: http://events.ethicalcorp.com/rbs-usa/index.php?utm_source=3bl&utm_medium=pr&utm_campaign=3blpr
Download your brochure for the event here: http://1.ethicalcorp.com/LP=8905