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Business and Inclusive Growth at the Upcoming Maala Conference, Tel Aviv

Thu, 07/11/2019 - 11:48am

The Maala international conference has positioned itself as a hub for discussing business impact on Inclusive growth, and this year will capture insights from the Israeli market and implications for other markets around the world. The conference serves as a gateway to Israeli CSR for stakeholders, investors, global corporations and multinational companies operating in Israel, the global CSR and sustainability community, and other business partners. The conference will be held on December 4-5, 2019, in the old Tel Aviv port.

Hosting over 750 guests annually, the conference is a very lively, dynamic and energetic event, reflecting the vibrant sustainability community in Israel, and also appreciated for its innovative style of creating dialogue and engagement. The conference offers an immersive experience, both on the first day with power-presentations, 'fire-chats' and multiple dialogue sessions; and on the second day with field tours to corporate innovation sites.

The conference will discuss issues such as – leveraging business impact to address social gaps and inequality, diversity and inclusion in the workforce, social and sustainable innovation, products and services that help people live a better life, ESG investing, and more. The conference will also see the launch of a new publication on lessons from Israel on business impact on inclusive growth. A recent article published on Triple Pundit provides a glimpse into the ongoing work in Israel on that.

The 2018 Maala International Conference featured some 750 participants from Israeli and global businesses, investors, civil society and government agencies. International speakers represented companies including Barclays, MasterCard, Danske Bank, TripAdvisor, and Blackrock; Israeli speakers included Bank Hapoalim, SodaStream, JDC Israel, Strauss Group, and Unilever Israel.  

To learn more and take part in the conference, please contact elisha@maala.org.il   


Maala is a non-profit corporate membership organization promoting sustainability and corporate responsibility in Israel. Founded in 1998, Maala is considered as the Israeli standards-setting organization, annually publishing the Maala ESG Indices on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. Maala also serves as a ‘hub’ of the Israeli CSR community within Israel and in representing Israel within global CSR and sustainability networks.

Crucial Contribution of Business to Paris Agreement

Thu, 07/11/2019 - 11:48am

Policy makers and businesses need to work closer together to ramp up private sector engagement in the climate change commitments made under the Paris Agreement.

Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) set out the efforts by individual countries to cut emissions and adapt to the impacts of climate change. GRI and CDP have compiled recommendations for both governments and the private sector, to support businesses in understanding, reporting and managing their contribution.

The Engaging business in the NDCs publication gives an analysis of corporate reporting practices through the first round of NDCs, including examples of good practice. It recommends that:

  • Policy makers include clear targets for the contribution by business, setting up efficient and transparent monitoring and doing more to encourage private sector engagement.

  • Companies align operations and objectives to the national targets, taking advantage of opportunities to support the NDCs through investments and changes to their operations.

This timely report is published as a review takes place in New York of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This will be followed by the UN Climate Action Summit in September, prior to countries submitting their next round of NDCs in 2020.

Peter Paul van de Wijs, GRI’s Chief External Affairs Officer, said:

“To meet the challenging goals in the Paris Agreement, governments alone cannot achieve the changes required. Businesses also have a crucial role, which is why we need clarity on each other’s contribution.

As demonstrated by the UN forum this week - which includes reviewing the SDG for urgent action to combat climate change – international momentum is increasing.  So, it’s clear that robust monitoring and reporting by countries of their NDCs progress, including private sector contributions, is a necessity.

Around the world, we are seeing great examples of businesses collaborating in the NDCs and we need this good practice to grow. Our briefing paper will help policy makers and companies focus on where they can do more to work together at the national level, playing their part in securing a global solution.”

  • Read the Engaging business in the NDCs briefing paper. GRI and CDP thank the Government of Sweden for their financial support for this research project.

  • The UN High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development takes place from 9-18 July. This includes reviewing progress against SDG13: take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.

  • The UN Climate Change Summit on 23 September will seek to ‘boost ambition and accelerate actions to implement the Paris Agreement’.

  • By 2020, the 196 parties of the Paris Agreement under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change are requested to submit the next round of NDCs (new or updated).

  • Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) is the independent international organization – headquartered in Amsterdam with regional offices around the world – that helps businesses, governments and other organizations understand and communicate their sustainability impacts.

  • CDP is a not-for-profit charity that runs a global disclosure system for investors, companies, cities, states and regions to manage their environmental impacts.

Ecuadorian Plaintiffs End Fraudulent Litigation Against Chevron

Wed, 07/10/2019 - 2:47pm

A group of Ecuadorian plaintiffs whose litigation against Chevron Corporation (NYSE: CVX) has been exposed as a fraud and bribery scheme by courts in the United States and elsewhere has ended its Canadian lawsuit against the company. Following dismissals of their claims in Argentina and Brazil, findings against them in the United States and Gibraltar, and a ruling in The Hague that the Republic of Ecuador’s failure to prevent the continuation of the fraudulent litigation scheme violated international law, the plaintiffs ended their only remaining lawsuit by dismissing the Canadian case. The plaintiffs further agreed to pay costs to Chevron. 

Chevron had recently moved to dismiss the Canadian suit on the grounds that its continuation would be an abuse of the country’s legal system, a waste of its judicial resources, and contrary to international law. The Ecuadorian plaintiffs and their counsel did not oppose Chevron’s motion to dismiss and instead consented to the unconditional and final dismissal of the lawsuit.

“Chevron is pleased that the promoters of the fraudulent scheme have apparently realized that no legitimate court would enforce the judgment that they purchased in Ecuador. Chevron will continue its efforts to hold the lawyers and investors behind this fraudulent scheme accountable,” said R. Hewitt Pate, Chevron’s vice president and general counsel.  
Because Chevron never operated in Ecuador or had assets there, those seeking to profit from the corrupt Ecuadorian judgment have unsuccessfully attempted to enforce it in Argentina, Brazil, and Canada. Courts in Brazil and Argentina previously rejected enforcement attempts in those countries.  
With all attempts to date to enforce the Ecuadorian judgment having been defeated by Chevron, the key remaining proceeding in connection with the dispute is Chevron’s arbitration against the Republic of Ecuador before an international tribunal in The Hague. The tribunal last August held that the Republic of Ecuador had violated its obligations under international law in issuing the corrupt $9.5 billion judgment. Chevron is currently seeking to recover from the Republic of Ecuador costs it has incurred to expose and defend against the fraud perpetrated against it.  
Also pending are contempt proceedings brought by Chevron in federal court in New York against adjudicated racketeer and suspended lawyer Steven Donziger, who led the failed efforts to enforce the fraudulent Ecuadorian judgment. Last year, Donziger was suspended from the practice of law after having been found by U.S. federal courts to have violated the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) by engaging in multiple acts of extortion, money laundering, wire fraud, witness tampering, bribery, and obstruction of justice to procure the Ecuadorian judgment. On May 23, 2019, Donziger was held in contempt of court for his breach of the RICO judgment, which prevented him from profiting from the fraud, by selling interests in the Ecuadorian judgment to investors and using a large portion of the proceeds on personal expenses. The court further ordered Donziger to transfer to Chevron profits traceable to the Ecuadorian judgment. 

The Canadian decision is the latest in a string of judicial victories in Chevron’s worldwide defense against the Ecuadorian judgment. This past April, the Supreme Courts of two countries – Canada and the Netherlands – ruled in favor of Chevron in related proceedings. On April 4, the Supreme Court of Canada declined to hear an appeal of a decision that had dismissed all claims seeking to enforce the Ecuadorian judgment against an indirect subsidiary of Chevron in Canada. On April 12, the Supreme Court of the Netherlands rejected the Republic of Ecuador’s attempts to nullify decisions of the international tribunal in The Hague that ordered Ecuador to take all steps necessary to prevent enforcement of the Ecuadorian judgment against Chevron anywhere in the world. 
Last August, the international tribunal in The Hague also found the Republic of Ecuador liable for violating its obligations under international law. In a unanimous ruling in favor of Chevron, the tribunal – including the arbitrator chosen by the Republic of Ecuador – held that the $9.5 billion judgment rendered against Chevron in Ecuador in 2011 was procured through fraud, bribery, and corruption, and was based on claims that had been already settled and released by the Republic of Ecuador years earlier. 

The tribunal, after hearing the testimony of numerous experts about the environmental conditions in Ecuador and visiting the former area of operations, rejected Ecuador’s environmental allegations against Chevron and Texaco Petroleum Co. (TexPet), which became an indirect subsidiary of Chevron following its acquisition of Texaco Inc. in 2001. The tribunal found “TexPet spent approximately $40 million in environmental remediation and community development under the 1995 Settlement Agreement’ carried out by a “well-known engineering firm specializing in environmental remediation” and that Ecuador in 1998 executed a final release agreement “certifying that TexPet had performed all of its obligations under the 1995 Settlement Agreement.” The tribunal found “no cogent evidence” supporting Ecuador’s claim that TexPet failed to comply with the terms of the remediation plan approved by Ecuador. 

The tribunal concluded that the Ecuadorian judgment “violates international public policy” and “should not be recognised or enforced by the courts of other States.” The tribunal ordered the Republic of Ecuador to permanently render unenforceable the fraudulent Ecuadorian judgment against Chevron. The tribunal also ordered Ecuador to compensate Chevron for any damages arising from the fraudulent judgment. A process is under way for the tribunal to determine the amount of the damages owed by Ecuador to Chevron.  

The findings of judicial fraud of the international tribunal in The Hague are consistent with findings of U.S. courts that the Ecuadorian judgment against Chevron was the product of fraud and racketeering activity, including extortion, money laundering, wire fraud, witness tampering, judicial bribery, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act violations and obstruction of justice. U.S. federal courts have prohibited enforcement of the Ecuadorian judgment in the United States and ordered the Ecuadorian plaintiffs and their lawyers to pay back to Chevron any enforcement proceeds they obtain anywhere in the world. That decision – the RICO judgment – was upheld on appeal and is now final, after having been denied review by the U.S. Supreme Court. 

As in Canada, the plaintiffs’ other attempts to enforce the fraudulent Ecuadorian judgment in jurisdictions around the globe have also failed:

  • In November 2017, Brazil’s Superior Court of Justice unanimously rejected the attempt to enforce the Ecuadorian judgment there. Brazil’s Deputy Prosecutor General stated the judgment was “issued in an irregular manner, especially under deplorable acts of corruption.”

  • The Brazilian decision followed a ruling by a court in Argentina in October 2017, which also denied recognition of the Ecuadorian judgment. The court of appeals upheld this decision in July 2018. An appeal is pending before the Supreme Court of that country. 

  • In December 2015, the Supreme Court of Gibraltar issued a judgment against Amazonia Recovery Ltd., a Gibraltar-based company set up by the plaintiffs’ attorneys and investors to receive and distribute funds resulting from the Ecuadorian judgment, awarding Chevron $28 million in damages. The court also issued a permanent injunction against Amazonia prohibiting the company from assisting or supporting the case against Chevron in any way. The court issued a similar ruling in May 2018 against the directors of Amazonia, Frente de Defensa de la Amazonia, and Ecuadorian attorney Pablo Fajardo for their role in attempting to enforce the fraudulent Ecuadorian judgment, this time awarding $38 million in damages to Chevron.

Chevron Corporation is one of the world's leading integrated energy companies. Through its subsidiaries that conduct business worldwide, the company is involved in virtually every facet of the energy industry. Chevron explores for, produces and transports crude oil and natural gas; refines, markets and distributes transportation fuels and lubricants; manufactures and sells petrochemicals and additives; generates power; and develops and deploys technologies that enhance business value in every aspect of the company's operations. Chevron is based in San Ramon, California. More information about Chevron is available at www.chevron.com.

Comcast NBCUniversal Releases 2019 Values in Action Report

Wed, 07/10/2019 - 2:47pm

Comcast NBCUniversal released its 2019 Values in Action Report today. It covers the following six areas:

  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Community Impact
  • Digital Connectivity
  • Sustainability
  • Military Engagement
  • Accessibility

To read the full report, click here.

National Grid Celebrates Lineworker Appreciation Day

Wed, 07/10/2019 - 2:47pm
National Grid’s electricity field force is a special group of people who perform extraordinary work in some of the toughest conditions. Their unwavering level of commitment to our customers – combined with their willingness to go above and beyond – make us proud to once again celebrate National Lineworker Appreciation Day on July 10.    Every day, thousands of National Grid electricity workers design, build, maintain and repair overhead and underground electricity lines and substations and perform a host of other essential functions that enable 10 million people to power virtually every aspect of their lives. They are central to maintaining over 100,000 miles of transmission and distribution lines across more than 30,000 square miles.   Over the last 16 months alone, seven severe storms battered our service area, damaged our system and left customers without power. As they always do, the men and women who maintain our electricity system headed out into the harshest of weather conditions, and worked nights, weekends and holidays to restore power to 2 million customers. These skilled workers repaired poles, cables and other electricity equipment, all with an eye toward restoring power quickly and as safely as possible for our customers.    As a result of the company’s exceptional performance in restoring power, the Edison Electric Institute recognized National Grid in June with our 21st Emergency Response Award in 15 years.    “National Lineworker Appreciation Day is one way we thank our electricity field force for their valuable expertise and for making sure our customers are taken care of,” said Chris Kelly, National Grid’s Chief Operating Officer – Electric. “Their work is at the heart of meeting our customers’ ever-increasing reliance on electricity. And in emergency situations, they also act as first responders, working hand-in-hand with public safety officials to protect the millions of people we serve. We are proud of the work they deliver today and every day.”   Lineworkers as Life Savers    Some members of our electricity team have found themselves in the right place at the right time, and often have had to make quick, heroic decisions that have meant the difference between life and death: 

All of these brave workers were recognized with the company’s lifesaving award, which is presented to National Grid staff whose unselfish acts in crisis situations saved others.

- ### - 

About National Grid 

National Grid (LSE: NG; NYSE: NGG) is an electricity, natural gas, and clean energy delivery company serving more than 20 million people through our networks in New York, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. We are the largest distributor of natural gas in the Northeast. National Grid also operates the systems that deliver gas and electricity across Great Britain. 

National Grid is transforming our electricity and natural gas networks with smarter, cleaner, and more resilient energy solutions to meet the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent by 2050. Our Northeast 80x50 Pathway is an industry-leading analysis for how to reach that goal in the states we serve, focusing on the power generation, heat, and transportation sectors.  

Read more about the innovative projects across our footprint in The Democratization of Energy, aan eBook written by National Grid’s U.S. president, Dean Seavers. For more information please visit our website, follow us on Twitter, watch us on YouTube, friend us on Facebook and find our photos on Instagram

The Alliance to Save Energy Names Four Innovators as 2019 Stars of Energy Efficiency

Wed, 07/10/2019 - 2:47pm

The Alliance to Save Energy on Wednesday announced it would be awarding Alabama Power, Ingersoll Rand, OhmConnect, and Pepco Holdings its 2019 Stars of Energy Efficiency, celebrating their accomplishments in pioneering new ways to use energy more effectively. The awards reflect a new emphasis on reducing energy use through integrated and automated technologies, on-demand efficiency opportunities that can better balance electrical grid loads, and corporate leadership in speeding the deployment of efficiency solutions.

The prizes will be presented at the Evening with the Stars of Energy Efficiency Awards Gala in Washington, D.C., on September 19, 2019, a gathering of 400 energy efficiency executives, advocates, and government officials.

“Energy efficiency isn’t just about sealing the leaks or replacing old equipment, it’s increasingly about smart systems that work together to maximize savings, help reduce strains on the grid and support the integration of renewable energy sources,” said Jason Hartke, president of the Alliance to Save Energy. “These are companies that are at the forefront of the newest active efficiency technologies and are committing to deliver more energy savings.”

Alabama Power, a subsidiary of Southern Company, will receive the Star of Systems Efficiency Award for developing the 62-home Smart Neighborhood™ in suburban Birmingham featuring emerging energy-efficient technologies and building measures, all connected to the Southeast’s first community-scale microgrid. Homes in the community are around 39 percent more efficient than standard new homes in the area and are equipped with technology to allow residents more control over systems and features, along with increased comfort. Alabama Power is using data from the neighborhood to provide greater understanding of energy management and insights into how homes can be built and function more efficiently.

“We appreciate this great recognition from the Alliance to Save Energy for Smart Neighborhood, which is an important part of Alabama Power’s commitment to find new and better ways to serve our customers,” said Alabama Power CEO Mark Crosswhite. “As we continue to keep customers at the center of everything we do, we’re excited about the opportunities to use technology and innovative solutions to transform our business.”

Ingersoll Rand will be honored with the Star of Doubling Down on Efficiency Award for setting and surpassing bold greenhouse gas reduction goals. Since 2014, the company has reduced the greenhouse gas emissions of its operations by 45% and its energy intensity by 23%. By producing efficient products – including building HVAC and energy management, transport refrigeration, personal transportation vehicles, hand tools, air compressors, fluid pumps, and material handling equipment products – it has also reduced its customers’ GHG footprint by more than half. In May, Ingersoll Rand and its strategic brands Trane® and Thermo King® announced its newest sustainability commitment for 2030 which includes reducing its customers’ GHG footprint by 1 billion metric tons of CO2e, achieving carbon-neutral operations, realizing a 10% reduction in absolute energy consumption and more.

“We’re honored to receive the Star of Doubling Down on Efficiency Award in recognition of our reducing greenhouse gas emissions and energy intensity across our operations and business,” said Michael Lamach, chairman and CEO of Ingersoll Rand and leading brands Trane and Thermo King. “Sustainability is foundational to who we are. In 2014, we set ambitious sustainability targets that transformed the industry and how we serve our customers and communities. Our next generation 2030 targets – which include an ambitious goal to reduce emissions from our products by one gigaton while reducing energy used to produce systems – will continue to lead innovation toward an energy-efficient and cleaner environment.”

OhmConnect will receive a Star of Dynamic Efficiency Award for its innovative energy platform that is reducing strain on the electrical grid and paving the way for everyone to get smarter about their energy usage through gamification. OhmConnect pays its customers to save energy when the grid is stressed. The service, with more than half a million participants in the U.S. and Canada, sells the aggregated reductions of electricity during moments of peak demand as virtual power to the energy markets. The platform encourages participants to make easy, tangible behavioral changes, like turning off lights, as well as automated actions through connected smart devices like thermostats. To date, OhmConnect has offset more than two million pounds of carbon and paid its users more than $10 million, and it is set to expand in the U.S. beyond its California base.

Matt Duesterberg, CEO of OhmConnect, said: “We’re helping people understand and even have fun by being mindful of their energy use to save money – and reduce the need for dirty ‘peaker’ power plants. Using energy more effectively isn’t just about using less, it’s about using it more strategically – at the times when it's the least expensive and better for the planet.”

Pepco Holdings will be presented with the Star of Dynamic Efficiency Award for demand-side management programs at Delmarva Power and Pepco. These programs are leveraging smart thermostats to help customers save money and energy during peak energy usage periods. The Thermostat Optimization Program makes slight temperature setpoint adjustments to participants’ heating and cooling schedules to create approximately 100 kilowatt hours in household energy savings annually – all with minimal impact on their comfort. The Bring Your Own Device Program allows customers to participate in demand response with any eligible thermostat. Participants receive up to $40 in annual bill credits for allowing Delmarva Power or Pepco to reduce air conditioner run times on peak demand days.

“We are committed to providing programs and services that transform the way our customers use energy,” said Dave Velazquez, president and CEO of Pepco Holdings, which includes Delmarva Power and Pepco. “These important programs are providing all customers with cost-effective, energy saving opportunities for their homes and businesses. We are honored to receive this award, which recognizes just how effective our programs have been at helping customers save money and energy.”

The Charles H. Percy Award and Chairman’s Award will also be presented at the gala; the winners will be announced on a subsequent date. Information about the Evening with the Stars of Energy Efficiency Awards Gala is available at www.ase.org/dinner.

About the Alliance to Save Energy

Founded in 1977, the Alliance to Save Energy is a nonprofit, bipartisan alliance of business, government, environmental and consumer leaders working to expand the economy while using less energy. Our mission is to promote energy productivity worldwide – including through energy efficiency – to achieve a stronger economy, a cleaner environment and greater energy security, affordability and reliability.


Tue, 07/09/2019 - 8:45pm

 Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C) is set to launch a brand new public service announcement (PSA) campaign in collaboration with founding donor, Major League Baseball (MLB). Embodying the spirit and sense of community synonymous with baseball, the campaign — titled “For All The Moments We Stand Up” — culminates with the now iconic SU2C placard moment when tens of thousands of fans, players, managers and other on-field personnel stand for a moment of silence to support a loved one affected by cancer. The PSA will debut on Tuesday, July 9 during the 2019 MLB All-Star Game Presented by Mastercard.

The new broadcast PSA will center on the lighthearted touchpoints that are iconic to baseball— standing to catch a foul ball, catching a bag of peanuts from a vendor, being featured on the jumbotron— before building up to the moving placard finale, which underscores the remarkable impact of standing together as one powerful, united force. The campaign, launching in July, will come to life across print, digital, radio and out-of-home media, including placements throughout the 2019 World Series presented by YouTubeTV. 

The PSA is the latest collaboration between SU2C and MLB, marking MLB’s 11th year as a supporter of SU2C. To date, MLB has pledged more than $50 million to SU2C’s collaborative cancer research programs, providing invaluable support for research which has helped lead to six FDA approvals for new cancer therapies.

“We are proud that our partnership with Stand Up To Cancer has had a significant impact on cancer research over the last decade,” said Baseball Commissioner Robert D. Manfred, Jr. “This year’s campaign is yet another example of our sport’s commitment to raising awareness around this disease until every person who is battling cancer becomes a survivor.”

“The unparalleled support from our founding donor, MLB, has been nothing short of incredible,” said Rusty Robertson, SU2C co-founder. “Each year, the sight of thousands of fans from all walks of life, standing together, holding placards in support and in memory of loved ones, is such a powerful and emotional moment. MLB has amplified SU2C’s rallying cry across the nation, underscoring that almost all of us are touched by cancer in some way and no one is alone in this. We must continue to come together and raise our voices.”

The broadcast and English and Spanish language print PSAs feature Uzo Aduba, Jordana Brewster, Matt Damon, Zachary Levi, Joe Manganiello and Candice Patton, whose lives have all been touched by cancer in some way. The broadcast PSA also includes Connor, an Ewing sarcoma survivor, and Marshella, a breast cancer survivor. The broadcast PSA was developed by SU2C and produced by Shark Pig, an LA-based production company that produces everything from online ads to feature-length documentary films. Jesse Fleece, a Highland Park-based director who blends comedy and drama to tell human stories of love, hope and redemption, directed the PSA. The print campaign was produced by SU2C with photography by photographer Andrew Eccles, and art direction by Paul Moore.

In 2008, Major League Baseball, including its 30 Clubs, became the founding donor of SU2C. Since then, MLB has played a pivotal role in helping to fund groundbreaking research that translates to lifesaving treatments for cancer patients, pledging more than $50 million to support SU2C’s innovative research programs. In 2011, MLB and SU2C created the first-ever “placard moment” at the MLB All-Star Game. The placard moments have been a part of each All-Star Game and World Series, with tens of thousands of fans, players, umpires and stadium staff pausing to honor a loved one affected by cancer.

Over the past 11 years, SU2C’s collaboration with MLB has brought the cause into the homes of millions of baseball fans across the country. In addition to the impactful placard moments, SU2C and MLB have launched numerous campaigns to celebrate their collaboration including past PSAs involving SU2C ambassadors Steve Carell, Jake Gyllenhaal, Colin Hanks and Ken Jeong. MLB has provided a platform to significantly amplify SU2C's mission and make significant strides toward the day when all cancer patients become long-term cancer survivors.

Please visit standuptocancer.org/mlb to learn more about the campaign, and follow us on @SU2C across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for the latest updates.

About Stand Up To Cancer

Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C) raises funds to accelerate the pace of research to get new therapies to patients quickly and save lives now. SU2C, a division of the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF), a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, was established in 2008 by film and media leaders who utilize the industry’s resources to engage the public in supporting a new, collaborative model of cancer research, and to increase awareness about cancer prevention as well as progress being made in the fight against the disease. Under the direction of our Scientific Advisory Committee, led by Nobel Laureate Phillip A. Sharp, Ph.D., SU2C operates rigorous, competitive review processes to identify the best research proposals to recommend for funding, oversee grants administration, and ensure collaboration across research programs.

Current members of the SU2C Council of Founders and Advisors (CFA) include Katie Couric, Sherry Lansing, Lisa Paulsen, Rusty Robertson, Sue Schwartz, Pamela Oas Williams, Ellen Ziffren, and Kathleen Lobb. The late Laura Ziskin and the late Noreen Fraser are also co-founders. Sung Poblete, PhD, RN, has served as SU2C’s president and CEO since 2011.

For more information on Stand Up To Cancer, please visit StandUpToCancer.org.


About MLB

Major League Baseball (MLB) is the most historic professional sports league in the United States and consists of 30 member clubs in the U.S. and Canada, representing the highest level of professional baseball. Major League Baseball is the best-attended sport in North America, and since 2004, MLB has enjoyed its best-attended seasons in the history of the game. Led by Commissioner Robert D. Manfred, Jr., MLB currently features record levels of labor peace, competitive balance and industry revenues, as well as the most comprehensive drug-testing program in American professional sports. MLB remains committed to making an impact in the communities of the U.S., Canada and throughout the world, perpetuating the sport’s larger role in society and permeating every facet of baseball’s business, marketing and community relations endeavors. With the continued success of MLB Network and MLB digital platforms, MLB continues to find innovative ways for its fans to enjoy America’s National Pastime and a truly global game. For more information on Major League Baseball, visit www.MLB.com.

Soil Health Institute Releases Progress Report on Adoption of Soil Health Practices

Tue, 07/09/2019 - 5:45pm

The Soil Health Institute (SHI) has released PROGRESS REPORT: Adoption of Soil Health Systems, based on data from the 2017 U.S. Census of Agriculture. The analysis includes a state-by-state breakdown of changes in adoption from 2012 to 2017 for cover crops and no-till production.  Cover crop and no-till practices both support biological activity in the soil.  Cover crops are particularly effective at protecting water quality, and no-till is particularly effective at increasing carbon sequestration in soils. 

The report was developed by Rob Myers, Ph.D., a University of Missouri agronomist and Co-chair of the Soil Health Institute Policy Action Team, and Joe LaRose, a University of Missouri extension associate.

For further information, visit the Soil Health Institute website.

About the Soil Health Institute

The Soil Health Institute (www.soilhealthinstitute.org) is a non-profit whose mission is to safeguard and enhance the vitality and productivity of soil through scientific research and advancement. The Institute works with its many stakeholders to identify gaps in research and adoption; develop strategies, networks and funding to address those gaps; and ensure beneficial impact of those investments to agriculture, the environment and society.


Corporate School Supply Drives Support Millions of U.S. Kids in Need

Tue, 07/09/2019 - 2:45pm

Even as adults, most of us can remember the feelings around the first day of school: the brilliant sunlight of a fall morning; the crisp, new outfit chosen with care; the sharp points of freshly sharpened pencils; the nerves as the bus rounds the corner.  But, does everyone experience this sense of an exciting, fresh beginning?

Unfortunately, for low income and homeless kids the experience is vastly different. Already at a disadvantage in so many ways, these kids face the start of a new school year with apprehension, and with good reason. Kids from low income homes are more likely to:

  • start school with limited language skills

  • be chronically absent from school

  • have less parental support with homework

  • lack basic necessities like food, clothing, healthcare & housing

  • are five times more likely to drop out of school than students from higher income families

And, we are talking about lots of kids. The National School Lunch Program provides meals to more than 30 million children on an average day. That’s 30 million children who will start this school year wondering if other kids will notice their lack of school supplies rather than ready to tackle learning.

Think about what it would mean for these kids to start the school year off with the tools they need to succeed in school.  Corporations invested in corporate social responsibility are poised to make a big difference in local communities across the country. When employees ban together the impact is exponential. Not sure if a school supply drive is right for your company? For more information, check out the article, Tips for Running a School Supply Drive. And, here’s four good reasons to run a corporate school supply drive:

  1. Grow your CSR program: Employees may struggle to find a personal connection to corporate causes but the vast majority of them will have a very personal connection to local area schools and kids. This relationship typically translates into greater participation and employee satisfaction. And, technology exists to help businesses with their efforts while avoiding the clutter and hassle of collection bins. For example, YouGiveGoods, a free giving platform, enables companies to run their school supply drive online. Shopping is open 24/7 and results can be viewed in real-time. At the end of the drive, supplies can be shipped directly to the school(s) or chosen organization (e.g. Boys & Girls Clubs; Kids In Need Foundation) or they can ship to the corporation for a team-building packing event. 

  2. Make a local impact: Do some research into needs in your area. Chances are your corporation alone could supply a number of schools in your district with the supplies they need for their lower income kids. Or, choose to partner with one area school that has an enormous need and plan to support them all year long. While school supply drives are typically run in the summer, kids go through the supplies and replenishments are needed throughout the school year.

  3. Invest in your community: Your school supply drive is a tangible investment in your local community. Establishing your company as a source for good in the community has countless benefits to the business and your employees, not to mention to the children and the community as a whole. In addition to school supplies, your CSR program can expand to support these schools with mentoring programs and more volunteer opportunities for employees. 

  4. Make a real difference: There are not many programs you can present to employees that will make such a deep yet immediate difference. Let employees know that their purchases can change the trajectory of the lives of students as starting school with the proper school supplies can:

  • boost self-esteem

  • promote learning

  • improve academic performance

  • help keep kids in school

Education and poverty are complexly tangled.1 By giving kids the tools they need to succeed in school your company can keep kids on track to receive the education that can help lift them up. The gift of fully stocked school supplies can give these kids the spark they need to approach school and even their futures with optimism and hope.


About YouGiveGoods

YouGiveGoods, LLC, is an innovative e-commerce company that connects tangible workplace giving to community needs through our free giving platform.  YouGiveGoods' technology enables corporations of all sizes to create unique giving experiences with corporate branded drive pages.   Customize your workplace giving event and maximize employee engagement with our corporate challenge option, choosing to support one or many charities.  Support any cause when you raise food, disaster relief supplies, toys, school supplies, socks, diapers, blankets – any goods your selected charity may need, all brand-new and delivered to their door.  A YouGiveGoods online drive is a simple, efficient, measurable activity that makes a real difference in your community.

Briefing: Tech for Good With Google, ABInBev and Microsoft

Tue, 07/09/2019 - 2:45pm

Climate change is our starkest challenge: could artificial intelligence help us meet it head on? Many of our most challenging problems are incredibly complex, new tools for monitoring the environment and climate mitigation are needed to help business join the dots, helping you make better decisions.
Ethical Corporation have just produced a 34-page briefing on Technology for Good, with expert response and analysis to help you join the dots on technology and sustainability.
Click here to download the complimentary 34-page tech for good management briefing
Key learnings include:

  • AI lights the way: Smarter energy use

  • Appliance of science: cutting transport emissions

  • Blockchain & farming: How AB InBev is helping farmers

  • Making way for women in tech 

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LG’s Smart ENERGY STAR Room Air Conditioners Help Con Edison Customers Save with Energy Efficiency Rebates

Tue, 07/09/2019 - 11:45am

Already delivering the industry’s most energy efficient room air conditioners, LG Electronics USA is taking energy savings to the next level in New York City this summer in cooperation with Con Edison. Under Con Edison’s Smart AC Program, area customers with ENERGY STAR® certified LG Wi-Fi enabled room air conditioners can enroll to receive financial rewards and rebates for helping Con Edison keep service reliable when the demand for power is high.* 

The Smart AC program is available to Con Edison residential customers in all five NYC boroughs and Westchester County. Under the program, which runs through September, consumers can earn $25 in rebates per unit for new qualifying ENERGY STAR air conditioners and up to $115 in rewards that can be redeemed in the form of gift cards, local deals or donations to charity.* “The addition of LG’s Wi-Fi-enabled room air conditioners gives customers in our Smart AC program more options for managing their energy usage,” said Con Edison Connected Devices Pilot Manager Zach Sussman.

“ENERGY STAR room air conditioners are the cool choice – for you and the planet,” said Katharine Kaplan, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s manager of ENERGY STAR product development and program administration. “LG’s variable speed compressor models are already the most efficient on the market. With their smart connectivity and the ConEd Smart AC program, New Yorkers can save even more energy and money while staying comfortably cool during the dog days of summer.”

With Wi-Fi compatibility and smart controls already built in, LG ENERGY STAR smart room air conditioners make it easy to control room temperature remotely via a smartphone or voice commands using Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant. 

LG’s advanced smart connectivity also makes enrolling in the Smart AC Program even simpler, according to DJ Kang, senior vice president, air solutions, LG Electronics USA. “With LG smart air conditioners, there’s no need to wait for a separate smartAC kit via mail to install. Users can easily enroll in the program and link their LG models all via their smartphone – making it simple to save on energy bills while helping to protect the planet,” he said.    

Seven LG room air conditioners are included in the New York Smart AC program. They include models featuring LG’s revolutionary Dual Inverter Compressor™ technology that deliver quiet, advanced cooling with up to a 40 percent improvement in energy efficiency on its best-performing model.**

The first to offer variable-speed compressor room air conditioners in the United States, LG has expanded its award-winning line to four window models ranging from 9,500 to 22,000 BTUs. LG’s unique dual-inverter technology earned the 2019 and 2018 ENERGY STAR Emerging Technology Awards and was honored with the 2019 Gold Edison Award, the highest honor in the Energy & Sustainability category. 

In addition to their unparalleled energy efficiency, LG room air conditioners are among the first to use a refrigerant with lower global warming potential. The R32 refrigerant has been approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as one of the alternate substances to help eliminate the use of ozone-depleting hydrofluorocarbons or HFCs. 

According to EPA, if all room air conditioners sold in the United States were ENERGY STAR certified, the energy savings would reach more than $350 million annually, preventing greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to over 570,000 vehicles.

For details about how to enroll in the Smart AC Program with our LG room air conditioner, visit: www.conEd.com/smartAC

 “LG” and the LG logo are trademarks of LG Corp. Other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners. 

*Refer to Con Edison Smart AC Program eligibility requirements and other terms and conditions on the application at www.conEd.com/smartAC. 

**Based on comparisons to ENERGY STAR® minimum requirements for Combined Energy Efficiency Ratio (CEER) versus actual CEER for the inverter models obtained from U.S. Department of Energy test procedures approved for these models: LW2217IVSM shows 40 percent CEER improvement; LW1517IVSM and LW1817IVSM show 25 percent CEER improvement.

About LG Electronics USA 

LG Electronics USA Inc., based in Englewood Cliffs, N.J., is the North American subsidiary of LG Electronics Inc., a $54 billion global force and technology leader in home appliances, consumer electronics and mobile communications. LG Electronics sells a range of stylish and innovative home appliances, home entertainment products, mobile phones, commercial displays, air conditioning systems and solar energy solutions in the United States, all under LG’s “Life’s Good” marketing theme. LG is a 2019 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year-Sustained Excellence. For more news and information on LG Electronics, please visit www.LG.com

Media Contacts: 

LG Electronics USA 

John I. Taylor
202 719 3490

Taryn Brucia 
201 816 2187 

Nestlé Waters Announces Partnership With Ocean Legacy Foundation

Tue, 07/09/2019 - 11:45am

Nestlé Waters will partner with the Ocean Legacy Foundation (OLF) to assist communities in restoring natural ecosystems affected by plastic pollution.

Plastic waste in the ocean poses a particular threat to many communities around the world and requires hands-on cleanup, education, infrastructure development and policies to stop further waste.

“To help address the global plastic pollution crisis, Nestlé Waters is working together with Ocean Legacy Foundation to identify and address the needs of some of the most affected communities around the world in terms of clean up initiatives, education and infrastructure,” said Carlo Galli, head of Sustainability at Nestlé Waters. “This program will also include tools and educational materials to assist them in creating new products and value from the waste collected during cleanups.”

Chloé Dubois, President of Ocean Legacy Foundation said, "Creating pragmatic and immediate actions to combat plastic pollution while stimulating the plastic circular economy are crucial components in preserving the natural environment for present and future generations.”

The partnership is a further step in Nestlé Waters’ efforts to help tackle plastic pollution after the success of its first global Employee Clean Up event on June 8th 2019. The company held 66 events in 35 countries around the world that mobilized over 6,300 Nestlé Waters and Nestlé staff, their families and friends. The volunteers globally collected over 60 tons of waste from the sites. 

Efforts are now underway to develop cleanup, education program and recycling infrastructure in Mexico, Panama, Jamaica and Fiji.

Along with developing the circular economy, developing new materials and promoting plastic collection, undertaking clean-up and education activities are part of the Nestlé group plastics strategy.

HanesBrands Sponsors ‘Day of Service’ During Pac-12 Sustainability Conference at University of Washington

Mon, 07/08/2019 - 5:44pm

HanesBrands, which owns Hanes apparel and Champion athleticwear, and the Pac-12 are teaming up to care for those living homeless in Seattle during the athletic association’s Sustainability Conference, being held June 25-26 at the University of Washington.

HanesBrands is today sponsoring a three-hour event that will help educate participants about homelessness in America and give them an opportunity to engage with and bring comfort to part of the local community who needs it most.

The “Day of Service” begins at the University of Washington’s Husky Stadium with a presentation by Mark Horvath, founder of Invisible People and longtime HanesBrands partner, who will explain how the general public’s perceptions of homelessness impacts the way our nation addresses the issue.

“Invisible People is dedicated to changing the narrative of homelessness in the United States by giving a voice to those who are too often overlooked,” said Horvath, who has experienced homelessness himself. “Our inability to relate to homelessness – and to those who are experiencing it – is one of the biggest obstacles to ending it. For the past decade, HanesBrands has demonstrated a strong commitment to helping us raise awareness about the experience of homelessness in America.”

Following the presentation, Horvath and volunteers from Seattle Homeless Outreach will lead 14 participants into the community to deliver Hanessocks. The team led by Seattle Homeless Outreach, a volunteer-run nonprofit organization that provides critical support to those experiencing homelessness in the Seattle-King County area, will restock its Box of Socks locations in Pioneer Square and near the Seattle Ferry Terminal. Fitting with the Pac-12 Sustainability Conference “green” theme, the donated socks are manufactured with recycled polyester fiber content.

“We appreciate the opportunity to team with the Pac-12 Sustainability Conference, introduce participants to Invisible People and Seattle Homeless Outreach, and make a tangible donation to those in need,” said Chris Fox, vice president of corporate social responsibility for HanesBrands. “We know how much basic apparel items, such as socks, mean to those living without shelter, and we are pleased to participate in an effort that will meaningfully impact hundreds of lives in Seattle – and hopefully in other areas as participants travel home.”

Those living homeless walk an average of 10 miles per day, putting more wear on their socks in one week than the average American does in one year. Access to something as basic as a clean, dry pair of socks is important because they can help prevent disease and save lives. During the past decade, Hanes has donated more than 2.5 million pairs of socks to nonprofit organizations that support those living without shelter across the United States through the Hanes National Sock Drive.

The Pac-12 is the first collegiate sports conference to convene a high-level symposium focused on the importance of integrating sustainability into college athletics and across college campuses. For more information, visit www.pac-12sustainabilityconference.com.

To learn more about or get involved in fighting homelessness, check out the Invisible People (www.invisiblepeople.tv) and Seattle Homeless Outreach (www.seattlehomeless.org) websites.

For more information about HanesBrands’ corporate social responsibility program, visit www.hanesforgood.com and for additional detail on the Hanes National Sock Drive, log on to www.hanes.com/sockdrive.


HanesBrands (NYSE: HBI) is a socially responsible leading marketer of everyday basic innerwear and activewear apparel in the Americas, Europe, Australia and Asia-Pacific. The company markets T-shirts, bras, panties, shapewear, underwear, socks, hosiery, and activewear under some of the world’s strongest apparel brands, including HanesChampionBonds, MaidenformDIM, Bali, PlaytexBras N ThingsNur Die/Nur Der, Alternative, L’eggsJMS/Just My SizeLovable, Wonderbra, Berlei, and Gear for Sports. More information about the company and its award-winning corporate social responsibility initiatives may be found at www.Hanes.com/corporate. Visit our newsroom at https://newsroom.hanesbrands.com/. Connect with the company via social media: Twitter (@hanesbrands), Facebook (www.facebook.com/hanesbrandsinc), Instagram (@hanesbrands_careers), and LinkedIn (@Hanesbrandsinc).

Ecolab Ahead of Pace to Save Enough Water for 1 Billion People

Mon, 07/08/2019 - 5:44pm
Ecolab Inc., the global leader in water, hygiene and energy technologies, has released its 2018 corporate sustainability report, Accelerating Meaningful Change, which highlights its work with leading companies throughout the world to reduce environmental impact and drive cost savings. The 2018 publication is Ecolab’s 12th annual corporate sustainability report.    “Whether it’s saving water or reducing waste and greenhouse gas emissions, there’s a growing realization that these priorities go hand-in-hand with business growth and profitability,” said Ecolab Chairman and CEO Douglas M. Baker, Jr. “By the nature of our work, we help companies achieve their operational and sustainability goals.”    In 2018, Ecolab helped companies at nearly three million locations around the world:   
  • Conserve more than 188 billion gallons of water, equivalent to the annual drinking needs of 650 million people. Ecolab is ahead of schedule toward reaching its 2030 goal of saving 300 billion gallons of water, equal to the needs of one billion people. 
  • Save 19 trillion British thermal units (BTUs) of energy
  • Avoid 2.4 billion pounds of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Eliminate 54 million pounds of waste 
Case studies included in Ecolab’s 2018 corporate sustainability report include:   
  • Developing a sustainable process to drive water management improvements across the global operations of Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM), one of the world’s largest food and agriculture companies. Using 3D TRASAR™ Cooling Water Technology, ADM achieved water savings of 2.3 billion gallons annually.  
  • Minimizing the risk of Legionella bacteria in the water systems of SAP, a leader in the software industry and in water safety management practices, and helping to avoid approximately $8 million in potential revenue loss per year. 
  • Reducing corrosion and foaming issues within the operations of Energias do Brasil (EDP), one of Brazil’s largest electric utility companies, using Ecolab’s Purate™ Technology to help save 316 million gallons of water per year and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 18.9 million pounds annually. 
Within its own operations, Ecolab is working to reduce water withdrawals by 25% and greenhouse gas emissions by 10% by 2020.    Through its work with customers and within its own facilities, and through a number of dedicated projects in communities around the world, Ecolab supports the U.N.’s sustainable development goal six, promoting clean water and sanitation. By 2030, Ecolab aims to conserve 300 billion gallons of water per year by reducing consumption in its own operations and those of its customers. This would be equivalent to the annual drinking water needs of more than 1 billion people.    Ecolab's 2018 Corporate Sustainability Report was developed in alignment with the Global Reporting Initiative's (GRI) G4 core guidelines. The report summary and complete GRI Index are available at www.Ecolab.com/Sustainability.    About Ecolab A trusted partner at nearly three million customer locations, Ecolab (ECL) is the global leader in water, hygiene and energy technologies and services that protect people and vital resources. With annual sales of $15 billion and 49,000 associates, Ecolab delivers comprehensive solutions and on-site service to promote safe food, maintain clean environments, optimize water and energy use, and improve operational efficiencies for customers in the food, healthcare, energy, hospitality and industrial markets in more than 170 countries around the world. www.ecolab.com    Follow us on Twitter @ecolab, Facebook at facebook.com/ecolab, LinkedIn at Ecolab or Instagram at Ecolab Inc.    

EarthShare Welcomes Brad Leibov as New CEO

Mon, 07/08/2019 - 11:43am

 EarthShare, a leading  environmental philanthropy supporting America’s largest coalition of environmental and conservation nonprofits and a strategic partner to the private-sector in corporate philanthropy and engagement, announced today that Bradley Leibov will join as its new chief executive officer. With more than 22 years of executive leadership experience, Leibov most recently served as President and CEO of Liberty Prairie Foundation, where he launched pioneering new programs and investments to improve the health of land, water, and communities in the Midwest. Leibov succeeds EarthShare’s interim CEO, Deb Furry, who will resume her position on the EarthShare national board of directors.

"At a time in history when EarthShare’s role in environmental protection and improvement is more critical than ever, our search focused on identifying the ideal leader to guide the organization to new levels of reach and impact," said Hayward Majors, chairman of the EarthShare board of directors and co-founder and CEO of University Bridge. "Brad's experience has firmly established him as a leader in the environmental world. He is well prepared to propel EarthShare into the next phase of its philanthropic life.” During its more than 30-year history, EarthShare has engaged millions of individuals and distributed more than $300 million in support of the nation’s most respected environmental and conservation organizations working to protect the health of people and planet.

At the Liberty Prairie Foundation, Leibov developed new programs and initiatives to advance farmland conservation, sustainable and regenerative agriculture, community food systems, and local, state, and national environmental policy. He concurrently built and supported a diverse network of program partnerships across the public, private, and nonprofit sectors to focus investment in solutions to environmental issues. His belief in the power of collaboration and strong partnerships for environmental impact inspired his work to help launch Funders for Regenerative Agriculture, where he serves as a Steering Committee member of the nation’s first funders initiative dedicated to addressing global climate change by accelerating the emergence of regenerative agriculture, soil, and working lands systems that support people and the Earth. In addition to serving as Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors of the Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Funders, Leibov serves on the Boards of the Earth’s Call Fund and The Carbon Underground.

As CEO of EarthShare, Leibov will drive the organization's growth as a leader in environmental philanthropy, strategic partnerships, and corporate and workplace engagement. “EarthShare has already successfully generated hundreds of millions in general operating support as a pioneer in workplace philanthropy and engagement,” said Leibov. "We’re strongly positioned to surpass the $1 billion threshold with a renewed focus on the urgent issues facing our air, land, water, wildlife, and climate, and connecting individuals, workplaces, and corporate and philanthropic partners to the most effective strategies and environmental organizations demonstrating impact. “

A graduate of the University of Illinois at Chicago with a Masters in Urban Planning and Policy, with an undergraduate degree in Political Science from DePaul University, Leibov is a strategic and proven leader with expertise in managing and accelerating philanthropic, nonprofit, and collaborative solutions to address our most pressing environmental challenges.

Deb Furry, who exited the interim CEO role on June 30, expressed confidence that Leibov is the ideal person to lead EarthShare into the future. “Brad comes to us with a number of exciting ideas for collaboration and partnership, but he is also proud to be joining an organization with a long, involved history,” said Furry. “It is with his keen eye towards solidifying our future as a world class environmental philanthropy that we entrust Brad to lead EarthShare into its next 30 years.”

July 29th, 2019 Earth Overshoot Day: Corporations’ Long-Term Success Hinges on Their Business Model Being Designed to Support Humanity’s Success

Fri, 07/05/2019 - 2:36pm

Humans are using natural resources faster than the Earth’s ecosystems can renew them, according to Global Footprint Network, an international research organization that changes the way humanity manages biological resources. In just seven months, we use a year’s worth of food, fiber, timber, and forested land area with the capacity to absorb our carbon emissions. This year, Earth Overshoot Day — when humans have used as much as nature can regenerate in the whole year — falls on July 29 the earliest date yet.

For the last two years, Schneider Electric, the leader in digital transformation of energy management and automation, has been working with Global Footprint Network to propose solutions to #MoveTheDate. Research by these two organizations indicates that if 100% of existing building and industry infrastructure was equipped with readily available energy efficiency and renewable energy technology from Schneider Electric could move the date back by at least 21 days. This means that energy retrofits alone could make a difference of three weeks. For added perspective, if we moved Earth Overshoot Day 5 days into the future every year, we will be back to one planet before 2050.

Implications for business 

In 2019, Schneider Electric and Global Footprint Network teamed up to invite business leaders to assess how one-planet prosperity strategies can deliver differentiation and value in the market, while helping the world move from where we are now to where we want to be. Those companies whose business models increase human well-being while also increasing resource security are much more likely to be economically successful in the long-run than those companies that are incompatible with one-planet prosperity and will inevitably face shrinking demand and increasing risks. 

One-planet prosperity is a simple compass to assess companies’ strategies against two questions: “do I operate within one-planet constraints?” and “how do my offers help customers move out of ecological overshoot”. This is one of the findings of the White Paper that will be pre-launched in July 22nd for thought leaders in the field of sustainability to co-create prosperity strategies that can deliver differentiation and value in the market, while helping the world move from where we are now to where we want to be.

Date of tweet chat: July 22nd

Time: 4.00 pm CET (registration not required, just follow #SEMoveTheDate )

About Schneider Electric 

Schneider Electric is leading the Digital Transformation of Energy Management and Automation in Homes, Buildings, Data Centers, Infrastructure and Industries.

With global presence in over 100 countries, Schneider is the undisputable leader in Power Management – Medium Voltage, Low Voltage and Secure Power, and in Automation Systems. We provide integrated efficiency solutions, combining energy, automation and software. 

In our global Ecosystem, we collaborate with the largest Partner, Integrator and Developer Community on our Open Platform to deliver real-time control and operational efficiency.

We believe that great people and partners make Schneider a great company and that our commitment to Innovation, Diversity and Sustainability ensures that Life Is On everywhere, for everyone and at every moment. 



Véronique Roquet-Montegon +33-0141297076 veronique.roquet-montegon@schneider-electric.com Schneider Electric

Sappi Becomes an International Stakeholder Member of PEFC

Fri, 07/05/2019 - 11:36am

 Sappi Limited (Sappi) is pleased to announce that we have become an International Stakeholder member of the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification™

(PEFC™). This membership aligns with our focus on sustainable forest management and responsible procurement throughout our supply and value chains.

Steve Binnie, Sappi Chief Executive Officer, commented that “Credible, internationally recognised, robust forest certification systems like PEFC are fundamental to Sappi’s commitment to sustainability. These systems give assurance to our value chain of the origin of our woodfibre and responsible forest management practices.”

Graeme Wild, Sappi’s Group Head of Sustainability and Investor Relations, added “Given that stakeholder engagement underpins our approach to doing business at Sappi, we welcome the opportunity to become a PEFC International Stakeholder member.

Through voting in PEFC´s General Assembly and joining Working Groups and Committees we look forward to sharing our expertise and contributing to the mission of PEFC.”

“The collaboration reinforces our contribution towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals and in particular SDG 15 - Life on Land; given our common priorities to promote sustainable forest management and support smallholder forestry around the world.” 

PEFC is also increasingly becoming an important forest certification option in South Africa, responding to customers’ requests for PEFC labelled products. Over the past years, Sappi has been collaborating with national stakeholders to develop a national forest certification system. These efforts have now delivered the South African Forest Assurance Scheme (SAFAS) – which has recently been assessed and endorsed by PEFC.


About Sappi Limited

A global leader in paper, paper pulp and dissolving wood pulp solutions, Sappi Limited (listed and in the Top 40 on the JSE), is headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa; has over 12,000 employees; manufacturing operations on three continents, in seven countries (nine mills in Europe, three mills in America and four mills in South Africa) and customers in over 150 countries worldwide.

Sappi works closely with customers to provide relevant and sustainable paper, paper pulp, dissolving wood pulp and biomaterial products and related services and innovations. Our market-leading range of paper products includes: coated fine papers used by printers, publishers and corporate end-users; casting release papers used by suppliers to the fashion, textiles, automobile and household industries; and in our Southern African region newsprint, uncoated graphic and business papers, premium quality packaging papers and paper grade pulp. Our dissolving wood pulp products are used worldwide by converters to produce viscose fibre, pharmaceutical products as well as a wide range of household and consumer products.

In FY2018 we produced approximately: 5.7 million tons of printing and writing, speciality and packaging paper; 2.3 million tons of paper pulp, and 1.4 million tons of dissolving wood pulp.

We are investing in developing our biomaterials (nanocellulose, fibre composites and lignosulphonate) and biorefinery (second generation sugars and bio-energy) businesses.

We continue to grow into a profitable and cash-generative diversified business with an exciting future in woodfibre, a renewable resource.

For further information visit www.sappi.com

About PEFC

The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification™ (PEFC™) is a leading global alliance of national forest certification systems. As an international non-profit, non-governmental organization, it promotes sustainable forest management through independent third-party certification. PEFC provides forest owners, from the large to the small, with a tool to demonstrate their responsible practices, while empowering companies to buy sustainably. The PEFC label enables consumers to recognize products originating from a PEFC-certified forest - a forest managed in line with the strictest environmental, social and economic requirements.

For more information visit www.pefc.org


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